When is it Time to Hire a Professional?

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When it comes to building a powerful personal brand there’s a time and place to DIY. And then there’s times when it’s imperative to hire a professional. So how do you determine when is it time to hire a professional for your business? This is what we’ll be talking about today…

When it comes to building a powerful personal brand there's a time and place to DIY and then there's times when it's imperative to hire a professional. So how do you determine when is it time to hire a professional for your business? This is what we'll be talking about today...

What kind of professionals are we talking about?

When we talk about hiring a professional, this could mean for any area of your business. Things like photography, web design, videography, styling, graphic design.

Basically any area where you feel you are struggling and aren’t showing up as well as you would like to. If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to think about hiring a professional to help take you to that next level in your business.

Not only will this assist in you building a stronger brand. But it can really help to elevate your position and ensure you stand out among everyone else out there.

The journey to hiring a professional

When you’re just starting out online this is something you may not necessarily think about.

Maybe you don’t have a very big budget to work with. Or you’ve probably invested in some kind of courses, training, or coaching to help you figure out how to get started. And so you’re really just wanting to scrape the surface and try to DIY things.

Which is fine. Not everyone has a huge budget to start with.

And even if you do have a big budget, you may not see the value in hiring professionals in the early stages. This was how I saw it when I first started out. Even though I had a great corporate salary and could’ve easily outsourced things. I didn’t.

I was still dabbling and didn’t really know what I was doing. So I didn’t see the value in investing in those kinds of things. Basically I was just winging it. I had learnt about affiliate marketing, started building my brand, I was kind of getting the hang of things. But I wasn’t ready for that level of commitment.

It wasn’t until 2 years into my online business journey that I started to consider it. So I could up my game. I’d reached a point where I was having success and had built a powerful brand. And then I decided it was time to scale and grow because I didn’t want to stay stagnant.

Everyone’s journey is different. You may have a super clear plan and know exactly what you want. In which case it would make sense to hire professionals early on in the piece.

Think about your goals

When I decided to transition into personal brand coaching and wanted to launch my course on personal branding. It became clear to me, that if I wanted to stand out as an expert in this niche I needed to up my game.

So that’s when I decided to start looking into hiring a photographer, getting videos done, getting my website revamped by an actual developer. All these things made my brand look a lot more polished and of a lot higher quality.

So when I teach people how to do these things, I’m already walking the talk. And I can say “look at the difference it made for me, this is why I think you should do this too.”

So think about what your business goals are and what you need to do to make yourself stand out in that area.

What areas should you consider investing in?

Areas I strongly believe you should consider investing in are:

  • Your branding. When you’re trying to figure out what colours, fonts, style etc. It’s really important to get it right. To make sure it reflects who you are and is going to send the right message to your potential clients. So you don’t just want to guess your way through that kind of thing. You want to learn from a professional or hire a professional.
  • Quality photography. Your social media feed doesn’t need to be an endless photo shoot. But for important parts of your business. Such as book covers, course launches, events, webinars, websites. You don’t want to be DIY’ing that. Selfies and awkward photos taken by strangers are not going to cut it when you’re trying to tell a publisher why your book deserves to be on shelves. So when it comes to the big parts of your business, hire a photographer. There’s ones to suit all budgets. And it’s well worth the investment. A good photographer will make you look and feel amazing. And give you so much confidence. Because they know angles, lighting. And most importantly they know how to capture your personality.
  • Quality videography. Even if you just get one really great video of you sharing your story, this is so powerful. As your business grows you can invest in more quality videos for things like sales pages, emails, courses etc. The more you can get on video to share your message, the more your audience will connect with you.
  • Website design. Your website is like your online hub. If you want people to work with you, this needs to be up to a high standard. Forget about social media, it’s not yours. You do not own your social media. But your website is your own. And it’s your opportunity to showcase exactly who you are. To really hook your potential clients in by having all your personality there. So getting it right is imperative.
  • Copywriting. Don’t like writing? Don’t use that as an excuse to not share your story. Your story is everything when it comes to building a powerful personal brand. This is what will allow your audience to connect with you on a deeper level. So if you suck at writing. Strongly think about hiring a copywriter to help you share your story. Maybe they can write a few welcome email sequences for you to really hook your audience in and get them to buy from you. Better yet, let them write your sales page so your audience has no choice but to buy. Words are powerful, don’t skip this one.

All of these things are really important to consider when you’re ready to scale and take your business to the next level. These are things that will ensure you stand out. They will give people a stronger connection to you and highlight who you are.

Woah, but that all sounds expensive!

Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to go out and invest in all of these things all at once. Pick the areas that you’re weakest in and where you really want to shine and start there.

It can be a work in progress.

For me, in my first few years in business I was investing in courses and coaching. Then once I was getting results I started to re-invest in these areas to build a higher quality brand.

Another option you could consider, is collaborating with people that provide these services. Think about what you’ve got to offer and see if you can do a deal with someone whereby you each provide each other an exchange of value.

Investments pay off

As soon as I decided to play a bigger game and start investing in my branding. People started to notice.

That’s when people started hiring me to teach them about branding.

I was hired to create courses on branding.

I was invited to speak at events about branding.

I scored more influencer deals.

All because my branding was looking more premium. People noticed that my brand went next level and they wanted to know how I’d done it.

So even though it might sound expensive at the start. It’s totally worth it if you want to start attracting those higher level clients and those bigger opportunities.

When you put in the effort to show up and show people that you’re serious. They’re going to take you more seriously and will invest more into working with you.

So these are things to consider when it comes to your branding.

What if I just want to DIY for now?

I’m glad you asked. If you’re not quite ready to invest in a professional. But you want to learn how to do the DIY route and really get your brand to the right level.

Then that’s exactly the kind of stuff I teach you inside the Boss Branding Academy. Where I walk you through the step by step process to creating a really high quality, and irresistible personal brand.

I take you through the beginning where you figure out who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing etc. And then I take you right through the end where you start to think about your social media and ongoing content strategy. And everything in between is your design elements, websites, blogs, psychology etc.

I take you through it all and teach you everything you need to know about building a really powerful personal brand.

So if you’re feeling stuck. If you feel like you’re not getting the clients you want. You’re not getting the opportunities you want. You know that you’re made for more. And you’ve got so much to offer but you just can’t seem to attract the people you need to work with you.

Then consider coming and joining me inside the Boss Branding Academy. Because I know exactly what it feels like to go from having a mediocre brand that was doing alright. To suddenly shifting into this high level brand where opportunities just start knocking at your door. And I want that to come for you too.

**Please note enrolment is currently closed while I revamp the course. But if you want to get started, do a DIY audit of your brand right here with my Ultimate Branding Checklist.

When it comes to building a powerful personal brand there's a time and place to DIY and then there's times when it's imperative to hire a professional. So how do you determine when is it time to hire a professional for your business? This is what we'll be talking about today...

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