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I'm Jade Scarfone.
A digital strategist and transformation catalyst, merging a decade of corporate systems mastery with a profound journey of self-discovery. From navigating the high-stakes world of banking to making waves in high-ticket affiliate marketing, I'm now dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic digital innovations. 

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Let’s Answer This Age Old Question Shall We?

I was recently presented with the challenge of writing a response to this question to perform at our local spoken word event.

And whilst I absolutely nailed the performance, it’s a question that still alludes me, as the answer is forever changing. I turned 33 last week and I’ve never felt so aligned, on path, and clear of my direction. Yet so uncertain at all at the same time.

But anyway, here’s what I shared with the audience, and it ended up landing me a place in the upcoming final so I thought I’d share the words here too. If only to look back in the future and reminisce over the girl I was today.

Who Am I?

Who Are You?

3 simple words.

Yet put them together and they form one of the most convoluted questions.

Something I’ve asked myself a lot recently, and the answer constantly changes.

Who am I?

And do you want the real answer or just some surface level bullshit to keep you comfortable?

Maybe I can just tell you I’m whoever you want me to be.

That eliminates the small talk and I can go straight into my people pleasing tendencies.

It’s what I know best after all.

I got so good at shapeshifting. Squeezing myself into boxes that were never meant for me. Trying so hard to fit in, follow the rules, be the person everyone expected me to be.

But you can only do that for so long before something starts to crack.

I mean, you don’t end up in a community like this for playing by the rules, right?

But before you all knew me, I’ve lived many lives.

There was the little girl who loved to sing, dance, and make art. Anything to get attention once cousins and siblings came onto the scene and the world stopped revolving around her.

Then there was the A-grade high school student. Quiet as a mouse, voted shyest girl in class.

The uni student who was too distracted by boys and partying and only just scraped through with a pass.

The drum n bass festival raver popping pills and cutting shapes on every dance floor in Perth.

The corporate banker who had more money than she knew what to do with, living the high flying, text book perfect life.

Until she wound up stressed, depressed, and on a psychologist’s couch.

So she quit on a whim and decided to shake it all up.

She fled to Bali and became the 6 figure affiliate marketer. Living the luxe influencer life.

The travel blogger, jet setting around the world, rubbing shoulders with billionaires. Showing off, thinking she’d made it by 27.

Oh that sweet, young, innocent girl… if only she knew!

How the stories and doubts playing on repeat in her subconscious would lead her to sabotage it all.

Winding up with no money in the bank and living back with her parents.

Talk about a slap in the face.

The shame of it all too much to bear.

So she did what she does best.

Ran to a new place.

Following her boyfriend to the Sunshine Coast, even though she knew their relationship was a mess.

Convincing herself a chance of scenery would somehow fix it all.

Then Covid came along, the world closed down, and she was forced to turn inward.

No more running. No more hiding. Just lots of self reflection.

When she felt ready to face the world again she found herself in a Secret Garden, surrounded by other weirdos and misfits.

And something in her heart told her she’d finally found her place.

A few days later she made the call to end her relationship and soon started mixing with this new crowd.

And that just about brings us up to speed.

So now you know about my past.

But who am I today?

Well that’s an even more loaded question…

I’m a spiritual, hippie, nature loving, fashionista, entrepreneur, creatrix, who somehow wound up as the go to tech girl for every sexuality coach on the east coast. Ironic, since I haven’t even had sex in over a year (side note – this has since changed woohoo)

But what this work has taught me is I’m everything and nothing, and I get to love every piece of me.

I’m a walking, talking contradiction whose mind changes daily.

Maybe I can just tell you I’m a Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Pisces rising. A 1/4 Splenic Projector and my archetype is the Magician. Then you can form your own conclusions.

Or maybe, I can stop identifying with any labels because they all feel like boxes!

And just accept that I am an infinite, multi-dimensional, being of light, who chose to incarnate in this body, to live a human experience, on this Earth school, and every day I’m just doing the best I can with the information I’ve got.

Well, that’s a mind fuck!

So yeah… that’s me.

Now tell me, who are you?

Want to watch the video performance?

Words hit different when you see them performed, right? Well I’m going to say this was one of the best performances I’ve done and the reaction from everyone who has watched it has verified that. So if you’d like to see for yourself check it out…

I’d love to hear your thoughts… and please do, tell me a bit about you.

Who am I?

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