February Journal Prompts for Spiritual Businesses

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Under the light of the recent Virgo full moon, it’s a great time to start some reflecting on your business progress for the month. One of my favourite rituals is journaling.. if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I have journals for everything. I’m always writing… it’s my favourite way to support my business and creative processes. So I thought, how about sharing monthly journal prompts with you all to support the infusion of magic and tech in your business too? Here are our February Journal Prompts for Spiritual Businesses.

To learn more about why journaling is such a great tool for business owners, refer back to my January post.

Before we dive into the prompts, let’s explore why the Virgo energy is great for getting organised in business.

Virgo Full Moon Insights

Taken from my favourite astrology site, Magic of I.

Virgo closes the gap between who we are and who we want to be. The Full Moon in Virgo encourages you to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be by focusing on small, achievable goals. Embracing the truth that progress often comes from these small steps can help us avoid widening that gap. Change takes time and patience and it’s the consistent, gradual efforts that lead to lasting transformation. We often don’t set achievable expectations for ourselves and others. We think we can sprint before we crawl. And when we inevitably fail, we throw ourselves into a negative self-talk spiral which makes the distance between who we are and the person we want to become even wider.

“Virgo gently teaches us small goals only as the best approach to heal this pattern. When it comes to small goals only, we need to rely on another Virgo precondition which is Virgo’s attention, focus, and mindfulness.

Read more about this full moon here.

Systems Create Freedom

My takeaway from this is getting consistent and implementing systems is the step to creating freedom. I shared this post on my IG and FB last night and it seems to encompass this Virgo energy quite perfectly.

“One of my biggest frustrations in the spiritual scene is the lack of value placed on systems in business.

It’s what had me thinking what I offered wasn’t good enough. And had me attending more workshops, retreats, and ceremonies. Thinking I had to become a facilitator for people to value my services. Stuck in this loop of perpetual healing so I could become good enough to hold these transformational spaces too.

This had me sidetracked and distracted from what I’m good at. Being behind the scenes supporting the creatives.

Meanwhile, I’ve watched so many people struggling with systems. Unable to get themselves out of their businesses.

There’s a lot of talk about magic and manifestation. But not a whole lot of long-term planning and action. So they become stuck in a cycle of constant launches & always creating new products. As a result, income is fluctuating.

I became so embedded in this way of being that even I rejected my systems.

In my experience, people are great at manifesting what they want. Of creating an offer and bringing in random bursts of money right when they need a cash injection.

I’ve proved that to myself over and over.

But I’ve also come to learn that kind of creative chaos is mega unsettling for the nervous system. I’m so here for the magic, but I’ve learned it’s the systems that make the magic sustainable.

The true magic unfolds when these systems are in place to provide a stable foundation. Allowing for consistent growth and creativity without the stress of financial instability.

I want to shift the narrative. To show that valuing systems doesn’t make us any less spiritual or creative. It means we’re creating a container for our work to thrive and impact more lives.

I’ve realised my gift isn’t to be another coach in an oversaturated market. I guess I’ve always known that. I had to get sidetracked to remind myself for certain. I’m here to be the Tech Witch who brings order to creative chaos. To build the bridges that connect magic and technology.

If you’re caught in the cycle of constant creation without seeing the growth you desire. Maybe it’s not more magic you need, but a system to channel your magic through. I’m here to help you build that system. To ensure your business is a lasting legacy of change and success.

February Journal Prompts for Spiritual Businesses

  1. Reflect on the areas of your business where systems have either streamlined your workflow or fallen short. What adjustments can be made to enhance efficiency?
  2. Consider the technology and tools you’ve integrated into your business. Which have been the most valuable in achieving your goals, and which might need to be replaced or upgraded?
  3. How well do your current systems align with your business goals? Identify any discrepancies and contemplate the steps needed to realign your systems with your objectives.
  4. Consider the feedback you’ve received on your systems and tech from clients or team members. What adjustments can you make to improve user experience and operational efficiency?
  5. With the recent Virgo full moon shedding light on the importance of meticulous planning, outline the tech or system upgrades you plan to implement next month. How will these changes bring you closer to your vision?
  6. Identify one area in tech or systems where you feel your knowledge is lacking. How can you commit to learning more about this area in the coming month?
  7. Reflect on how integrating technology and systems into your business has facilitated growth and success. What are you most grateful for, and how can you build on this foundation?

Harnessing the power of journaling

Journaling is more than just a task; it’s a powerful tool for growth, creativity, and success. For spiritual business owners, it offers a unique way to blend business acumen with spiritual practices. As we end the month, I encourage you to pick up a journal and start writing. Reflect, plan, and watch as your business – and you – transform.

Start journaling today and see the magic it brings to your business. P.S. In need of a new journal? My favourites are Magic of I and you can get 10% discount when you enter the code JADESCARFONE at checkout. Click here to get yours today.

By the way, if your journaling leads you to the conclusion that you need support with your systems and tech. Don’t forget Tech Witches are here to bridge the worlds of magic, technology, spirituality and business. Check out our site for all the ways we can support you.

End of February Journal Prompts: These Journal Prompts for Spiritual Businesses offer insightful prompts to reflect, plan, and grow your business with intention and magic.

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