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For years I beat myself up about going to uni and getting a Journalism degree when I was totally wasting it. Then I decided to put all those skills to use and start blogging and it was the best decision I ever made. I love to write and I love to share value, so I really hope you enjoy what I've got to share. 
Expect to read about all kinds of topics from personal branding and styling to social media marketing plus lifestyle and travel.

Welcome to the blog!

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I'm Jade Scarfone.
I left my 6 figure corporate salary behind to pursue the unconventional and uncertain world of entrepreneurship. Along the way I learnt how to build a strong personal brand that attracts dream clients and brand deals. My mission, to help you do the same by understanding how to style yourself so you feel confident and then actually want to show up on social media.

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My friend's think I'm joining a sex cult

12th January 2022

In a few days, I move to the Northern Rivers. A single, fierce woman ready to leave her legacy on the world. From the stories I’ve told them, my friends think I’m joining a sex cult. Maybe I am, but it kind of excites me.

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Are you willing to die?

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How willing are you to come face to face with the reality that you are going to die? I wonder, if more people could accept this, how different could the past 2 years have been?

7th January 2022

You can't hide from feelings

16th November 2021

How my feelings always find a way to surface and how I hold space for them What are you hiding from? What are you not willing to see, to feel? Where are you turning to vices, distractions, to avoid being present with yourself? What if you eliminated all of these things, what’s there for you? Questions […]

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Yesterday someone called me a witch

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And I loved it — a journal entry after three days of juice fasting Usually, I like to keep my journal entries to myself, but as I was writing this today it felt like something that wasn’t just for me. I’m three days into a five-day juice cleanse. Something my body was screaming for after two weekends of […]

14th November 2021

Who am I?

13th November 2021

Let’s Answer This Age Old Question Shall We? I was recently presented with the challenge of writing a response to this question to perform at our local spoken word event. And whilst I absolutely nailed the performance, it’s a question that still alludes me, as the answer is forever changing. I turned 33 last week […]

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What am I choosing? Scene: Halloween 2021 — I was invited to a special ceremony at a friend’s place who lives in the Northern Rivers. I live in the Sunshine Coast. In the not too distant past this wouldn’t have been any cause for concern. A 3 hour trip to visit friends and cross a state border […]

8th November 2021