15 Instagram Worthy Walls on the Sunshine Coast

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So if you follow me on Instagram you’d probably know I have a thing for wall art. And thankfully I live in a place where beautiful walls are everywhere. I get asked all the time where I find them all. So today I want to share with you 15 Instagram worthy walls on the Sunshine Coast.

I have a thing for wall art and often get asked where I find them all. So today I want to share with you 15 Instagram worthy walls on the Sunshine Coast.

In no particular order, these are 15 Instagram worthy walls on the Sunshine Coast.

1. Pink Wall – King Street, Cotton Tree

Ok, I know I said no particular order but this is definitely my favourite. For me it’s perfect because it’s all different shades of pink. It’s summery and playful and just suits my brand to a tee. There’s lots of different and just You’ll find this beautiful wall in the Cotton Tree Village in an alleyway just off of King Street. It’s basically in the driveway for a pool shop.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Pink Wall, King Street, Cotton Tree
15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Pink Wall, King Street, Cotton Tree

2. Shine Bright – Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore

I love this wall because it’s bright, it’s bold, and the saying is everything. I’m all about encouraging people to shine bright and brand bold so this wall suits my message perfectly.

If you like it and want to find it yourself, it’s located near the cinema entrance at the Sunshine Plaza shopping centre. It does get a lot of passersby but if you don’t mind that, then it’s a great spot to go.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Shine Bright, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore
15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Shine Bright, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore

3. Floral Wall – Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore

If you walk through the Sunshine Plaza shopping centre you’ll also find plenty of other colourful (and lots of pink) walls. Like these floral ones located outside some of the bathrooms.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Floral Wall, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore

And just for extra measure, these are some of the other ones you’ll find there…

4. Floral Wall – Caloundra Florist, Caloundra

I absolutely LOVE this wall. It’s so vibrant and poppy, and it’s floral and pretty. Again totally works with my brand. You’ll find this one right outside the Caloundra florist, next door to the White Picket Fence cafe. You can’t miss it.

Not to mention, it’s a great place to start off a photo batching day. Have a lovely breakfast at the cafe (which btw has a beautiful wall of its own similar to the one in Cotton Tree), buy some lovely flowers to use as props, snap some pics with the wall, and be on your way.

5. Pastel Pink Wall – Behind the Shak Organic Cafe, Buderim

I actually went here looking for a black wall that I had seen in other people’s pictures. Sadly the black wall has been painted over in a yucky blue colour and doesn’t look so nice.

But right next to the ugly blue wall is a pastel pink wall that is my perfect colour. It’s actually in a carpark behind the Shak Organic Cafe and I believe this wall is actually the back of a puppy wash salon. It’s great if you’re a pink person like me.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Pastel Pink Wall, Buderim

6. Various Walls, Malt Shovel Taphouse, Birtinya

I originally discovered this awesome venue when I was invited there as an influencer to document their opening night. And I instantly fell in love with ALL the amazing walls for photo opportunities.

Even the bathroom is awesome and totally suits my brand. Check out my blog post review for all the photos.

7. Rainbow Wall, Stockland Shopping Centre, Birtinya

This is another shopping centre but the wall is situated on the outside so it’s not as busy and a lot easier to take photos by. I originally discovered the wall when I was at the Tap House and then I knew I had to go back and get photos in my brand colours because it’s just so perfect.

You can find this awesome wall near the food court on the outside of the Stockland Birtinya Shopping Centre.

8. For the Love of Poke Wall – Suki Restaurant, Birtinya

Suki Restaurant is pastel pink and blue. It’s also located at the Stockland Birtinya shopping centre. Inside you’ll find this super cute swing seat in front of a wall that says For the Love of Poke which is great for photos.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Suki Restaurant, Birtinya

9. Various Walls – Behind White Pepper Homewares, Caloundra

Behind the White Pepper Homewares shop in Caloundra you’ll find a courtyard with a few different walls you can use.

The pink floral one is my fave, but I also love the black graffiti wall as it’s a cool, kinda urban vibe.

10. Caloundra Village Walkway

Just around the corner from White Pepper Homewares you’ll come to an alley way which is full of different coloured walls which are great to play with. There’s plain colours, mixed blends, textures, patterns. So there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.

11. One Block Back

Ok so this one isn’t so much a wall as such. But it’s the outside of a super cute cafe. One Block Back in Moffat Beach. The bike is always there as well so it’s a great little spot to check out with props included.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - One Block Back

12. Pink House, Caloundra

My friend discovered this house recently and naturally we had to go and get some pictures. Turns out it’s actually a hair and beauty salon and if you ask nicely they don’t mind you taking pictures out the front.

You can find it by searching for Wild Hare or Brooke’s Day Dream Beauty.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Pink House

13. Backyard Wall – Pocket Espresso Bar, Moffatt Beach

This is another great wall. I haven’t managed to actually get photos of myself in front of it as it’s always quite busy, or I’ve been there alone, but as you can see it looks great for food photos too.

This wall is located in the back garden area of one of my favourite Moffat Beach cafes, Pocket Espresso Bar.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Pocket Espresso Bar

14. Pink Leaf Wall – Lil Canteen, Kawana

I’m pretty lucky that pretty much all the walls I find are pink which is perfect for my branding. This is another great wall with a pink background and green leaves. It’s situated in a little container near Kawana Shoppingworld at Lil Canteen, another great cafe to check out.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Lil Canteen

15. Backyard Wall, The Velo Project, Mooloolaba

This is another great wall. I haven’t managed to actually get photos of myself in front of this one either, but as you can see it’s super bright and colourful and looks great in photos.

You can find this one at The Velo Project in Mooloolaba.

15 Instagram Worthy Walls - Velo Project

BONUS: Colourful Doors, The Wharf, Mooloolaba

And as a bonus I thought I’d include one of my other favourite spots. These gorgeous colourful doors which you can find at The Wharf Mooloolaba.

The pink door is near a cute pastel ice-cream shop, Fior di Latte and the red door is the entrance to Rice Boi.

And there you have it… 15 Instagram worthy walls on the Sunshine Coast. Watch my IGTV video below for more directions and a behind the scenes look at how I shot at these walls.

And for an even deeper Behind the Scenes look at what goes into a successful photo batching day check out this video.

As usual, thanks for reading. And if you enjoyed this post please feel free to like, comment and/or share. Your support means the world to me.

Jade xo

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