It's time to stop playing small and get the support you need.

You are unique, magnetic, and magical.
And it's time you start to see that so you can show the world who you truly are.
Through my 1:1 starter experience I'm here to help you uncover all the magic you have within you.
Together let's uncover your true potential so you can call all your desires into reality. This is the ultimate guide to having an amazing personal brand.

I'm in - sign me up!

Need More Deets? I've got you...

Let me guess, you've heard the term 'personal branding' and you kind of get what it is. You've even heard me mention it once or twice.

So you understand the importance of building a personal brand. But you're just not sure how to stand out in a sea of noise. You're tired of feeling lost and confused. You're fed up with the same old content and you're ready to embrace your uniqueness and show up with confidence.

Well, you've come to the right place! It just so happens I'm kind of obsessed with personal branding. 

Products, services. Meh, that's what we sell, but that's not who we are. And I want you to realise that who you are is so much more important than your products and services.

You are the special sauce that people form a deep connection with. You are the key ingredient that makes your business different to anyone else's.

So it's time you start showing up in all your sparkly magic!

In 1 x 90 minute call together let's take your brand from meh to magic!

Some of the things we can work through during our time together include:

💖Aesthetics - let's face it visuals are everything on social media! We can look at colours, filters, mood boards, fonts, graphic design hacks. All of this stuff matters, especially on the gram!

🦄Determining your personal style - your clothes are one of the greatest ways to fully express yourself. And it just so happens, I'm totally obsessed with unique, daring, out of the box style. If you're ready to stand out then I'm the girl to help you do it. I'm going to dare you to have loads of fun with your style. 

🦋Content creation tips - posing, writing, photoshoots, filming, editing, batching, scheduling. If you know me you know content is my jam! And I'm full of tips on how to create endless streams of it.

🌈Writing your magical brand story - there's a reason why stories have been around since the dawn of time. As a girl who has grown up with her head buried in books, went on to study Journalism, and then became a blogger, I know the power of a good story. Let me help you bring yours to life.

🧜‍♀️Strategy - if you want a little more advanced support then I'm also a total nerd for list building and email marketing so can offer guidance with this too. 

These calls will be tailored to your needs based on where you are in your business and personal branding journey. 

It's time for you to truly realise your potential, and show up for your passions and dreams. You have the power inside of you, let's get you out of the shadows and well and truly shining like the star you were born to be!

The important details:

🌟1 x 90 minute calls where we can focus on any area you need support with.
🌟After the call you will receive a follow up Google Doc with notes on what we discussed plus action steps.
🌟Total investment = $222 AUD

This is a small taster of what it's like to work with me in a one to one capacity. If you would like to book in this experience you can do so right here:

Create Your Magical Brand - 1:1 Starter Experience

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Ok, it sounds fab, I've just got a few questions...

This experience is for the adventurers, the risk takers, the dreamers, the doers, the action takers.
It's for the women who dare to be different and are ready to turn their passions into profit and break free from whatever is preventing them from bringing their dreams to life.
It's for the women who are tired of going at it alone, fumbling around trying to figure things out the hard way. It's for the women seeking clarity and direction and a high level of one to one support to help them uncover the magic they have inside of them.
Coaches, affiliate marketers, network marketers, influencers, creatives, bloggers. If you have an online business and you feel like you're not quite hitting the mark, allow me to help you to be seen. It's my mission to take you out of hiding and get you shining!

If you're here, then I'm gonna say YES. Something drew you to me for a reason, that's magnetic branding at play right there. And I'm gonna guess that's what you want to be happening for you.
This is my absolute superpower so let me help you create that kind of magic too.

You will receive an email confirmation with further instructions on where to connect with me and how to book in your call. You will also receive a questionnaire which is optional to complete but it's a great exercise to review where your brand is at and helps to give me a clear picture of what you want to focus on during our calls.

Let's start with that. This is a great way for us to get a feel for one another and make sure we're definitely the perfect coaching fit. I'm 99% positive we will be, but it's always nice to be 100% sure. At the end of your session we can talk about further ways we can work together moving forward.

Sure thing... here's some of the ones I usually get asked...

Alright, i'm in!

1. Who do you work with?

2. Is this right for me?

3. What happens once I book?

4. What if I want more than one call?

Are you ready to build your magical personal brand?

Ready to have a brand that captures your true essence?

Ready to show up with confidence and stand out in a sea of sameness? Ready to stop hiding, and truly start shining?

Ready to unleash your magical personal brand on the world?

There's just one thing left to do....

OK, let's do it!