Let's embark on a journey.
A journey full of magic, mysticism, and wonder.
A journey unlike any other. 
But it will be the best journey of your life.
For there's no better feeling than taking the journey home to your true self.

Are you ready to understand what it truly means to come home?

Have you ever had an inkling that something didn't quite seem right? Have you ever felt like, no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to fit in? Or worst of all, have you ever felt like somewhere along the way you got lost? You've spent so long trying to meet everyone else's expectations, that you forgot who you really are. And now the whispers are so loud, and you can't ignore them anymore. 

You're ready to come home.

And gorgeous, I may just have the answers you've been searching for all this time. The truth is, everything we'll ever need is right inside of us, but we've gotten so disconnected we don't even know where to look. So let's journey home together...

Here's What You Might Not Know!

You may experience some deep feelings of pain, sadness, and trauma. This is natural as you'll be healing wounds you've been carrying for a long time.

You may experience a lot of discomfort, and at times you may wonder why you're doing this. But on the other side is a whole new reality of magic and joy.

You'll become so connected to yourself that you no longer worry what anyone else thinks, and you will have so much confidence in sharing your voice.

It will be one of the most magical journey's you take in your life. Because there truly is nothing better than reconnecting to the essence of who you are.

Your entire perception of the world will change and you will become absolutely unstoppable!

When you decide to embark on the journey home to yourself... 

The journey home is nothing short of magic. Are you ready for the ride?


The Homecoming.

A journey to awaken the senses, connect back to your soul, and remember all the magic you have deep within your being.

Can you feel it? The frequency of the Earth is shifting.
Can you hear it? The cosmic whispers are calling you home.

It's your time sweet Starseed.

All the times you felt like you didn't belong.
All the times you yearned to be somewhere far away.
All the times you were made to feel wrong for asking questions.
All the times you've had problems with following the rules.
All the times you had a knowing about something without being able to explain it.
All the times you felt the pull to learn about spirituality and other realms.
All the times you believed in magic.
All the times you've been called an old soul.
All the times you've caught yourself daydreaming about being here for a greater purpose.
All the times you felt a longing to go home...

All of those times were preparing you.
For this exact moment.

You may have forgotten.
You may have been distracted.
You may have gotten so caught up in trying to fit in.

But rest assured, you've got this.
Your soul chose to be here at this moment in time. For this exact reason.
And now is the time to remember.

Remember who you are.
Remember why you came here.

So you can fulfil your mission.

You are here for a powerful reason.
And now is your time.

What's Been Holding You Back From Awakening To Your Truth?





It's time to let the people pleaser die. You are here for a purpose, you know it deep down inside. You are powerful beyond measure. It's time to put yourself first and show the world what you can do. 

You've been put down, you've been shunned, you've been hurt. But it's never been because you're not good enough. These stories running through your mind are just that, stories. And they can be re-programmed. You ARE good enough. You are far more than that. You are a magical being full of limitless potential, and you are here to do great things.

This is a direct result of growing up in a world that tries to keep us small. They want us to conform, they want us to fit in, they want us to follow the rules. The world is afraid of us because we threaten the concept of what's 'normal'. So they make us feel bad, they put us down, they send us mixed messages. They tell us it's wrong to stand out, it's wrong to be different. People who conform are celebrated. So we dim our lights to try and fit in, to get the recognition we desire. But inside our soul's are screaming for more. And eventually the call is too loud. You have to listen. You have to show the world the REAL you. And the people who are meant for you will never make you feel like you're too much. In fact, they'll celebrate your muchness!

Worrying what everyone else will think

Believing you're not good enough

Feeling like you're too much

Shhh I'm going to let you in on a secret. Everything you've endured has been preparing you for this moment. You are not here by accident. This is your soul calling out to you. You're ready. It's time to remember who you are. It's time to take the journey home.

journey home

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"What a magical journey it has been for me with Jade in Homecoming. Jade is such a genuine, generous, and loving soul! This course has so much information and methods that brightly lighted up the path for me to come home to myself. I'm extremely grateful for making this energy investment in myself, truly one of the best decisions I have ever made as it opens me up to countless potentials of my true self. Thank you and I love you so much Jade!"

Serene Teoh

You truly are extraordinary Jade. You are so generous and truly here to serve. I can't thank you enough and convey how much I love your spirit. You are the real deal, and the effort and detail of your course is outstanding. Your heart and passion is palpable. I am learning so much from you and I sincerely wish you all the prosperity and joy you deserve. Thank you. 

Laura Tolli

Jade's course has given me the clarity I needed to take the leap and make my business dreams a reality. She helped me shift unhelpful perspectives and become aligned with my 'why' with her upbeat and in-depth delivery of really informative and relevant industry knowledge. Jade will help you unlock your superpower and share your magic with the world.

Jade, I was immediately in love with your course. As soon as I saw hot pink and all the mermaid, unicorn vibes you sparkled, I literally screamed 'Yes!!! Someone who gets me!' Thank you so much for creating a community where other magical babes can find each other and connect.

Cassie from Blue Bay Living

Kat Maloney

I've never met a more kind-hearted, genuine person who simply wants to help others reach their goals and full potential.
She has such a clear understanding of instagram, branding, marketing, and the nuts and bolts of how the online world works. It's safe to say I have benefited greatly from being mentored by her. She has helped me in more ways than I know how to explain!!

Kelsey Pietropaolo

Introducing The Homecoming!

A journey to awaken the senses, connect back to your soul, and remember all the magic you have deep within your being.

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I'm SO ready!

Before we move on, I invite you to take a moment to learn more about my mission and how this program came to be...

Ready to enrol in The Homecoming?
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I'm SO ready!

Still need more details??

Here's everything we'll cover in The Homecoming

Let me break it down for you even more...

 - Welcome
 - My Homecoming: A Story
 - What to Expect

Let The Journey Begin

The Journey Home

Awakening To Your True Self

Honouring Your Truth

At Home Within

Showing Up As Your True Self

Life Beyond The Homecoming

- Inner Healing & Shadow Work
- Healing Inner Child Wounds
- Practicing Forgiveness
- Family Lineage & Ancestral Memories
- Freeing Ourselves from the System
- Rewriting Our Relationship with Death
- Experiencing Awakening

- Rabbit Holes & Shattered Illusions
- The Stages of Awakening
- Joy Frequencies: You Are Allowed to Feel Joy
- How to Keep Showing Up When You Feel Like The World is Falling Apart
- Are You a Starseed?
- Fulfilling Your Starseed Mission
- Connecting To Your Guides
- Speaking Up & Honouring Your Truth
- Boundaries & Learning To Say No

- Energy Cleansing
- Crystals
- Routines & Rituals
- Grounding in Nature
- Mirror Work
- Love Letters to Yourself
- Plant Medicines
- Opening Your Heart 
- Let's Dance
- Self Intimacy & Pleasure

- Up-levelling Your Life
- You Are Magical
- Releasing Labels
- Soul Wisdom vs Strategy
- Owning Your Voice & Speaking Your Truth
- Letting Go of The Guru Complex

- Claiming Your Sovereignty
- Freedom Based Businesses
- Raising Consciousness & Bringing in the New Earth
- 3D & 5D Timelines
- Celebration

- Altars & Vision Boards
- Intuitive Card Reading
- Tapping Into Your Intuition
- Music as Medicine
- Transformational Journalling
- Meditation
- Breathwork
- Understanding Human Design
- Reading Your Human Design Chart
- Understanding Archetypes
- Connecting With Moon Cycles

By the end of this program you will have experienced a total transformation in the way you show up in the world. You will finally feel safe, and at home in your own body. And you will be so activated and inspired to fulfil your soul's mission on Earth.

So, now is the time to decide.

Are you going to stop hiding and start shining your beautiful light?

The world needs your divine wisdom now more than ever before.

It's time for you to come home.

It's time for you to remember and honour your mission.

I could charge thousands for this, but that's not what it's about. I believe to my core that this work is so needed right now. We are at such a pivotal moment in history and it's up to us to come together to co-create a better future for humanity.

This is about something so much deeper than money. This is about true and lasting impact. And I want this healing wisdom to be accessible to as many people as possible. After experiencing this level of transformation, it is my deepest desire to ignite this same passion and fire in as many people as I can. So I've made this super affordable because I want you to have everything you desire and more! I want you to awaken to your truth, and live out your soul mission. I want to spark the ripples that enable us to create waves. 

Together I want us to bring in the New Earth.

This is a self paced course and you will have lifetime access to all current modules, as well as any future additions as I add more content over time.

My mission is simple...

I'm here to help you discover who you are and figure out how to share your magical gifts with the world.

I can't wait to help you create the life of your dreams.