Would You Travel According To Your Star Sign?

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When I saw the question, ‘Would you travel according to your star sign?’ asked in one of my Facebook groups, I just knew I had to get involved.

So, I recently contributed to the  Grassroots Nomad’s post about star sign travel predictions and whether you’d travel according to your star sign. I got so excited about the topic that I wanted to publish my full version here.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Traits: This is the most intense sign. Scorpio likes to get to the bottom of things and discover a raw truth and meaning in life.

The trip: Scorpio’s ideal trip can be a very romantic—but not a politely romantic—getaway. It’s more of a trip to the jungle where you’ll sleep in a treehouse and make love with your partner for five days straight. That’s that kind of intensity. While enjoying this romantic time, you’re not afraid of uncovering truths. Scorpio is the archetype of the archeologist and detective. So, a trip where you could discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult would be satisfying. Or, maybe a genealogy search or walking an ancient trail. Scorpio is a water sign, so anywhere near water would be great too. You’re not as daredevil as Aries, but you’ll still benefit from doing something we’ve always been afraid to do, like something that triggers an old fear. Maybe going back to a spot where a girlfriend broke up with you, and letting it go. Another archetype for Scorpio is the shaman, a need for deep healing. Going and hanging out with Shamans in the jungle on a soul-searching mission would be great for you, too.

Try: Stay in a tented villa in Maldivesdiscover temple ruins in Cambodiaclear your mind in the purifying waters of India’s Ganges river

I used to be addicted to star signs. I’d subscribe to daily horoscope emails, had the horoscope apps, would buy magazines just for the horoscope pages and bought books on it as well. It got to the point where I was choosing lovers based on star signs, convinced we were destined to be together because the stars said so. Eventually I grew out of this phase, but recently I came across a travel post that caught my interest. I’m a scorpio – yes the intense and crazy one.

This post completely got me (I’ve said that many times before). From the type of holiday I want, to the specific places suggested, it was scarily accurate. The trip to the jungle sleeping in a treehouse with my partner for five days straight – yes please. I’ve seen so many photos of tree houses in tropical jungles with nothing else around them and it looks so perfect. I don’t have this kind of holiday planned yet but I’ve saved lots of photos of jungle tree houses to my phone so that’s almost like planning a trip to one.

A trip to discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult or walking an ancient trail – umm YES! Mummies, temples, ruins – anything from the ancient world gets me excited. As a kid I used to love playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and pretending I was an archaeologist and detective just like her. I already conquered the Inca Trail at the start of this year but Egypt has been on my list for years and Cambodia and Vietnam have quickly moved up. 

Scorpios also have a need for deep healing, this is so true. This year I went to Bali for a ten day yoga retreat to escape and rejuvenate. India is probably one place this prediction goes awry, it’s never been high on my list, mainly because the slums totally gross me out. I know that’s a bit of a close-minded way to look at it, but there’s plenty more places I want to see before I do finally venture to India.

I have been researching healing holidays though and one that  particularly interests me is the Andean Triangle which would take me back to Peru – it takes you from Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu and right into the depths of the Amazon Jungle (where I could probably meet my lover at the end of it and knock off the fantasy of sleeping in a jungle tree house with him). There’s a real spiritual vibe in Peru and I felt so comfortable there and really want to go back.

So where am I actually going in 2016? Firstly I’ll be starting the year off at Boracay Island then coming back home to work for a few months as I need to be home in March for a friends wedding.

 After that my aim is to be financially set up online so I can finally quit my day job and travel so I have plenty of time to fit in all of the things I’ve mentioned above. The plan is to go to England in April/May to meet my boyfriend’s family and then travel around Europe from there and fit in some summer festivals. From there we have a million things we want to do but nothing else booked so I’m very excited to see if any of the above predictions do end up coming true. All I can guarantee is 2016 is going to be full of adventure and excitement and I can’t wait.  Want to know how I’m setting myself up online or considering getting yourself set up online? Find out more here.

If you want to read about your star-sign predictions and figure out whether or not you’d travel according to your star sign, check out the article at Afar Magazine and pop on over to the Grass Nomad’s post if you want to see how accurate the predictions were for other star signs.

Then, the only real question that remains is, would YOU travel according to your star sign?

Got any thoughts on whether these predictions suit you or not, I’d love to know. Comment below and let us know if the stars have aligned for you.

By the way, I’ve got one more mini trip to squeeze in before the year’s end. I’m off to New Zealand tonight and can’t wait to share the stories with you once I’m back. 

Catch you all soon.

Jade xo

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