Do you ever feel like you've lost your identity?

Well you're probably not alone...

Did you know 60% of women believe their personal style doesn't accurately represent who they are.

And 80% of women believe their personal style is directly linked to their personal or professional goals.

A photoshoot is a great way to reclaim your identity. To let loose and capture the true essence of who you are.

And I'd love to be the one to help you find a style that is an explosion of personality.
So when people see your photos they can't help but be magnetised to you.
That's powerful stuff and the right style of clothes (plus a great photographer to capture you in them) can create absolute magic.

Want me to style you for your next shoot?

All you had to do was ask...

Let's get one thing straight. I don't do rules, I don't do conformity.

I do FUN, I do vibes, I do play, I do MAGIC, I do anything is possible. I do wear whatever you want! Your body - your rules!

I remember sitting through my personal stylist certification course and cringing at most of what I was taught.

This body shape can't wear this. These colours don't suit people with this skin tone. It all sounded sooo restrictive.

Based on what we were being taught, my entire wardrobe wasn't suitable for my body type. Do you think I cared? Hell no, it just made me get even more daring with my style lol. 

So if that's the kind of stylist you're looking for, then let's have some fun together! 

You're a sparkly, magical, rainbow unicorn. And you deserve to be seen for WHO you are. Not who the world tells you to be.

You ready to create magic? 

the photoshoot styling experience

Build the brand and business of your dreams without losing who you are

So, are you ready to turn heads? To show the world exactly who you are? To shine your light bright! 

We will create a Pinterest mood board for the style you are working towards

We will have a 60 minute consult where we dig deep into your brand, business & personal goals

I will research and source potential items from local and online retailers

I will send you a detailed proposal with suggested items to purchase and where to find them

I can also attend the shoot if you would like me to be there for styling support on the day, this cost will vary depending on length of shoot and location so please chat to me if you would like to include this service.

Cost for this is $555 AUD

Consult & styling advice is available to all locations. 

**Shoot attendance is available in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. And is subject to availability.
Other locations may be suitable on enquiry, depending on distance from Sunshine Coast.


Above all, I want you to LOVE your photos!

Of course, it took an epic photographer to create this, and I happen to know a few of them too. So if you need me to recommend someone just ask. 

Let's just get one more thing cleared up...

If you want me to be your stylist, we're not going to play it safe. We're going to get you wearing the things you never thought you could wear, the things you've always wanted to wear but been too afraid to, we're going to get you showing up in your fullest expression because that's when the pure magic happens.

That's when your brand oozes personality and attracts all those dreamboat clients.

This isn't about wearing what you think people want to see you in. Believe me, I've done that in photo shoots and I felt stifled. I was dressing for others instead of ME. Your shoot should reflect you. When you're 100% you, you start attracting all the right people.

You ready for that? Here's one lady who said yes and look how magical her shoot turned out!

And just before we end, I just wanted to share some love notes so you can get a feel for what the experience will be like.

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