The Magic of Digital Decluttering

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This kind of ritual isn’t just for off-the-screens

Rituals aren’t just for off-the-screen; they’re equally vital in the digital realm. And one way of embracing digital rituals is through the magic of digital decluttering. 💻⛓️🧙‍♀️

If we’re working online it’s important to understand the connection between our inner and online worlds. How many times have you wanted to post content but given up because your camera roll was a mess? What about the amount of times you’ve opened up your browser and been so overwhelmed by the number of tabs open? How many times have you gone to do a task only to be distracted by a million other things because nothing is organised? (I’m speaking from experience cos my stuff has been a mess since I went travelling again last year, and I’ve been in the process of spring cleaning everything)

Digital Decluttering is so necessary — it harmonises our virtual spaces and empowers our tech-savvy souls. Just as we cleanse our physical spaces, digital decluttering helps us remove the virtual cobwebs that accumulate over time. Unwanted files, outdated emails, and cluttered desktops can drain our energy. By digitally sweeping away what no longer serves us, we create room for inspiration to flow.

Steps to take when doing a digital cleanse

  • Close all tabs you have open in your browser and start with a fresh browser every time you log back on
  • Delete everything in your downloads folder. And anything you need to keep, organise into folders
  • Check your cloud storage and delete things that are taking up too much space. Organise your Google Drive folders
  • Clean out your email inboxes — emails received & emails sent
  • Clean out your email subscriber list — remove anyone who has been inactive/not opening your content for a significant amount of time
  • Leave Facebook groups that are no longer relevant to you
  • Delete old Facebook messenger chats that are no longer relevant and leave group chats (same on IG or other messaging platforms you use)
  • Leave team chats/groups/shared drives etc. for clients you are no longer working with. 
  • Organise your notes app
  • Clean out and organise your photos and videos — especially useful if you’re a content creator to have dedicated folders for b-roll, brand photos, logos etc. so they’re easily accessible whenever you need them
  • Unfollow people on Instagram and remove inactive/ghost followers

Ritualise everything

I don’t know about you, but if I treat it as a ritual, I’m more likely to do it…

What that could look like:

✨ Lighting candles, putting on some music, and setting a dedicated time each week to make sure your downloads folder is cleared out, your photos and videos from the week are organised into their relevant folders, you clean out your email inbox etc…

By getting in the habit of doing it regularly, it becomes less of a daunting task and ensures you’re being much more productive when you do sit down to do things like create content, post on socials etc.

And if you’ve been working on socials for a while chances are you’ve got a lot of decluttering to do there too.

✨ Leave any Facebook groups that are no longer active or relevant, unfollow people whose content you no longer relate with, remove followers that don’t engage with you, and delete inactive email subscribers from your list…

Remember, the magic is in the intention. Each click, swipe, and delete is a conscious act of Tech Witchery. As you embark on your Digital Decluttering journey, you’re not just tidying up your virtual world; you’re unlocking the potential for deeper connection, creativity, and clarity in the digital age.

Other things to consider

Once you’ve decluttered you could then go a step further and create a virtual altar on your devices. Fill it with symbols of your tech-related intentions. Whether it’s an inspiring screensaver, a meaningful wallpaper, or a reminder app filled with your goals, infuse your digital space with purpose.

Don’t forget about security and protection. Just as we cleanse our energy fields, we safeguard our digital selves. Ensure your online presence is secure. Update passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and shield your devices with protective software. Your digital boundaries are your magical wards.

Consider a digital detox ritual. Unplug for a set period, allowing your mind to recalibrate. Engage in mindfulness practices, and observe how it enhances your digital presence when you return.

Decluttering isn’t just about tidying up; it’s about reviving creativity. As you cleanse your digital space, you release stagnant energy, making room for fresh ideas to take root. Watch your inspiration soar like a phoenix from the digital ashes.

What are some of your favourite digital decluttering rituals? 🌐🔮💻

The Magic of Digital Decluttering

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