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Fuck Censorship. Here’s to the Movement that’s Giving Me Life!

Creative rebellion turns me on. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Ahh remember the days when we could post what we wanted on social media without risk of being censored, cancelled, blocked, or deleted?

It used to be a beautiful place. Or maybe that’s just my innocent, naive experience because up until recently I was playing by the rules. I was simply a travel blogger posting pretty pictures of food and exotic places. Or the influencer posting pictures of my new clothes and various other product purchases. The online marketing coach sharing strategies on how to succeed on Instagram. Oh they really love you when you do that!

Basically a pretty internet clone doing what she was told. Creating the same rinse and repeat content that everyone else was creating. And Instagram liked that.

But the moment I started to actually be myself, develop my own voice, and you know, actually talk about REAL things. Well that was a big NO-NO.

My experience with censorship

In the last year my reach has diminished. I’ve been shadow banned and put in FB/IG jail, all because I dared to have an opinion and express things that went against the mainstream narrative.

How dare you have an opinion! How dare you use critical thinking! How dare you try to share content that is of the benefit of humanity’s evolution!

I’ve seen so many accounts deleted or restricted. The latest rampage against sexuality leaders, many of which happen to be my friends and clients.

Talk about health, money, sex, embodiment. Question the mainstream narrative. Share anything that’s actually going to spark worthwhile conversation, and you get a slap on the wrist and sent to jail. Do it enough times to really annoy the powers that be, and they take away your features.

Isn’t it funny that in the same week Instagram announced everyone would get access to the link in bio feature with the roll out of their new sticker option going out to all accounts, many people lost this very feature?! Simply because they post valuable, educational, thought provoking content that the Instagram bots don’t like.

These platforms want to limit our expression, tell us what we can and can’t do. Like little kids being back in school following orders from our parents and teachers.

F&$k that!

Where’s the social aspect of social media if we can’t actually be our full selves? If we have to post watered down content to meet some BS standards that make 0 sense?

These tech giants want to squash sexual expression when it’s one of the most innocent, beautiful, powerful things we have.

And I won’t sit by in silence and watch that happen. I know from firsthand experience that the people whose accounts are at greatest risk right now, are all incredible leaders who just want to guide people back home to their hearts and bodies.

I spent a lot of my life hiding myself. Suppressing my expression. And it’s reconnecting with the truth and wisdom of my body that has liberated me from the mind prison I’d constructed around myself for so long.

If I didn’t find these people on social media I definitely wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Yes we’re already moving to other platforms, but that’s besides the point.

Where’s the self responsibility? If you don’t like something, don’t follow it, simple! We don’t need bots behind a screen making these choices for us.

This is the modern day witch hunt. If you’re sick of the censorship too, join the movement.

The #UncensorMeMovement

What these platforms don’t account for is that when you annoy creatives enough times, well we’re going to get creative. Duh!

So the #uncensormemovement was born. Take one fed up creator who had enough of being shut down, he creates a cool Instagram tile, another creator sees it and wants one. They joke about starting a movement thinking it’s just going to be the two of them.

Then BAM, overnight hundreds of people are reaching out to have their own tiles created. These tiles have now been posted on accounts of influencers with tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of followers. And just like that a viral movement has been born.

Just like that, instead of feeling alone, a sea of creators have now come together to make noise and come up with solutions beyond social media.

This kind of creative rebellion turns me on. My body tingles every time I see another one of these tiles in my feed. It represents another human who is done with prostituting themselves out for these platforms that do nothing but suck away our energy whilst giving very little in return.

Why don’t you just leave social media?

People often ask me why I feel the need to share so much online, why I expose myself so much. Why I pour so much energy into content creation..

Wouldn’t it be safer to just stay silent on certain topics? To not be so open about my thoughts? To not talk about my deepest desires? To keep vulnerable shares to myself? To just play by the rules…

I’ve toyed with the idea. I’ve thought about who I am beyond social media? What role I’m here to play?

And honestly, I always find myself back here. Maybe there is a masochist part of me that has created a trauma bond with these platforms.

A push pull dynamic where I get to push the edges a little and then get reprimanded when I go too far.

But then there’s the other part of me that just wants to reach people, to make people FEEL again, to inspire even one person to open up a little more, express themselves a little more fully, connect to their truth a little deeper. Follow their own soul mission and live a richer life.

It’s all the unapologetic people that have gone before me, that keep giving me the permission to push my edges even further.

And every time I meet a new edge I feel even greater levels of expansion.

But there’s no way I would’ve reached those levels if social media didn’t bring these people into my world.

So that’s what keeps me showing up here. As long as I still have a platform, I want to keep using it.

But I also know it’s time to start looking beyond social media. To forge new ways, create new systems that reward us for our expression rather than reprimand us.

And that’s exactly what this #uncensormemovement is about.

This movement isn’t just about having a whinge about social media and doing nothing about it. It’s about bringing people together who are ready to pave new ways, who understand it works better when we do it together.

Decentralised systems. Web 3.0. Crypto & NFT’s. Spaces where we can be our unapologetic, fully expressed selves. Just some of the juicy things we’ve been speaking about since this movement began. This week we held a funeral for Web 2.0 and allowed Web 3.0 to move through out bodies. It was so delicious.

Want in? Hit up @paisleyheart_ for your own artwork – think of it as your entry token into the next exciting phases of the movement. ✨❤️‍🔥🌹🔥✨

And I’ll leave you with this reel which pretty much sums up how I feel right now. More lit up than ever!

creative rebellion turns me on

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