The Magic of Drum n Bass Raves

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Where music, spiritual and technological worlds collide

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on how the magic of Drum n Bass raves has influenced my path in business. I got so deep into this I decided to write a whole blog about it.

The other night I attended another Drum n Bass rave. One of the perks of being in Perth is the accessibility and regularity of this scene I love so much. As usual, the dance floor took me on a journey. Being front and centre, dancing and singing, hugging and moving with strangers, feeling the energy of love from everyone around me. I was brought to tears in moments.

Others may never understand. But there’s some kind of magic that happens to me when I’m on these dance floors. When I feel the music pound through my body, when I tap into the energy of the space around me, when I tune into the lyrics, lights and graphics… it all moves me in ways that nothing else does.

The magic of Drum n Bass raves - me at Hybrid Minds @ Metro City Perth - 26 Jan 2024
Hybrid Minds @ Metro City Perth – 26 Jan 2024

Is DnB reigniting my love for my home city?

I’ve often felt a need to run from Perth. I’ve rejected the city and all the ties it has to my old corporate life. But the more I lean in and open myself to being back here, the more I’m met with things I’ve really been missing.

Here I’m surrounded by money and success, and people actually kicking goals. And whilst these haven’t been high priorities for me over the last few years, I’m starting to see how much easier and more magical life gets to be when you have that. I want the balance between magic and business.. I want to be able to actually have the financial backing to travel freely, to attend all the festivals and raves that move me, and to have money to put towards causes I believe in.

It feels like Perth is the right place for me to be to drive business so that I can open up to even more magic this year. Am I finally falling in love with my home city? Or am I just happy I have access to the music that changed the course of my life?

This exploration delves into the spiritual essence of Drum n Bass raves, their myriad benefits, the resurgence of rave culture, and the intertwined roles of technology, music and spirituality, all while reflecting on how this movement has profoundly influenced my business and personal philosophy.

Are Raves A Gateway to Spirituality?

Raves, particularly Drum n Bass ones are a space to completely let loose. To connect to others over our love of the music. It’s a whole different experience to ecstatic and contact dance floors… I love those, but often the music isn’t my taste and I find myself leaving not completely satisfied. There’s an entirely different layer when you’re in a space, surrounded by people who are there for the exact same passionate love affair with the music as you… where it’s not about going to process (that often kinda happens for me anyway) but being present with the artists and the deep, sensory experience they’re creating for you.

I truly believe these dance floors are the gateway to opening people up to their spiritual paths. In a world devoid of connection, these spaces offer a glimmer of that. Strangers coming together from all walks of life, opening their hearts, bodies and minds through the music. Or maybe I’m just delusional because I’ve had the experience of conscious dance floors too. I’m well aware of the toxicity and disembodiment of these spaces too. The escapism draws people in and some never move beyond that phase.

Deep into a 3 day rave portal in Berlin I wrote these words:

“Dance is my religion. Rave dens are my church”

Rave dens are my church

I was raised Catholic. But I’ve never identified with most of what religion has to offer. Early into my clubbing years I discovered DnB. I was never into the mainstream clubs and quickly found my way into these musical wonderlands. Places where you’d never hear the top 40 tracks. It started with Ministry of Sound festivals, then the Grizzled dubstep nights at Villa, and of course our annual boxing day celebration at Breakfest #bestdayever. Which led me to Ambar and Shape, homes of the underground DnB and techno. Plus a few warehouse parties, bush doofs and Hospitality gigs at Metros. And I found my religion. This music and the people it attracted spoke to me in ways nothing else ever had. I was hooked.

Unlike a lot of people, I often went to these dance events sober. I didn’t need alcohol to get me through. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also had my fair share of fucked up nights. There’s nothing like the experience that comes with the added layer of MDMA or LSD. But, for me, it’s always been about going for the love of the dance and music.

To me, it is a spiritual experience.

The Spiritual Dimension of Drum n Bass Raves

Drum n Bass raves offer a spiritual journey unlike any other. The genre’s intense rhythms and basslines can induce a trance-like state, reminiscent of ancient spiritual rituals. This, combined with the collective energy of the crowd, creates a powerful sense of unity and transcendence, where ravers connect not just with the music, but with something deeper within themselves and with each other.

Benefits of the Drum n Bass Rave Experience:

In my experience, the magic of Drum n Bass raves extends beyond the dance floor. Being immersed in these spaces offers a plethora of benefits:

  1. Community and Belonging: They provide a space for genuine human connection, fostering a sense of community in our increasingly digital world.
  2. Uninhibited Self-Expression: These events are sanctuaries for free expression, allowing individuals to explore and express their identities in a supportive environment.
  3. Stress Relief and Mental Well-being: The act of dancing and immersion in the music serves as a powerful stress reliever, promoting mental and emotional health.
  4. Cultural Exploration: Raves are melting pots of cultural influences, offering attendees a rich experience of global music, art, and traditions.

Why People Are Drawn to Drum n Bass Raves:

I believe the allure of Drum n Bass raves can be attributed to several factors:

  • Musical Passion: A deep love for the energy and complexity of Drum n Bass music.
  • Seeking Adventure and Escape: These events offer an escape into a world of heightened sensations and freedom.
  • Desire for Social Connection: They provide a platform for meeting like-minded individuals and forging new connections.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Many are drawn to the spiritual aspects these raves offer, seeking personal growth and enlightenment.

The Resurgence of Rave Culture:

Rave culture is experiencing a renaissance, driven by technological advancements in music production and event staging. This resurgence is also fueled by a growing desire for communal experiences and spiritual exploration, attracting a new generation to the dynamic world of raves.

As someone who stepped back from this scene for a few years because I thought it was “time to grow up”. I can safely say that getting back in is supporting me in so many ways.

Hybrid Minds @ Metro City Perth – 26 Jan 2024

Where Spiritual and Technological Worlds Collide

A symphony of rapid beats and deep basslines, are not just musical events. They represent a nexus where technology, spirituality, and human connection intertwine.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on how this musical scene has influenced my path in business. From back in the days when I was still working in the corporate world and using the rave as an escape, to the days where I would play certain songs on repeat until the messages became my mantra, this music was pivotal in my decision to walk away from my job and pursue a new path… To now, where the dance floors take me on a journey, opening up portals of magic that inspires me to show up for business. Ad how these spaces wouldn’t be what they are without technology.

As a Tech Witch deeply embedded in this culture, I’ve experienced the magic of drum n bass raves. These gatherings transcend conventional entertainment. They morph into portals for spiritual awakening and profound human connections.

Tech Witch X Rave Witch

Technology is a cornerstone of Drum n Bass raves, transforming them into sensory-rich experiences. Advanced sound systems deliver the genre’s signature high-tempo beats and basslines with crystal clarity, while innovative lighting and visual effects create an otherworldly atmosphere. This technological wizardry doesn’t just amplify the experience; it creates a magical space where reality bends and new realms open up.

As someone who works with technology and systems, I often feel so much inspiration while I’m on the dance floor. The technology used by DJ’s and visual artists are more than mere gadgets. They are modern wands that conjure up spaces for transformation and connection. The rave mirrors the ethos of my online practice where technological influences, when used well, become conduits for magic and community building.

me at Hybrid Minds @ Metro City Perth - 26 Jan 2024

The Magic of Drum n Bass Raves

The tech witch dream. Dancing in a dark warehouse. Lights flashing red and blue and white. Music pumping. Creating the ultimate trance state. Feeling the heartbeat of the tech witch organism.

Pulsing. Writhing. Moving.

Magic and technology merging. Portals opening on the dance floor. It’s clear how much these worlds begin to collide. This is the new religion.

Sending ripples out to those who feel the call. There’s nothing to do but be yourself. Let the music take you over. Nothing to hide.

The revolution has already begun.

Freedom and expression are what matter most here. No masks. No one to impress.

Vision blurred but everything becomes so clear. Codes and systems forming in the mind.

The tech witch is weaving her magic. Those who are meant to be in her coven are finding their way in.

Revisit my post about my Berlin rave experience to read the entirety of the above piece.

The dance floor becomes a portal. The connection between technology and magic becoming clearer.

The Magic of DnB Raves is a testament to the extraordinary fusion of the spiritual and technological realms. These events are more than just parties; they are transformative experiences that resonate deeply with my practice as a Tech Witch. Where technology is a bridge to deeper connections and personal freedom. In the rhythmic beats of the music and the glow of technological marvels, we find a unique space for growth, community, and magical experiences.

DJs, MCs and everyone else involved in creating these spaces can transform people’s lives with the music. And if they take this responsibility seriously they can have a profound impact on shifting the consciousness of humanity.

There’s still part of me that’s adamant I will be working in this festival/rave scene somehow. Tech Witch X Rave Witch. There’s a definite overlap that I feel whenever I’m on these dance floors. So I’m just gonna keep going to these raves and following the threads until something lands and makes sense. And side note: if anyone reading this has connections or knows a way in… send them my way!!!

Crowd experiencing the magic of drum n bass raves at Hybrid Minds @ Metro City Perth - 26 Jan 2024

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