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For years I beat myself up about going to uni and getting a Journalism degree when I was totally wasting it. Then I decided to put all those skills to use and start blogging and it was the best decision I ever made. I love to write and I love to share value, so I really hope you enjoy what I've got to share. 
Expect to read about all kinds of topics from my personal stories of navigating entrepreneurship, travelling as an online business owner and of course technology, AI, online business systems, all with a healthy dash of sass and magic. 

Welcome to the blog!

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I'm Jade Scarfone.
A digital strategist and transformation catalyst, merging a decade of corporate systems mastery with a profound journey of self-discovery. From navigating the high-stakes world of banking to making waves in high-ticket affiliate marketing, I'm now dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic digital innovations. 

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Crowd experiencing the magic of drum n bass raves at Hybrid Minds @ Metro City Perth - 26 Jan 2024

28th January 2024

Where music, spiritual and technological worlds collide I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on how the magic of Drum n Bass raves has influenced my path in business. I got so deep into this I decided to write a whole blog about it. The other night I attended another Drum n Bass rave. One […]

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The Magic of Digital Decluttering

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This kind of ritual isn’t just for off-the-screens Rituals aren’t just for off-the-screen; they’re equally vital in the digital realm. And one way of embracing digital rituals is through the magic of digital decluttering. 💻⛓️🧙‍♀️ If we’re working online it’s important to understand the connection between our inner and online worlds. How many times have […]

25th January 2024

Confessions of a Sex Witch

1st October 2022

How I stumbled into a world of temples and magick… These are the confessions of a sex witch. So, a few months ago, I wrote a piece about how my friends thought I was coming to join a sex cult. It was partly a joke but also pretty true. I had intended to chronicle all the events […]

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Magick Meets Material

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For a long time, I’ve had visions of hiring epic locations, gathering artistic humans, and coming together to create cool content. I always thought it would be to create my own, but turns out supporting someone else’s artistic visions is just as fun, especially when you get to play in front of the camera too. […]

4th September 2022

Yesterday someone called me a witch

14th November 2021

And I loved it — a journal entry after three days of juice fasting Usually, I like to keep my journal entries to myself, but as I was writing this today it felt like something that wasn’t just for me. I’m three days into a five-day juice cleanse. Something my body was screaming for after two weekends of […]

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