You Are A Walking Talking Business Card

Is your style congruent with your message?

If not... let me help you.

By making a conscious decision to put more effort into how you dress, you are showing yourself that you believe in the value of what you do.
Not only that, you are telling yourself that you take your business seriously. And this will show others that they should be taking you seriously as well. 
That's when you'll start attracting more of those dream clients who can't wait to invest in working with you. 
And when you have clients who want to invest in you, you'll have more income to invest into your business and life.
So developing a great sense of your personal style is about more than just feeling good. It's truly life transformational.

transform your life & business


Just because you have the luxury of being able to work from home in your pjs, doesn't mean you should. Believe me, I've been there. And the more I did it, the less excited I got about my business. Because looking good makes us feel good.
So I made a conscious effort to get up and get dressed nicely every single day. And my productivity and results transformed because I started to feel so much better about myself again.
The truth is, even if people can't see you. They can feel you. And when you don't feel good about yourself that emanates through the content you create. 
So the answer to better content and more results = feeling good about yourself.

when you look good, you feel good


In this social media driven world you have less than seconds to capture people's attention - so it's crucial to make a good first impression.
People are generally making snap decisions about your business before you've even had a chance to speak to them.
And most platforms these days are visual, so you can't just get away with hiding behind a screen or products. 
You are the face of your brand and your audience wants to see you. And when they do see you, you have a small window of opportunity to impress them. During that small window they will immediately experience a range of emotions, perceptions or thoughts.
And this ultimately influences their decision to stick around and learn more from you or to move on to the next. 
This is why your style is a huge aspect of powerful personal branding.

first impressions are everything


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