How to Create an Office Space that Keeps You Inspired

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Working from home is a concept a lot of people aren’t too familiar with. But as it becomes more and more common in our current experience of the world, it’s important to understand how to thrive in this kind of environment. So following on from yesterday’s post about being productive when working from home. Today I want to elaborate on one of the points which is how to create an office space that keeps you inspired.

Working from home is a new concept for many. So I want to share how to create an office space that keeps you inspired and thriving in this new environment.

As I mentioned yesterday, when working from home it’s important to set boundaries. Have a clear space that’s dedicated to work, and keep the rest of the house for living. By distinguishing between the two it helps you to maintain a healthier balance between your work, health, and lifestyle.

In order to maintain these boundaries it’s important to set up a workspace that actually inspires you and makes you want to be there. So here’s my top tips on how you can go about doing just that.

How to create an office space that keeps you inspired.

1. Have a vision board nearby

Vision boards are a great way to bring your dreams to reality. And they’re also an incredible tool to keep you on track and help you manifest all you desire.

When you have your vision board in a place where you can see it clearly it helps you stay focused and inspired. I have two vision boards – one in my bedroom so I see it every morning and night when I’m in bed. And one on my desk. The one in my bedroom is more focused on my lifestyle goals. And the one near my desk is more focused on business, work related goals.

Every time I look at it I get inspired and excited about what I have the potential to create. And that drives me to keep working hard.

Need some tips on how to create a vision board that works? Check out my podcast episode all about this topic.

2. Decorate your space

This is your space so make sure it feels that way. Decorate it with things that will keep you inspired. For me that’s lots of bright, colourful pictures. As well as motivational quotes and affirmations that I can repeat to myself over and over throughout the day.

The affirmations help me to maintain a positive mindset and stay focused on all the things I’m capable of.

3. Be organised

Have a place for everything so you don’t waste time constantly searching for things. Staying organised not only makes the space much more visually appealing but it saves you a lot of time.

When my desk gets messy and things are out of place I can end up wasting so much time just searching for stuff. But staying organised means I eliminate a lot of that and can focus on what’s actually important.

Shelves, trays, pen holders, files etc. are all great ways to stay organised. And you can generally pick these up pretty cheaply at home or office supply stores.

4. Keep it positive

Back to decorating. It’s good to add items that aid with a positive mindset. Candles, crystals, flowers, plants, dreamcatchers, feathers, etc.

Anything that stimulates the senses and makes you feel good is great to have around. When you look around your space and feel pleasure from what you’re seeing, it definitely helps you to stay inspired.

5. Avoid clutter

Whenever my workspace is messy or cluttered it makes me not want to be there. And that’s usually when I retreat to working from spaces I shouldn’t (like my bed or couch)

By keeping the space clean and free from clutter it helps your mind to stay focused, gives you the space you need to work, and ensures you don’t form unhealthy working habits.

6. Let there be light

Have you ever worked in an office that was devoid of natural light, or worse had no windows at all? I have. And believe me when I say it is not inspiring. The mood is dark and gloomy and definitely does not spark creativity.

If you can, try to set up your workspace in an area with lots of natural light, and next to windows. My office nook was already built into the house we’re currently in. But even though it’s not next to a window that looks outside, there’s windows cut into the wall so I can still see out and that makes me feel like I’m not too boxed in.

And if I really feel like I want to be close to a window, I have a second desk set up which is where I generally record my content from because it’s against my favourite wall and is right near some windows.

And that’s my top tips on how to create an office space that keeps you inspired. Both my spaces make me feel super inspired. Does yours?

Not much of a reader? If you prefer videos you can watch this quick one I made on TikTok.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. And if you’re considering starting an online business of your own, why not take my free training which shows you the 3 key elements you need to get started.

As usual, thanks for reading. And if you enjoyed this post please feel free to like, comment and/or share. Your support means the world to me.

Jade xo

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