"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them."

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Rule breaker, freedom chaser, sun lover, adventuress, truth seeker, magician, mermaid, dreamer, storyteller, creatrix....

I follow the beat of my own drum and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Hey, I’m Jade...

With hopes and dreams of becoming a travel writer. But along the way I got blinded by corporate perks, a 6 figure salary, winning awards, and attending more fancy functions than I ever imagined. So I convinced myself this was what I wanted out of life. 

I studied journalism...

Until after 10 years of climbing and having well and truly "made it" as far as society would say, it all came crashing down. Mum found me crying inconsolably on my bedroom floor and I realised I couldn't go on doing something so unfulfilling. So, when I was just 27 years old, I decided to give it all up and go for a more unconventional route.

Climbed the corporate ladder

I chose to pursue an online business so I could live the dreamy laptop lifestyle so many people raved about. This was really fun and I managed to build quite a successful business as an affiliate marketer plus travel blogger and influencer.

Pursued an online business

Through building a huge and loyal following under my alter ego Aussie Adventuress, and investing countless dollars and hours into learning how to build a reputable and super attractive brand. I realised my true passion was in passing on that knowledge and teaching other people how to brand themselves effectively.

Built a large following

Try as I might, I just couldn't call myself a 'coach'. It never felt right. There were so many rules and I didn't want to be another clone selling cooker cutter strategies. So I started to go on a spiritual journey. To reconnect to my truth, my soul, my essence.

But something was still missing...

And now this is my mission for you. I don't want to teach you the same old strategies. I want to help you to reconnect to your soul, remember who you are, follow your heart, trust your intuition, and build a magnetic brand that oozes your magic. I combine spirituality and business so you can show the world who you really are.

Here to help you find you...

There's enough mask wearing clones following the rules on social media. The new way of business calls for radical authenticity, full expression, creativity, and total freedom. You get to show the world who you really are, and they're going to love you for it. If you're ready to do that, then let's get started...

The new paradigm of business...

more about me

I love a little bit of woo woo, and I believe having a strong sense of self is the key to unlocking all your potential. So here's some fun facts about me...

Human Design - Projector, 1/4, Splenic Authority

Personality Type - INFP

Astrology - Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, Pisces Rising, South Node Virgo, North Node Pisces

Archetype - Magician

Goddess - Isis

Starseed Origins - Atlantis

And in case that’s all a foreign language to you, let me break it down for ya...

I’m sassy, sultry, and completely unpredictable....
I don't like being told what to do.
I'm fiery, I'm passionate, I'm wild.
But I'm also gentle, warm, and nurturing.
I'm most at home in nature. Oceans, forests, lakes... water soothes my soul.
I love playing in the realms of magic and mysticism. 
When I'm tapped into my lifeforce energy I am a powerful manifestor.
I have a strong desire to express myself creatively.
I carry lots of Ancient wisdom inside of me and am very intuitive.
I'm an introvert who loves her downtime.
But I also love to be surrounded by high vibe people.
And I love being showered with attention.

Basically, I'm a walking, talking contradiction. 
Preferring to go with the flow, rather than constrain myself based on how I should act. I try not to attach myself to any one identity, and prefer to just be who I feel like being in any given moment.

Like that one hit wonder from the 90's so eloquently puts it... "I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one..."

And I'm here to show you how to be ALL of yourself too.

If you were to show up in your fullest expression how would it look? Take a moment to think about the box you usually show up in and consider an edge for you...

For me, that’s showing more of my wildness, my intensity, my rage, my passion, my sensuality. I branded myself as the bright, bubbly, playful, pink girl. But I got bored of her. She was just one part of a very elaborate mix. So I started exploring all the other parts of me that were hiding. The parts I suppressed. The parts that were dying to be seen. The parts I felt too ashamed to share for being considered too weird, too much...

And it was beautiful. There’s a rawness, a wildness. A stronger sense of freedom. Untamed energy. Utter aliveness. That's what I want you to feel too. Stop hiding your truth. Show the world who you really are. There’s so many people that want to see ALL of you. 


One thing I've learnt in my years of self discovery and unravelling, is that truth is the highest vibrating frequency.

Most of us go through life lying. To ourselves, to the people around us. And it's exhausting. We feel this constant need to limit ourselves, to play small, to stifle our truth in order to make others feel comfortable.

When I started getting radically honest with myself everything changed. Telling the truth isn't always the easiest, but it's definitely the most rewarding. When you start playing in that arena the Universe has no choice but to match your vibration.


For me, it's always been about freedom. Every decision I've made has been driven by my desire to feel a deep sense of freedom. 

To me... Freedom is living in the moment. Freedom is allowing yourself to FEEL. Freedom is being yourself in your fullest expression. Freedom is connecting back to nature. Freedom is courage. Freedom is remembering who you are and honouring your truth. Freedom is no longer worrying what people think of you. Freedom is raw, wild, untamed energy. Freedom is LIVING.

Freedom is our birthright, and in a world that tries to stifle and suppress us, I'm here to show you how to find your true freedom.


My Mission...

Jade has helped me in more ways than I know how to explain. 

"I have known Jade for over a year and a half, and after all this time she continues to help, support, and inspire me. I've never met a more kind-hearted, genuine person who simply wants to help others reach their goals and full potential.

She has such a clear understanding of instagram, branding, marketing, and the nuts and bolts of how the online world works. It's safe to say I have benefited greatly from being mentored by her. She has helped me in more ways than I know how to explain!!

Thank you so much Jade for being who you are, and for helping me along my online journey. I will always consider you a great friend and mentor."

kelsey pietropaolo

With Jade’s training I learned how to set myself up online, with all the right tools in place to start up my own business with my own branding.
In less than a year, I have been able to secure multiple free products from several sponsors, as well as cash payments for my promotional marketing on social media, via my personal brand.
Thanks to Jade, I no longer have to work for anyone else and can pursue my passions while I work from my laptop.

natalia calderon

Jade’s been to this day the most influential mentor in my life. Not only did she introduce me to the possibilities of working online and working remotely, but she was there to give me emotional support and that push when I needed it.
Without Jade I might never have left the 9-5 grind and I might never have become the digital nomad and ‘Wanderpreneur’ I am today. She made starting an online business a whole lot less daunting and even more than that…
She helped me make my dreams a reality. Forever grateful for her influence in my life, and her friendship when it was needed most. ❤️

dajana zelic

I decided to work with Jade because not only did she seem knowledgeable in the field but she also has an approachable and relatable teaching style. She helped me look at things one step at a time and build upon those steps.
After working with Jade, I was able to achieve the results of having a solid brand by going through her branding master class. Because of this I have confidence in my brand and I've already had two businesses reach out to me on instagram to work with because I have a clear vision and niche that aligns with their brand.  Jade is knowledgeable, personable, genuine, she not only will give you skills to grow your business but she will help you with brand and creating a forever business with loyal fans that connect with your values and mission, and because she cares about you and your brand and truly wants to help you succeed.

vanessa peteresen

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