How Self Pleasure Changed My Life and Business

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How Self Pleasure Changed My Life and Business

Today I’d like to tell you a story. This is an edgy story, something I’ve never really felt called to speak about in public. But I believe it’s time to break down the barriers around all these taboo topics. So here I am to talk about how self pleasure changed my life and business.

About a year ago I joined a business coaching program with Keezia Leigh – one of my most significant mentors and now a dear friend and client.

On our first call one of the things she invited us to do was spend at least 30 minutes a day touching ourselves. No goals, no outcomes. Just creating connection with ourselves.

I wanted to run for the hills.

This is meant to be a business program. What the f*%k does this have to do with that?!

But I stayed. I trusted. And I listened.

At the time it was so awkward and uncomfortable for me. Years of conditioning, of shaming, being made to feel gross. Of stories and beliefs around s3x. I had a partner. Isn’t it wrong to want to explore my body without him? By that point we’d stopped having s3x anyway so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I had reached such a low point in my life that I was willing to try anything to turn it around.

So I pushed through the discomfort and day by day I started to enjoy my own touch. I started to rewrite my beliefs, drop the layers of shame and conditioning, and reconnect to parts of myself that had long ago been buried.

Sex Magick and Manifesting Your Desires

A few months into the program @victoriaredbard hosted a call. She talked to us about eros and s3x magick and how this was the way to unlock all our desires.

I was mesmerised.

She invited us to try out her s3x magick meditation, and wow, I was transported to another dimension. I didn’t even know my body was capable of feeling those sensations.

That level of ecstatic bliss.

Part of me felt guilty that I was in a relationship and I was preferring to connect with myself.

But I’d been playing the good girl for so long. And now I was ready to shine. To call in all my desires. And if s3x magick was going to help me, so be it.

That meditation has helped me call in so many incredible things, including a role in the @newparadigmintimacy team.

But I still felt way out of my depth.

In March I went to the northern rivers for a team planning day. Everyone in the team has done a lot of s3xuality work. And then there was me, who hasn’t even had s3x in over a year.

I voiced my concerns. How I felt way out of my depth, like I didn’t have enough to contribute to the team. They reminded me I’m not here to be a facilitator, I’m here to do the tech stuff. The important stuff that allows the message to reach more people.

But I still wasn’t convinced.

Vic’s response….

“Let’s do a self pleasure circle”

Say what?!

Talk about being initiated into a world that was way out of my comfort zone.

7 of us in a room all pleasuring ourselves at once.

What have I gotten myself into? Do I stay? Do I run?

I was curious. So I stayed.

And what I experienced was nothing short of incredible.

The energy. The level of connection. I left there feeling so high.

Let me be clear here. Self pleasure is not m@sturbation. Most of us were still clothed.

It’s about tuning into the body, being present with what’s alive in the moment, feeling the sensations, and moving energy.

If you allow yourself to fully drop in, it can result in org@sm but that’s not the end goal.

It’s about getting out of the head and into the body. And it’s a powerful modality for manifestation. Our s3x is literally the portal to all our creativity. When we become connected to that, we can create anything we desire.

And that’s how self pleasure changed my life and business.

The more I became connected with my body, tuned into my desires, allowed myself to surrender to waves of pleasure. The more I became a powerful portal of creativity and calling in what I wanted.

Why am I sharing all this?!

Firstly, I want to see a world where these taboo topics are brought into the light. Where we can end the shame and people can feel comfortable in their own s3xuality.

Secondly, working with this modality and being part of the INPI team has completely changed my life.

And I want others to experience this too. It may seem too scary, out of your comfort zone, but if you’re even a little bit curious like I was, then I invite you to take the plunge.

You never know what’s waiting on the other side, unless you take the leap.

Doors to the next round of the INPI self pleasure certification are now open. If you’d like to apply go check it out right here, make sure you mention my name on the application so I can look out for you.

How Self Pleasure Changed My Life and Business

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