Pluto in Aquarius and Technology: Embracing Digital Change in the New Era

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Let’s dive into the astrological impacts of Pluto in Aquarius and technology and what this means for embracing change in the digital era. Learn how this cosmic shift influences tech trends, innovation, and spiritual business strategies. If you’re a forward-thinking entrepreneur and tech enthusiast seeking to align your digital ventures with the transformative energies of Pluto in Aquarius, this article is for you.

Photography and art by Scarecrow Boy Whiphead

I’ve seen multiple posts from astrologers I love sharing insights about what Pluto in Aquarius means. Especially concerning technology.

“The last time Pluto was in Aquarius we saw some major revolutions, inventions and discoveries around the world.
Aquarius taps us into a non-linear higher consciousness. We are activating the collective genius. We will see some big expansions in the realm of technology, connection with groups of like mind & self-development (to name a few).
With the SunxPluto conjunction remaining for the beginning of Aquarius season – we collectively move into a shared egoic rebirth. Restructuring our visions for the future. Pressing up against what has been and leaning into new possibilities.
Aquarius gets to be as exciting as it is shocking & ground shaking.”


“The ceremonial death rites of Pluto in Capricorn are almostttt complete (for our lifetimes at least). Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from Sept 1 – Nov 19 to make sure we learned our lessons around authority and power structures… and to unearth the rotten foundation of the old paradigm. Once it re-enters Aquarius on November 19, it will plunge into it’s alchemical journey through the sign of the Revolutionary… for 19 STRAIGHT YEARS.
As we spiral along our evolutionary journeys, New pathways and paradigms are awakening… in ways we can’t even fully comprehend at this moment.

We will look back on this as the End.. and the Beginning.

If you have ever felt like you incarnated at this time for a special reason… If you have ever felt another way MUST be possible for us … If you have had a mysterious Hope for humanity even when the world seems like a hopeless dumpster fire … If you feel a special Destiny within you that is meant to impact this world …”

The poison is the medicine is the genius is the villain is the people is the power is the future is the eternal, now, moment.

Key themes are: Tech – Humanity – Dystopia – Utopia – Heart – Head – Decentralisation – Surveillance – Innovation – Collaboration – Wealth – Data – Control – Power – Shadow – Friendships- Altruism – Future – Death – Transformation – Rebirth.

Pluto enters Aquarius with the Sun on Jan 20th. NZ time.
Re enters Capricorn on September 3rd which is set to be very intense and then FINALLY enters Aquarius for 20 years on November 20th 2024.

Sancya Luz

This very much excites me. Having a brand that’s based around bridging the gap between spiritual entrepreneurs and technology feels very fitting for these times.

Not gonna lie… I’ve had moments of grappling with the future of this brand and vision. I’ve had moments of despair as I’ve uncovered more disturbing truths about our world, of how many people and cultures and lands have to be exploited in the name of our gadgets and comforts… of wondering what’s the point of anything?!

But yesterday as I read these updates I got excited again.

I started thinking about all the ways technology is supporting us.. while it may seem like we’re in the middle of a major dark night of the soul, we’re expanding and growing together.

We’re seeing through illusions. We’re breaking down systems. Fighting for liberation. And we’re uniting and realising how connected we are.

And none of that would be possible if it wasn’t for technology… for all its flaws, social media has connected us in ways that have now put the power back in our hands.

Not only that but advancements in AI and other systems and tools mean we can use technology to create more freedom, build passive incomes, create more art, and connect with more people who we resonate with.

To reach more people with transformative messages…

We can use it to be more creative. To visualise and bring our collective dreams to life. To see a whole new world form before our eyes.

This selection of images is an example of how I love technology and how it can enhance our expression and creativity.

OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT [Large language model]. /g/g-pmuQfob8d-image-generator

The first image is a photo of me, the artist painted me, photographed me, and then did some post-production editing to add all the extra features. It looks like AI but it’s not.

The last images were created by ChatGPT. My first prompt was super basic, “Draw me a tech witch”.

My next prompts were much more detailed, alluding to the astrology themes and asking it to depict that.

Today, I had a friend comment on how I’m nailing the tech witch aesthetics. My response was “haha, I definitely think this Pluto in Aquarius era is gonna suit me”. To which he responded “Dark and tech finally make sense together”. And it hit me. Yes!! This brand came to me way ahead of its time and now it’s all starting to make sense.

So here’s some more ChatGPT images I created after that conversation. I feel like it’s really nailing the vibe.

OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT [Large language model]. /g/g-2fkFE8rbu-dall-e

I also had a conversation with ChatGPT about my concerns about technology and it gave me some great insights… I’ll share more on that in another post.

Essentially, I know huge change won’t happen overnight and like many of us have said about money, I feel the same goes for technology.

There’s no point in all of us with good intentions vilifying and rejecting it.. or denying how it can support us to create real and lasting change.

We can be mindful of how we use technology. But it’s already such a big part of our lives. So why not embrace it and recognise the good we can use it for…

This is why tech witches are such a big part of the future… technology is a vital part of the world’s evolution and revolution.

With one foot in the door of each world, we get to be a bridge. We’re here to work with the leaders who aren’t so tech-savvy but who have really important tools and modalities that need to reach more people. As a spiritual entrepreneur, having our support to build the systems and enhance the way you use tech in your business, will help you to reach the people who are seeking you.

Pluto in Aquarius and Technology: Embracing Digital Change in the New Era

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