The Spiritual Marketplace Doesn’t Need More Facilitators.. It needs more Tech Witches!

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I'm Jade Scarfone.
A digital strategist and transformation catalyst, merging a decade of corporate systems mastery with a profound journey of self-discovery. From navigating the high-stakes world of banking to making waves in high-ticket affiliate marketing, I'm now dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic digital innovations. 

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In case you haven’t noticed…

Spiritual communities are overrun with facilitators.

There’s a new workshop or event on every day of the week.

Every second person is selling a relationship course… embodiment course… magick course…

And it’s great, the world NEEDS this work. I’m not knocking this at all.

But what I’ve noticed in my few years of living in these communities is…

  • The market is saturated.
  • Everyone is trying to sell their events to the same pool of people.
  • People start to get workshop fatigue. I mean how many of these events can you go to before they all start to feel the same?
  • Not everyone has done the hours to master their craft.

And the worst one of all…

  • The people who are the experts with thousands of hours under their belt… are struggling to fill their programs. Because they’re competing with more savvy marketers…
the spiritual marketplace needs more tech witches

Most creators didn’t get into business because they wanted to learn how to build complicated sales funnels and marketing systems.

They have gifts the world needs.

But they’re getting caught up in trying to do all the tech pieces. Things that drain them of their lifeforce. And then when it comes to actually delivering their magic, they’re completely burnt out.

So, enter these savvy young marketers, with way less training and hours, who know how to work the algorithm. And they’re filling courses and workshops with ease.

Leaving the gifted facilitators questioning their work.

I’m surrounded by legitimate, talented people who have so much to offer the world. And they shouldn’t be wasting their time trying to figure out how to host a webinar. How to build a 7 step tripwire funnel to take their buyers on an upsell journey… how to create automated email sequences… where to host their courses, how to get their content to reach more people…

They should be focusing on sharing their gifts with the people that need them most.

And those savvy marketers…

Well, rather than trying to capitalise on something they’ve only learned in a workshop yesterday… They could be using these skills to support the devoted facilitators, that actually can make a difference in the world.

But they’re too far gone for me to reach…

So I’m talking to you instead.

The one who has attended these kinds of events. Who has benefited from this work and sees the value it has in the world.

Who knows it takes more than attending a few workshops to be able to do this work justice. To be able to hold a person through their deep healing and transformation.

But still wants a way to work in this world… to see these messages reaching more people.

The one who doesn’t want to be in the limelight.. and would much prefer to be behind the scenes tinkering away with systems and tech.

This world NEEDS YOU.

Actually, it’s BEGGING FOR YOU.

You should see my inbox.

Every day I’m receiving messages from brilliant facilitators who are in desperate need of support. They have the vision, they have the creativity, and they have the qualifications.

They need someone skilled to help them execute. To bring these grand visions from the ethereal into the material.

That’s where YOU come in.

It got to a point where I couldn’t keep up with the number of enquiries coming through my inbox. Believe me, I tried. I tried to be the Tech Witch to all these visionaries. Because I love them, I love their messages, I love what they’re doing in the world.

But, I was spreading myself way too thin.

So I had to start saying no. And I hated it. I hated seeing these people struggling to get their messages out.

That’s why I created Tech Witch School.

Over the past 3 years I’ve worked with many spiritual leaders. I’ve helped build their schools… distribute their content, fill their programs, and manage their courses. I’ve helped to systematise and streamline their tools.

I know what they need. I know how they operate.

And now, I’m sharing ALL this knowledge with you.


What’s a Tech Witch I hear you asking? Click here to find out more.

the spiritual marketplace needs more tech witches

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