What Makes a Personal Brand More Powerful?

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We’ve spoken about why personal branding is important. Now let’s dig into the key elements of what makes a personal brand more powerful.

Before we get into it, if you haven’t read my post on why personal branding is important. I recommend reading it here as this will set the foundations for what I’m going to be discussing in this post.

What makes a personal brand more powerful? Read this post to learn the key elements that make up a personal brand and which you should be focusing on most.

So, in my previous post I mentioned the key elements that make up a powerful personal brand.

You’ve got the personal elements, design elements, technical elements and strategic elements. And whilst all of these are important in their own right…

What makes a personal brand more powerful?

That is the question we will be answering today.

Let me give you a little hint, the key to what makes a personal brand more powerful is hidden in the name. It’s getting personal.

Say what now? ?

You could have the best domain name, most beautiful website, gorgeous graphics, perfectly curated social media feeds, great email sequences and funnels, and the best product to sell.

But if you’ve got no leads or customers to connect with, then all of that doesn’t really mean a lot.

So how do you get more leads and customers? By building a personal and genuine connection with people.

And how do you do that? By getting personal.

There really is no way around it. In a world where people are overloaded with information and options, the only way to really stand out is to let your personality shine through.

Think of it this way… you and Sally down the road are both selling the same product. Your social media feed is filled with images of the product, every post you make is talking about the features of the product. It’s all generic and factual. You know you have an awesome product and can change people’s lives, but they’re not buying it from you and you just can’t figure out why. You’re constantly telling them how great it is so why can’t they see it?!

Meanwhile Sally’s social media feeds have images of her enjoying her lifestyle, sharing about how these products have changed her life. And how they’re also changing the lives of others. She doesn’t have very many images of the product, in fact unless you read her posts you probably wouldn’t even know she had a product to sell. But she’s always making lots of sales.

What’s the difference?

It’s not the product that people care about. It’s the personal element. Sally is letting people into her world. She’s sharing stories and creating a genuine connection. She’s telling people what’s in it for them.

People are getting to know, like and trust her.

Write those three words down, repeat them to yourself, do a dance, and commit them to memory. Know, Like, Trust! This is what makes a personal brand more powerful.

When people get to know you, they start to like you, and then they trust you. Once they trust you, they turn from quiet followers to raving fans and eventually customers.

Ok, now you know why you need to get more personal. Let’s talk about how you do it.

You may recall this diagram…

So, these are all the elements that make up a powerful personal brand. And you do need all of them in order to be successful. But today we’re talking personal so now I’m going to break down each of those elements in the top left box.

Because each of these things are what makes a personal brand more powerful. So let’s break each of them down in a little more detail.

Why does this brand exist?

I’ll write a whole post on this later as it’s such an important topic. But before you can really start to establish your personal brand, you really need to understand why you are doing what you’re doing in the first place?

Is it to provide a better life for your family, travel the world, to inspire thousands of people, to encourage people to live more passionately, to have more influence etc.

Until you know your why, it will be difficult to make a powerful connection with your audience because your messaging will be all over the place. It seems like such a simple thing, yet it is so overlooked.

Find your why, and all the next stages will become so much clearer.

If you’d like to look into this topic deeper and get some more guidance here’s some of my favourite book resources:

Each of these books takes you through a series of deep questions and exercises to really start to dig deep and find your why. I could go on and on listing resources but I’ll leave it at that. These are definitely my favourites on this topic.

Once you know why your brand and business exists you’ll be able to get to work on understanding your niche and ideal customer. But for now, let’s talk about some elements that are more related to you.

Your values

Values stand at the very core of your brand. They’re the center from which everything radiates—including your brand’s look, message, and relationships.

Your brand should clearly broadcast the top 3-5  values you hold most dearly.

An effective and sustainable personal brand will reflect who you truly are and what you value. Your unique values, one-of-a-kind perspectives and heartfelt stories are exactly what set you apart from others in your industry!

Your message

Once you’re clear on your values you’ll be able to come up with your brand message. Your message should be clear and concise and capture the essence of who you are and what you’re about.

It should show your audience exactly why you do what you do, and should speak to your customer in a way that they feel this message is just for them.

This should be what gets covered on your About page on your website, but you should also come up with one clear statement that people will come to know and remember you by. Think of it as your mission statement.

For example, if you go to my About page you’ll see a lot of detail on my story, my goals, and how I can help you.

And on my home page my statement is “Get styled, Get Social. Build a strong personal brand.” So it’s summed up in a clear and concise statement.

Your story

When you’re thinking about what makes a personal brand more powerful, your story is one of the most important elements of all.

I’ll cover this in more detail at a later date, but for now it’s critical you understand the power of sharing your story.

It’s not just a matter of posting it on your About page and thinking that’s it. It’s about crafting stories around all the defining moments, and even not so defining moments in your life.

These stories will become a core piece of your brand. You can share them on your website, in the content you create, in interviews, meetings, marketing, and even networking.

It’s your stories that make you unique but also human and relatable. This is the most effective way to connect with other people.

Photo & Video

Thanks to smartphones and the rise of social media platforms, it’s not enough just to share text anymore. People need visuals to attract their attention so great photo and video content is necessary.

But it’s not just about showing any old photos and videos. You need to be present in your content so people can get to know you.

And the more you show up on these platforms the more you will stay front of mind for your audience.

So that’s what makes a personal brand more powerful…

Did you find this post useful? I’d love to know how you’re going implementing these into your own personal branding.

Jade xo

I hope you got lots of value out of this article. As usual, if you like what you’ve read feel free to like, comment, or share. Your time reading my posts is greatly appreciated. 
What makes a personal brand more powerful? Read this post to learn the key elements that make up a personal brand and which you should be focusing on most.

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