Is AI Coming To Replace Us?

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My thoughts on this spirited debate

So, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may have seen the AI image craze that’s been sweeping the internet since last week. Its started some interesting debates. Like, is AI coming to replace us? Maybe I’m in an echo chamber but it seems everyone I know is giving it a go and I’m loving seeing everyone’s AI expressions.

While some people have been engaging just for fun. There’s lots of people taking this a whole lot more seriously and it’s been causing all kinds of fuss.

From artists worried about losing their IP…

To straight up conspiracies about trans-humanist agendas and robots taking over the world.

There seems to be a lot of fear around the movement towards technology replacing humans. Transhumanist agendas and all that kind of talk.

I’ll admit, I started going down all the rabbit holes a few years ago. And then I realised, I could live in fear of every “agenda” and complain about how “evil” the world and those in charge are…

Or, I could be present IN life. Choose to create my reality. Be aware, but not obsessed to the point where I forget to live.

I don’t usually feel the need to comment on all these debates. But hey, I’m a Tech Witch, so this one’s relevant.

Let’s talk about the artists

I’ve seen artists embracing this technology and sharing all the ways it can enhance and inspire them to create even better art.

I’ve also seen artists angry about the app stealing other artists’ IP. I totally hear this and understand it’s frustrating. But also, how is this different to what humans do in general? What’s the difference when it’s an app that’s doing it? People have been “borrowing” ideas from others for years. 

Are we really going to go down the virtue signalling path of commenting on people’s posts who have chosen to use the AI app and guilt them into buying art? Yes, I’ve seen that happen.

What if those people are already supporting artists as well and are just using this app as a separate form of expression? Why do we constantly feel the need to police people’s behaviour? 

I for one, loved what this app created. It was a bit of fun. I love how the images can help us fantasise about different ways we could be perceived. But also, I love working with photographers. I love working with artists. I love working with designers. And I won’t ever stop that. 

And as someone who loves archetypes and photo shoots and creating art, I see it as a way to inspire looks I could re-create in “real” life.

I recently had this experience with my Tech Witch shoot. I was trying to explain something that didn’t yet exist. We were literally wanting to turn me into AI looking art but there was no reference for how that could look. In the end I feel like we did pretty awesome. But now that I’ve seen these images I see how it can be a gateway to bringing our fantasies to life.

And because all the various AI representations gave me so much inspiration, I went and booked in another shoot.

So to all the photographers and graphic designers thinking their work is going to die out because of this, what if the story was flipped and you saw the angle that your work will increase because of this? Because people are more inspired by the potential of what’s possible. 

Are we just being shallow?

Then there’s the vanity argument. People concerned that this app makes people look too flawless, makes them look younger, musclier, bigger chested etc. 

Again, is this really any different to what’s already going on in our world? We’ve been dealing with airbrushed magazines, photoshopped images, runways, ads promoting this for years. 

I’m not saying this message is good. But I’m saying to direct this outrage at an app for reflecting what’s already highly present in society seems misdirected.

Some people may use this app for shallow and vain reasons. Like duh, don’t we all love to see ourselves looking magical, mystical and flawless? Some may get overly obsessed and caught up with their AI images being a better representation of who they want to be. Some may be driven to go get fillers and surgery to change their appearance.

But can we really blame an app for that? Isn’t the real issue a disconnection to one’s true nature? Which has already been present long before this app came into the picture. 

In my experience, I love the way these images look, but in real life I’m actually the complete opposite. I rarely wear makeup, I get my hair done once every 6 months if I can be bothered. I spend a lot of my time naked and wild in nature. I love my natural body. I’m surrounded by community that acts the same. But sometimes I do love to dress up. I love to wear fancy clothes. I love to get all dolled up and have my photo taken to capture moments in time. So this app, is just another form of creative expression and fun. 

AI image created with Lensa AI app

Is technology progressing too quickly?

Love or hate technology… it’s here to stay.

It’s interesting to note my own process of resistance around this recently.

I’m literally running a program called TECH Witch School and some part of me still didn’t want it to look too “techy”.

I’ve had soooo much resistance to moving the brand in that direction because I wanted to keep speaking to the embodied, connected to earth, witchy people.

Even though the primary stuff I’m teaching is all systems and tech related.

You’re not coming to Tech Witch School to learn about rituals and magick. Although it’s somewhat weaved in because it’s in my nature to approach things that way.

Essentially, you’re coming to learn how to use systems and tech to support the spiritual business leaders that don’t like/want to do it themselves.

When I finally leant in and embraced that, momentum started to pick up. Because the message makes sense, and now the visuals actually match.

I get why some people are fearful of technology, but at the end of the day, it’s not going anywhere. And isn’t it better to have people who are connected to themselves, embracing it and contributing to using it to spread these messages?

If we completely reject it, how are we meant to reach people whose lives we desire to impact?

I see it comes back to intention. Like anything, there’s going to be some evidence of people approaching it to escape and disconnect further from reality. And there’s going to be people seeing all the possibilities it unlocks and leveraging it to make a difference.

Personally, I love tech. I love all that it’s enabled me to do. And I love being able to jump into someone else’s business and use tech to get their messages in front of a wider audience.

But I also notice when I’m spending too much time on it. That’s when I go back to nature, and focus on my embodiment practices. That’s where the witch piece comes in. I see a world where we embrace both. Tech Witch is all about that.

It’s why I’ve ended up working for the esoteric entrepreneurs and not the straight out “hustle” business coaches. I just don’t vibe with that approach.

What about the trans-humanist agenda?

AI is coming to steal our jobs and replace us. 

Sure, AI is intelligent. But I can’t see it replacing us. And if it does get to that phase in our evolution at some point, then maybe it’s meant to be. 

Am I concerned AI will replace Tech Witches? No.

Robots can’t do what humans can. They can try. But the technology is far from at a level where it can really capture the depths of feeling a human can.

The AI copywriting needs a LOT of editing. These images, while they’re fun, IMO still don’t bring the true essence a photographer can. Not to mention have a lot of flaws. 

Will these tools get better? Yes. And we can learn and adapt and work with them.

But at the core, most people working in spiritual businesses got into this work because they love the human connection.

They want to continue to hold deep, transformative spaces with humans. So it’s unlikely they’re going to engage robots to do the work for them.

But hiring a Tech Witch… well that makes sense.

Someone who likes systems, who gets turned on by advances in technology and is informed and updated on how these programs can support them to reach wider audiences.

Without losing the humanness that ensures they speak to their audience.

Not to mention, have that level of trust and safety from working closely with someone who has a strong connection to their message. Someone they can bounce ideas off knowing this person really cares and is passionate about what they do.

In conclusion

For now, I see it as something that we can work with. Draw inspiration from. Use it to fuel and spark our own creativity. To bring to life things that we’ve felt but haven’t really been able to articulate.

I also see how there’s a fine line, as we move towards the metaverse, where people could fall into the trap of becoming so identified with these AI personalities that they forget about their human existence.

This is why I believe it’s more important to spread embodiment messages. I don’t think we should deny either world. Tech & Nature can co-exist.

What’s your take?

Is AI coming to replace us?

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