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So firstly, what is an influencer and why is it worth knowing about the best influencer apps?

An influencer is:

  • Someone with established credibility and a decent following.
  • They have the ability to persuade others to take action due to their authenticity and trustworthiness.
  • Brands will pay influencers to post content promoting their products.
  • Brands will give influencers free products in exchange for reviews.

With the way people connect and communicate on Instagram now, brands are turning to micro-influencers. This is anyone with 3k-100k followers. As they are a much better person to share products. If they have an engaged audience that trusts them then they are more likely to have an influence over their audience to buy a product, than someone like a huge celebrity would.

So it’s worth knowing about the best influencer apps, because with the rise of the micro-influencer you could quite easily become an influencer. And who doesn’t want to make a nice little side income for posting content you were already going to post anyway? It’s a win-win situation.

Why is influencer marketing important for brands?

Influencer marketing is a much easier way for brands to connect with their desired audience. As most consumers are more likely to trust a referral from someone they know.

Not only that, but it’s far more cost effective and brings a brand much better value for the money they spend. Because they’re basically relying on people who already love their products, to share them with people just like them. So unlike billboards or tv advertising which target everybody, this is a much more efficient way to reach more loyal customers.

How do you become an influencer?

You could go the old way and contact brands directly. This generally means emailing them a proposal with why you’re a good fit to work with them. It’s a great way to establish great relationships with a brand and ensure you’re actually working with brands you really want to work with. But be prepared for a lot of no’s or no replies at all.

You can ensure your social channels have all the right contact information so brands can easily connect with you if they want to work with you.

Or the easiest way to become an influencer is through third party apps which connect you directly with brands that are hungry for influencers to share their products. This is the easiest way to get started while you’re still establishing a brand and name for yourself. And a great way to ensure you don’t get mistreated by brands.

Let’s get into 6 of the best influencer apps…

There’s two main types of influencer apps.

The type that most people would generally prefer to work with are the ones that will pay you for your content. But there’s also ones that will connect you with brands who will send you free stuff in exchange for posts.

Both of these are a great starting point while you’re still establishing your brand and following.

First let’s talk about the best influencer apps that will pay you for your posts.

1. Tribe

https://www.tribegroup.co/ (available on iOS and Android). 

This is by far my favourite app as they provide so much support to their influencers. With regular webinars and events to give you advice on how to succeed etc. Plus a dedicated Instagram account and blog with even more tips. Plus it’s so simple to use.

The app is designed for micro-influencers, every day content creators and lovers of social media. You can join if you have 3000+ followers. 

Brands create a brief, you respond with a submission. If they approve it, you post it and get paid.

2. Indahash

https://indahash.com (available on iOS and Android)

This is also designed for micro-influencers. You can join if you have over 300 active followers. But it’s a little stricter. They won’t approve unless you meet certain followers, posts & engagement criteria. But the good thing is, they will keep reviewing your accounts on a regular basis. So if you don’t meet the standards straight away you can keep checking back and once you do meet the requirements you will get approved.

Brands create a brief, you post the photo direct to Instagram or submit to the brand and wait for approval. If accepted you get paid. This one works a little differently as the campaigns tend to be a bit bigger and planned more in advance so brands will sometimes connect with you to talk on Instagram and prepare what they need from you etc. before you submit anything.

Now let’s move on to the ones that work on a more product for post kind of basis…

3. Influenster

https://www.influenster.com (available on iOS and Android)

This is more a review type of app so you don’t get paid and it’s more about reviewing products you actually buy. So you can discover, review and share your love for products. The more you do this you will earn points and boost your score.

And as your score increases you improve your chances of receiving Influenster Vox Boxes which are basically free goodie boxes.You can also get access to coupons and exclusive deals from Influenster partner brands.

4. Collabor8

http://www.collabor8app.com (available on iOS only – Android coming soon)

This app is also designed for micro-influencers and you can join no matter how big or small your following.

The app is like Tinder for brands and influencers. You select brands you like and send them requests and vice versa. If you both like each other, you work together.

5. Social Soup

http://www.socialsoup.com/ (available on iOS and Android)

This app is in Australia only which I love because it means I’m getting to work with local brands. They also work with influencers regardless of how big or small your following is.

Once you’ve created your profile you’ll be notified when there’s campaigns that could be suitable for you. Then you submit your interest and wait to see if your application is accepted. Generally it’s about generating buzz about new offers, products, trials etc. So if you’re a Social Soup influencer it often means you get to try stuff out before anyone else which is pretty cool.

6. Rep – Influencer Marketing

https://repped.io  (available on iOS and Android)

This one is probably my least favourite. It’s kind of like a freelance app for influencers.

All sorts of people can advertise, not just big brands. So you may come across something you like, but mostly it’s a bunch of random startups and I’ve yet to find something I really like. You scroll through the ads and contact users directly to see if you want to work together.

And there you have it. 6 of the best influencer apps to get you started earning an income and scoring freebies by sharing products you love with your Instagram following.

Have you used any of these apps already? If so, I’d love to know what your experience has been like. Also, if you’ve got any other suggestions of influencer apps you love using, please feel free to share. I’m always open to learning new suggestions.

And as usual, if you like what you’ve read please feel free to like, comment or share. Your support means the world to me.

Want to get paid to post on Instagram or receive free goods in exchange for posts? Here's some of the best influencer apps to get you started. Want to get paid to post on Instagram or receive free goods in exchange for posts? Here's some of the best influencer apps to get you started. Want to get paid to post on Instagram or receive free goods in exchange for posts? Here's some of the best influencer apps to get you started.


Want to get paid to post on Instagram or receive free goods in exchange for posts? Here's some of the best influencer apps to get you started.

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