Have I Accidentally Started A Cult? 

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And why I don’t mind if I have!

A few days ago I saw one of those astrology meme accounts mimicking Spotify wrapped. They created a version wrapping up the year for each of the star signs. 

One of the ones that got my attention the most was my Pisces Rising. As you can see, point 7 mentioned accidentally joining a cult. 

Which I do find rather hilarious as earlier in the year I had my friends joking about me moving to a sex cult. You can read my post all about that over here.

Let’s be clear here. I don’t take the term cult lightly. I know there are some really devastating accounts out there from really awful cults.

But I also believe in working with our shadows and meeting the things we fear the most. Once I started working with my relationship to the term ‘cult’ I stopped feeling so much charge around it. 

What is a cult?

According to the Cambridge dictionary a cult is:

a religious group, often living together, whose beliefs are considered extreme or strange by many people:

So whilst we may look down on some of the more extremist cults that spring up every now and then. What about the biggest cult of all of them?

The Catholic Church and other religious denominations. How much have they indoctrinated the entire human population over the years? How much are their doctrines and ideals imbued in every corner and facet of the Western world?

So they bring out this term ‘cult’ to deny and make people fearful of anything that goes against their ideals.

I grew up Catholic and I can tell you, I’ve had to do a lot of deconditioning once I finally saw through how much of the ideas preached are actually about control and manipulation. 

So give me a tongue in cheek spiritual cult any day of the week. 

Have I accidentally started a cult?

Recently I launched a program called Tech Witch School. It was created out of a gap I saw in the spiritual marketplace. There’s sooo many business owners and hardly anyone who knows tech well enough to support them.

I was inundated with work and couldn’t keep up with demand. So I decided it was time to start training people to be able to do this work too. 

I put up a story on Instagram one day suggesting I was thinking of doing this and asking people if they’d be interested. They were. So I created the first round and had a bunch of people sign up.

Before I knew it, I had a business partner, the business was officially registered and has its own bank accounts, and now we’re promoting for the next round and the Tech Witch term is spreading like wildfire. 

This week it went even more next level with some of my students claiming space on social media calling themselves Tech Witches too.

And so I joke. Maybe I didn’t just accidentally join a cult. But I’ve actually created one too. 

I did say I wanted to start a movement. For the world to know about Tech Witch. I just didn’t realise it was going to happen so quickly. I guess that’s magick for you.

Why is Tech Witch a term you’ll want to know about?

While we’re on the topic, I may as well let you know what a Tech Witch is and why you’ll want to know about us.

A Tech Witch is someone who provides tech and systems support to esoteric entrepreneurs. We weave magick and intuition in with systems and tech to make it fun and embodied. We support the spiritual business owners because we’re passionate about their messages and know they lack the skills and desire to implement the tech that’s needed to reach wider audiences. 

And as I’ve been told by some astrologers, Tech Witches are just going to become more and more necessary and there’s going to be a boom in need for this work as Pluto enters Aquarius. 

So, if you’re a spiritual business owner, watch this space cos you may just be hiring a Tech Witch soon.

And if you’re someone looking to start a career in the online space but haven’t wanted to be a coach or facilitator. Then maybe the Tech Witch path is for you.

You can go here to learn more about it and see if it’s a fit for you.

Have I accidentally started a cult?

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