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For years I beat myself up about going to uni and getting a Journalism degree when I was totally wasting it. Then I decided to put all those skills to use and start blogging and it was the best decision I ever made. I love to write and I love to share value, so I really hope you enjoy what I've got to share. 
Expect to read about all kinds of topics from personal branding and styling to social media marketing plus lifestyle and travel.

Welcome to the blog!

hey there!

I'm Jade Scarfone.
I left my 6 figure corporate salary behind to pursue the unconventional and uncertain world of entrepreneurship. Along the way I learnt how to build a strong personal brand that attracts dream clients and brand deals. My mission, to help you do the same by understanding how to style yourself so you feel confident and then actually want to show up on social media.

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the spiritual marketplace needs more tech witches

26th November 2022

In case you haven’t noticed… Spiritual communities are overrun with facilitators. There’s a new workshop or event on every day of the week. Every second person is selling a relationship course… embodiment course… magick course… And it’s great, the world NEEDS this work. I’m not knocking this at all. But what I’ve noticed in my […]

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doing all "the work"

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And now you want to spread the message further Have you been doing all “THE WORK” and now want to spread the message further? The New Age realm will have you believing the way to contribute is to go to a few workshops and then start running your own. Sure, you could try that… You’ve experienced the […]

24th November 2022

maybe it's time to get hungry

19th November 2022

After all, a Tech Witch has to eat Something that was reflected to me a few days ago around my Tech Witch marketing was that I’m not hungry enough. Clearly I need to approach my marketing more like I approached this rose. I’ve been talking about Tech Witch School for a few months now. The […]

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Death of the entitled princess

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No longer will she rule the show So recently I’ve been noticing how much I don’t show up for myself in biz because I’ve been holding this air of entitlement. Born from an “I’ve done all that before, I don’t want to have to get dirty and do it all again” attitude. Like when I was building […]

18th November 2022

I'm doing my soul's work

17th November 2022

What I learnt after spending a week in the dark… There was a moment in the dark immersion, a few days before it was over, where I felt complete. Where I was itching to get back to my work. I’ve never felt that before. Usually I’ve been at experiences like this where I wanted to […]

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Dark and Demons

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I was scared of the dark,scared of what I might meet there,what I might unleash,who I might become.Of the demons lurking inside and..if I’d have the strength and willpowerto face them. Oh, but face them I did.I laughed in their faces.Then let them fuck me and I laughed some more.They thought they were in control,Until […]

16th November 2022