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So, if you follow me on social media at all, you may have noticed I decided to get a job. And I wanted to share a little bit of a story why. Because here’s the thing, while people may look at it as a step backwards since I’ve been running my own business. I see it as the only way to move forward with what I want.

Some of you may recall last year I went through some pretty tough moments in my business. The affiliate company that I was earning crazy commissions with suddenly shut down and I basically lost my income overnight. Plus a whole lot of commissions they never paid out.

While we ended up pulling together a pretty amazing new affiliate program with great education and community. The hardest thing for me was going from $10-$20k months to suddenly only earning around $2-3k per month. I know to most people this still sounds great. But when you come from a corporate background where you were earning $100k base salary plus quarterly bonuses. And all the extra perks. This is a hard pill to swallow.

I quit my job because I had the potential to live a freedom based lifestyle and earn MORE than I was earning at the bank.

And while originally it was totally about travel and freedom and I wasn’t thinking about money. I worked so hard to build myself up to that point of earning that high level income. Only to have it ripped away overnight. Suddenly, I was earning far less and while I tried to pretend I was ok with that. The truth is, I wasn’t.

Plus I’d moved to the Sunshine Coast and the whole appeal of working from home was kind of gone. Freddie was working away a lot and I didn’t really have a lot of friends and family to spend time with. So sitting home by myself day after day. Working hard at a business that wasn’t paying me the kind of income I’ve become accustomed to, really took it’s toll on me.

I didn’t even realise how much of an effect it was having on me until I went home at Christmas. I was home for my sister’s wedding and we had so much going on. Plus I wanted to squeeze in catch ups with all my friends. So I barely even had a chance to open my laptop.

And the defining moment for me, was that I didn’t even care. Usually I’d be eager to work on my business, trying to get on my laptop at any spare moment.

But I had no interest in jumping online.

Because the truth is. I left my job to build my own business, but really all I did was build up somebody else’s business and get a nice commission for doing so. And after being burnt, I realised that’s not the kind of business I want to be running anymore.

Being an affiliate is a great entry point to the online world. But it’s still not really yours, and eventually this didn’t sit well with me. It’s still someone else dictating how much I get paid. There’s still people expecting me to do hold their hands and do everything for them. And that all seemed great while I was earning crazy amounts, and travelling. But once that was stripped away. I realised I don’t really enjoy being an affiliate and building teams.

All those old feelings I had when I was working for someone else started flooding back and I realised this isn’t what I should be doing.

Being an affiliate was supposed to be a stepping stone to build something bigger. Something that is actually my own.

Now I’m ready to do that.

If you’ve read my goals for my 30’s you’ll see how much I want to achieve over the next few years. But without the higher income that I was previously reaching, I don’t have the capacity to go out on my own yet.

I want to invest in business coaches, and training programs, and software to host my courses etc. And all of that comes with a cost, which I am totally willing to pay. But in order for me to be able to do all those things I need to have a consistent income coming in. And I need to be able to do that without having to spend every waking minute building an affiliate business my heart isn’t truly into.

It’s also interesting to note…

Recently I began to realise that all the things I thought I hated about my job, I actually kinda miss.

When I left the corporate world, I was so fed up with all the politics and stress that I decided I hated everything. I even got to the point where I hated dressing up in all my beautiful clothes and worse still I hated going to any work related social functions… which previously were my favourite aspects of the job.

All I wanted to do was run away from everything and travel. And I did a fair bit of travel but it was never quite so fulfilling when my bf couldn’t come with me.

So fast forward 3 years later, living in a brand new city, and I found myself missing those things. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t ever see myself working for a huge corporation again.

But working for a small business is something I’ve decided fits with where I’m at in my life right now.

Which is why I decided to get a job.

It’s a chance to get out and meet new people, learn new skills, and get back to doing things I love. Dressing up, going out and travelling with people I love.

I’ve learnt the hard way, about what NOT to do when starting your own business. That’s a post I’ve already written. Now it’s time to go about it the right way.

By doing proper research and investing in the right things that are actually going to propel me forward for the long term. I know it will be a slower process. But that’s ok, because I’m here to build a legacy, not get rich quick.

And the universe has a funny way of working things out. Anyone who knows me would know I’ve always been interested in photography. And I had a personal branding shoot last year and totally clicked with the lady who photographed me.

And it turns out she wanted someone to help her out with managing her social media and marketing. So it came up at such a perfect time.

I still get to work on something I love. But without the pressure of it being my own business. And because she photographed me for my business. She knows where I’m coming from and understands I want to keep building my brand on the side. So there’s no secrecy or hiding my goals which is a wonderful feeling.

Isn’t it funny… I thought working for someone again would feel like a huge failure.

But that’s just because I was worrying about what everyone else would think. So here’s a reminder to stop worrying what others think and do what feels right for you.

This is just another stepping stone in my business journey and I know it’s going to help me learn and grow so much more. Because now I am working side by side with someone who has built a business from the ground up.

And being around her already makes me see just how much is possible when you set your mind on what you want and have a clear plan.

My plan still isn’t totally clear, but I realise now that’s ok. I’m not going to rush things this time. And I’m ok with working for someone else because I’m looking at it as an opportunity rather than a failure. I’m going to figure out what I actually love doing and what is going to fulfil me long term. And I know that will work out just as it’s meant to.

I know entrepreneurship can be tricky to navigate and there’s many times when you may feel like quitting too.

I want you to realise it’s ok to take a break for a little while to figure things out. There’s so much bad advice out there about just pushing through and doing what it takes etc. But if it doesn’t feel good, or doesn’t feel right, then no matter how much you force it, it’s not going to work out.

You need to be doing something you absolutely love, that you would love doing whether you’re making money or not. That’s how I feel about my blog. I will happily sit and write for hours on end even if no-one reads it. And the sad thing is, while I was building my affiliate business, I never had time to blog.

So here’s my advice. Focus on doing what you absolutely love, not on what will make you money. If you focus on what will make you money, you’ll reach a point where it no longer fulfils you. If you focus on doing what you love, money will eventually flow to you anyway because you’re operating from a place of fulfilment and gratitude.

But, if you are thinking about quitting your job to start an online business..

Then this is all the training you will need. Just remember, it’s not about rushing into something to try get rich quick. It’s about taking the time to plan a legacy business and brand. And following the path that’s right for you. I wish I had all this training when I first started out online. It would’ve saved me all this loss and confusion.

But, at the same time. I’m glad my path has led me to where I am right now. Because I feel like everything is aligning perfectly and I’m on the right track.

As usual, thanks so much for reading my post and I hope something in here resonated with you. I’d love to know if you’ve been through any similar experiences in business?

And, if you do like what you’ve read please feel free to like, comment or share. Your support means the world to me.

The truth about affiliate marketing and why I decided to get a job while I build my business The truth about affiliate marketing and why I decided to get a job while I build my business The truth about affiliate marketing and why I decided to get a job while I build my business

Why I decided to get a job

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