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I'm Jade Scarfone.
A digital strategist and transformation catalyst, merging a decade of corporate systems mastery with a profound journey of self-discovery. From navigating the high-stakes world of banking to making waves in high-ticket affiliate marketing, I'm now dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic digital innovations. 

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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’m back! And I’m here to answer: who is the Travelling Tech Witch?

7 years ago I quit my corporate bank job, booked a one-way ticket to Bali, moved in with some friends I’d met on the internet, and together we created some pretty epic results in an affiliate marketing business.

People thought I was crazy. Everyone expected me to give up and end up back at the bank. But I made sure I well and truly burnt that bridge when I left. After a 3-month career break, I emailed my boss with the subject line; “Return to Work Update” in which I told him I was most definitely NOT returning to work.

After 9 years of climbing the corporate ladder, my career abruptly came to an end. The day I was meant to be returning to work I flew to Bali instead.

Today, I find myself back here, after what can only be described as a wild and chaotic ride. I’ll tell you a bit about that in a moment.

This time I’m here as a way to ease back into the world after 3 years of not travelling. Thanks to a tumultuous relationship, lockdowns, a missing passport, and a whole lot of personal chaos, I began to wonder if I’d ever travel again.

Now, here we finally are. I’m about to fly to Paris on a one-way ticket. Naturally, I wanted a fresh space to document the journey. But before we get to the present… let’s backtrack a little so you can get a feel for how I’ve gotten to this point.

Born with the Wanderlust Gene

According to an article in Elite Daily, there’s scientific evidence to back that 20% of the world’s population has a particular gene DRD4-7R. Dubbed the “wanderlust gene,” because of its correlation with increased levels of curiosity and restlessness.

Read more about it here. I’ve never had my DNA tested so I have no idea if I have it or not. But considering the way I approach life, I’d say I do. And even if I don’t, my astrology chart would confirm that I’m pretty dreamy and here to travel for work and inspire others as I do (thanks Sagittarius Midheaven & Pisces Rising).

I’ve had a passport since I was 18 months old when my parents first took me to Europe. All 4 of my grandparents voyaged across the ocean from Italy to Australia during WWII. Travel is in my blood.

Growing up we went on many family holidays… and once I was able to make my own money it became apparent that my primary driver was to support my insatiable desire for adventure.

Even my studies were based on my dream to be a travel writer. I graduated with a degree in Journalism…. but blinded by the money and luxury I abandoned that dream for the corporate ladder climb.

Until it all came crashing down and I wound up on a psychologist’s couch being diagnosed with depression.

My Sliding Doors moment

This was in July 2015 and I had a big decision to make. Take the pills, return to my miserable life, and pretend everything was ok…

Or choose a different path.

I didn’t really understand it at the time, but something inside told me not to fulfil the prescription. Instead, I took 6 weeks of stress leave and during that time I discovered an exciting new world.

I was incessantly researching how to travel and make money. I was almost settled on going to teach English overseas. But then I came across an ad from some people who seemed to be just like me.

They were travelling and making a living while they were doing it. They weren’t having to get qualifications to teach or get stuck in one place earning a measly income. They were killing it… earning more than I was earning in my high-flying corporate career.

So I decided to take a leap of faith and learn from them.

Before I knew it I was flying to New Zealand for them to show me how to start marketing my own affiliate links. That was the first time I decided to go meet some people I’d only just met on the internet. It sparked a series of life-changing events. In that week I connected with the people who I’d end up moving to Bali with a few months later.

We met up again in the US while I was on my career break. Once I was back home I was on a call with two of the guys. They’d just rented a place in Bali and invited me to join them. The next day I got on the phone to my HR team, sent that email to my boss, and then by August 2016 I was officially free.

Living the high life

I flew to Bali to stay at an all-expenses paid villa with these new friends/mentors. We were based in Canggu, right by the beach and more of our friends were living right next door.

Our days were spent working a few hours training our new team members, checking on our marketing campaigns, posting to our Instagram accounts, and then mostly partying at different bars each night. We’d take content creation getaways to fancy villas around the island and were getting treated to free stays in all kinds of places. This was in the early days when it was easy to grow on Instagram and travel influencers were just starting to make a name for themselves.

Not only were we waking up to insane commissions every day from our affiliate business, but we were also getting paid to hang out in all the luxe spots in exchange for creating content. It didn’t even have to be that fancy back then. But between the 5 of us, we had all the latest camera tech and created some pretty cool stuff.

My first brand, the Aussie Adventuress was born. And while the others focused on video content, I put my Journalism degree to good use and was the blogger of the house. I killed the blog in one of my burn-it-all-down moments, but the Instagram account still exists because I can’t log into it.

In between our Bali life, we were also flying to the States, staying in 5-star resorts to attend conferences, and hiring mansions to run our own marketing events for our team.

We were all 20-something-year-olds making more money than we knew what to do with. And of course, we had to learn a lesson.

An unexpected turn..

In January 2018 we woke up to news that the affiliate company we were working with was being investigated for fraud. All our accounts were frozen and we could no longer promote. Like that, my world imploded.

Suddenly all those high ticket commissions were being held hostage. Being young and naive, and not applying any of my banking knowledge to my own life, I hadn’t diversified my income enough at that point. I definitely learned the lesson about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

I felt like such a failure. I could no longer afford to travel and had to return back home to Perth. It also felt like the ‘right’ thing to do because my boyfriend (at the time) had been there the whole time and couldn’t leave since he was trying to get an Australian visa. Since neither of us could travel anymore we compromised and moved to the Sunshine Coast together.

Thankfully the mentors I’d been living with in Bali were resourceful. They’d already been planning to build something of their own and this was the push they needed. A few months later they’d done it and invited me to be a contributor. So I got to work creating course content around branding, influencing, and email marketing. I realised I had quite a knack for this and people loved my teaching style.

I was lucky to be counted as one of the contributing members and so was included in a lot of the marketing content. This supported me to start generating income again fairly quickly and supported my move to the Sunshine Coast.

A lonely business

I was struggling on the Sunshine Coast. Working from home meant I didn’t have a way to make friends. I attended lots of networking events but never found “my people”. My boyfriend was always working away and wasn’t supportive of my goals. I struggled to find my new marketing message. It had previously always been around how to travel and work online.

Business growth was slow. We didn’t have the big-name backing and funding that other affiliate companies had. We couldn’t justify charging such high prices and had to accept it wasn’t going to give us the kind of overnight success we’d become accustomed to.

I was mega lonely and felt like I was working so hard for so little in return. My business started to flop and I ended up getting a part-time job with a local photographer. We’d done a shoot together a few months earlier so she knew I had the skills. When she saw I was struggling with the payment plan she offered me a job and I continued to build my business on the side.

But that ended badly. She wanted to get into course creation and affiliate marketing and started to see me as her competition. For the first time in my life, I got fired from a job.

By the end of the year, I was working at a restaurant. Not quite the dream life.

The world locked down

Then 2020 happened. What at first seemed like a massive disaster, was in many ways a blessing. Not that I’d ever wish that experience upon any of us again.

But for so many reasons I felt like I could breathe again.

Thanks to lockdowns I was able to leave the restaurant job and use all that time to fully invest back into my business. Because no one could travel, I was able to change my messaging without feeling like a failure. Due to all the payouts and incentives to stay home, I was able to hire a coach. I found myself in a 9-month business mastermind which totally blew up my life in all the best ways.

By the end of the year I had ended my relationship, launched my own course, started taking on my own 1-1 clients, found community, and moved into a house with other female entrepreneurs. I was back on track.

Tech meets sex

I wound up working in the tech support team for the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. So began my journey as the go-to tech girl for, what felt like, every sexuality coach on the East Coast. I was connecting with humans who were passionate about bringing change to the world. They supported me to heal my own shame and conditioning around my sexuality.

Before I knew it I was immersed in this world where business intersected with magic and sex. I truly felt like I had found my calling. I loved supporting these businesses.

I moved to the Northern Rivers to be closer to all my clients. I reached a point where I was in such high demand and couldn’t keep up with all the work. So I decided to launch a school for Tech Witches. It was a random idea I shared on my Instagram stories one day. Before I knew it, it had taken off. People were loving it, and by the end of the year, I had multiple sell-out launches.

I was living this crazy life of ritual, temples, sex magic, dance, and business. But it was also very chaotic. Throw in floods, losing my car, housemate drama, losing my passport, having to give up my cat, and a whole lot more.

Then I lost my driver’s license and I knew the land was telling me it was time to leave. It has a way of doing that.

The Travelling Tech Witch

That brings us to today. At a full circle moment. After all these years of living away. I’ve packed up my life and finally started travelling again. I’m starting a Substack blog but also decided to post the content on my website, because why not?!

I ended up back in Perth at the exact time I quit my corporate job all those years ago. Now I’m in Bali at the same time I was back then. I’m running Tech Witch School and have also been invited into multiple new business opportunities.

I wasn’t sure why I needed to come to Bali first. Initially, it was just because some of my friends were coming. I was having a hard time saying bye to them all. And I wanted to soak up a few more weeks of contact and ecstatic dance together before I left them all indefinitely. Since being here and realising the significance of the timing, I know it’s been about so much more.

It’s rewiring my system to live the digital nomad life again. I had to come back to this buzzing hub of entrepreneurship and spirituality to feel that connection again. To reignite that spark I felt all those years ago. To reconnect with a place that has been such a pivotal part of my business journey.

I’m excited to see where Tech Witch goes as I venture back out into the world to reinvigorate the laptop lifestyle I adore so much.

So why should you join me here?

Cos it’ll be fun… my life is an adventure and I get myself into some interesting situations so I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of laughing at my expense.

This isn’t just another blog where I tell you how to live this lifestyle too (although there will be plenty of that content if you want it).

But essentially, I want a place to document my journey. My diary entries, my poetry, my musings, my art. My good days, my bad days, and everything in between.

My fears, my passions, my romances, my mishaps. I want to share it all without restriction. Without thinking about social media algorithms and engagement.

A new era of travel after all these years off.

A clean slate to write the story of the Travelling Tech Witch as she re-emerges in the world.

I’d love to have you along for the ride.

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