#29 – 10 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram and How to Fix Them

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Welcome to episode 29 of the Branding With Jade podcast. This week I’ll be covering 10 mistakes you’re making on Instagram and how to fix them.

These days no-one really hands out business cards anymore. It’s all about connecting on social media instead. And people are making quick decisions about you based on your appearance online. So if you aren’t putting the effort into building your personal brand then they’re easily going to pass you by. 

I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently from people saying how much they love the brand I’ve created on Instagram and asking me for tips on how they can improve their accounts too. So since I’ve been looking at people’s accounts so much I thought I’d give you an overview of what I’ve noticed. 

This started as 5 mistakes I see people making on Instagram but as I was listing them out it quickly turned into 10, so let’s dig into them. And if any of them sound applicable to you then I’m also dishing out tips on how to fix it.

So let’s dig in…

Welcome to episode 29 of the Branding With Jade podcast. This week I’ll be covering 10 mistakes you're making on Instagram and how to fix them.

In this episode I’ll be sharing:

  • Why building your personal brand on social media is so important.
  • The 10 mistakes I often see people making on Instagram.
  • How to avoid making these mistakes.


>> [2:28] – why business cards are no longer relevant and how Instagram is basically the new business card.

>> [6:15] – mistake number 1, not having your name on your bio. It’s important to have your name there so people know who they’re talking to.

>> [7:32] – mistake number 2, not having a clear bio that lets people know how you can help them. If you’re in business it’s important to let people know what you do so they can clearly understand if you can help them and whether or not to follow you.

>> [8:38] – mistake number 3, not making the most of being able to have a link in your bio. It’s so important to have a link in your bio to direct people to other areas where they can connect with you and build a deeper bond with you.

>> [9:55] – mistake number 4, not making the most of Instagram stories and feature highlights. Stories are such an easy way to share more of your personality with your audience, plus stories are one of the most popular forms of Instagram content so the more you show up there the more you can allow people to get to know you.

>> [11:19] – mistake number 5, not showing your face enough. People buy people, not products or services. So you need to be showing up so people can get to know you.

>> [12:50] – mistake number 6, not putting enough thought into content and just posting for the sake of it. It’s important to create content when it feels good and aligned, not just because you feel like you have to.

>> [16:30] – mistake number 7, not having any cohesiveness. Use apps to edit photos so they have a similar feel, get presets, create branded graphics.

>> [18:02] – mistake number 8, not being yourself. Be yourself, show up as who you are and don’t try to be someone else.

>> [18:31] – mistake number 9, using bots and automation strategies. This is more detrimental than helpful as it doesn’t attract the right kind of followers.

>> [20:24] – mistake number 10, joining engagement pods. This is another inauthentic method and not the best way to grow.

>> [21:22] – bonus mistake number 11, not using hashtags correctly. This is a whole extra subject I will cover on another episode.

>> [22:08] – the importance of being consistent in all other areas, not just Instagram. It might sound overwhelming and this is why I’ve decided to share my social media audit guide. This will empower you with the questions to make sure your personal brand is set up for maximum success. You can get access to this audit workbook for free in the links section below.

So there you have it, 10 mistakes you’re making on Instagram and how to fix them. For the full details you can listen to the episode.

Click here to listen now!


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Thanks for listening!

Welcome to episode 29 of the Branding With Jade podcast. This week I’ll be covering 10 mistakes you're making on Instagram and how to fix them.

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