How to Grow Your Email List With a Quiz

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No-one giving you their email? Need a fresh and fun way to attract more subscribers? Read on to learn how to grow your email list with a quiz.

You may recall one of my earlier posts where I spoke about the importance of growing an email list to build a stronger personal brand. If not, you can re-read it here. It’s important to understand the foundations of email marketing to know what steps to take to actually grow your email list.

**This post may contain affiliate links. The services I share are the services I personally use and honestly recommend to anyone. No extra costs are incurred for you; the referral commission simply contributes to bringing you valuable content. 
No-one giving you their email? Need a fresh and fun way to attract more subscribers? Read on to learn how to grow your email list with a quiz

Ok, now that you’ve recapped on the reasons why building an email list is important, let’s get into the how.

There’s many different ways you can grow your email list, and I’ll cover some other lead magnet ideas in another post. But for today, let’s focus on a method that’s fresh and encourages your audience to have a little fun.

How to grow your email list with a quiz

First things first, you want to find the right platform to host your quiz. There’s many options out there but my favourite is Interact as it’s super user friendly, easily integrates with all the main email marketing platforms, and has great support.

Once you’ve chosen your desired quiz platform it’s time to start piecing together your quiz.

It’s brainstorming time…

Before you can start creating your quiz it’s important to understand what your quiz is going to be about. I’ve recently completed by personal styling certification so I knew I wanted my quiz to be related to personal styling and how you can use your understanding of your personal style to determine your visual brand style.

Once you have a good idea of your overall topic, you need to figure out what type of quiz you actually want to create. With Interact you can choose from various types of quizzes and they have ready made templates you can edit, or you can start from scratch.

Create Your Quiz

I chose to use one of their ready made templates so I could get ideas on how to lay it all out. If you do use one of their templates, it’s important not to just take the exact quiz that’s there.

You want to create your own topic and answers that will be relatable to your audience.

Once you have a good idea of your overall topic, I found it easiest to figure out what I wanted my end results to be and then I could create questions with those results in mind.

As you can see, I chose to go with a personality quiz. I feel like personality quizzes are the most engaging and fun, and you want your audience to enjoy the quiz.

My results are the most common style identities people may identify with. So I created all my results and then it was easy to come up with questions and answers that I knew would lead back to those results.

Setting up your questions

You can add as many questions as you like. The template I used had 5 to start which I thought was a good number, but I found as I went along I wanted to add more. Which you simply do by clicking ‘Add Another Question’.

You can also drag and move your questions around to reorder them.

With a personality quiz, the aim is for each answer to relate back to one of your personality results. So as you’re creating your questions you should have those results in mind.

And once you’ve created each question and answer you can then select which result they correlate to.

Be sure to mix up your questions and answers so the same numbers don’t always correlate to the same results or it won’t be as fun for your quiz taker.

Personalising your quiz

The other thing I love about Interact Quizzes is how easy it is to personalise the templates and make them look like your brand.

You can upload your own images, as well as change the fonts and colours to be on brand.

Purpose of your quiz

It’s important to keep in mind the actual purpose of your quiz. For me, it’s about giving my audience an enjoyable way to join my email list.

So I didn’t want it to be too long or they might close out before getting to their end which is where they get asked to enter their email.

I kept my quiz to 6 questions and have a mix of written and image questions to break it up and make it more enjoyable for my audience.

When it comes to the end of your quiz you can choose to have people enter their email address or allow them to skip this. Personally, I want them to join my email list so I’ve set it up so they have to enter their details before they can see their results.

But it’s up to you how you choose to do this, that’s easy to change when you’re setting up your email list integration.

Linking Your Email List

Which brings me to the next important point. We’re here to learn how to grow your email list with a quiz.

So it’s super important to ensure you actually integrate your email marketing platform with Interact. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I use GetResponse for all my email marketing.

So my next instructions will be specifically about integrating GetResponse, but if you use a different provider I’m sure the process is quite similar.

When you get to the Integration step, simply select your email marketing platform and then you’ll need to enter your API key to link it.

Ensure you have already created a new list for where you want your results to go to when they join your email list.

You could get really creative and have a different list for each result and then you can create really targeted and specific emails for each individual. Or you can keep it simple and have them all going to one list.

Again, this is entirely personal preference and I’ve been through quizzes that I can tell have done both. I love the extra personal touch of quizzes that segment me onto a specific list based on my results. However I also understand that’s a lot of email content to create.

So you may want to start simple. And over time as you analyse the results you could look to start segmenting and prioritise writing emails for the results you see people get the most.

Publishing Your Quiz

Once you’re satisfied with all elements of your quiz.

That is you’ve:

  • Added your own branding
  • Updated the cover page
  • Have added all the results, questions and answers
  • And integrated your quiz with your email marketing platform.

Then there’s only one thing left to do… publish your quiz so you can start growing your email list. And once it’s published there’s plenty of ways to share your quiz.

You’ll notice on my website I’ve got the quiz as a pop-up. And it’s also embedded in its own page and linked to from my resources page.

If you’d like to take the quiz now to get more ideas on how I’ve set mine up you can do so below.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to grow your email list with a quiz.

For more information on how to create an interactive quiz read this useful post by the Interact team.

Did you find this post useful? I’d love to know how you go setting up your own quiz.

Jade xo

I hope you got lots of value out of this article. As usual, if you like what you’ve read feel free to like, comment, or share. Your time reading my posts is greatly appreciated. 

No-one giving you their email? Need a fresh and fun way to attract more subscribers? Read on to learn how to grow your email list with a quiz.

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