30 Goals for my 30’s

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Most people make lists of things they want to achieve before their 30’s… I never really had that kind of list. In my late 20’s it became apparent to me that I didn’t want all the traditional things society makes us think we want. So I quit my job and started an online business. But since turning 30 last November I started doing more self evaluation. There’s so much I still want to achieve in my life. So I wanted to share 30 goals for my 30’s. I’ve been wanting to write this list for a while, since my birthday really. But you know how life gets lol. So here I am getting it down now!

This is mostly to hold myself accountable. And also because I know writing things out has a way of bringing them to life. I have hand written these in a journal. But I also know having my goals stored on the internet where I can’t lose them is a safer way for me to refer back and see how far I’ve come when I reach the end of my 30’s.

So here goes…

30 Goals for my 30’s

In no particular order…

1. Spend more time with family & friends

So here’s the thing. When I quit my job to start my online business, one of the biggest drivers was to have time freedom to spend with family and friends. Then I kept listening to mentors talk about how you need to surround yourself with people who have what you want, tell you to evaluate your friendship circle. And even say it’s ok to miss important family and friends events to go to business events.

Which is all well and good if it’s totally aligned with your passion. But it kind of defeats the purpose of why I started my business in the first place. And last year I hit a really low point when I moved to the other side of Australia. I didn’t have any of my family and friends around. I was here with Freddie and I wasn’t able to make the time to enjoy life with him because I was spending every waking minute obsessing over my business. Then we lost Nonna and I’d hardly had a chance to see her all year. And it hit me. What’s the point of spending all this time working on a business if it takes you away from one of the reasons why you started in the first place?!

So after that realisation, my 30’s are going to be all about balance. Yes I still want to run my own business, but not at the sacrifice of spending precious time with loved ones.

When I went home again for Christmas and my sister’s wedding I completely switched off and made my visit all about catching up with everyone. And it was the best so that’s what I intend to do much more of.

2. Learn to love myself more

This is another thing that kind of got shoved aside when I started my business. I was still working a full time job and I wanted to spend every spare minute on my business, so I started to forgo things that made me feel good, like going to the gym.

Over time that has caused me to gain weight and get to the point where I haven’t been so happy with myself. So this comes back to being more balanced and treating myself with love and respect again. No business is worth sacrificing your health and relationships for. So my 30’s are going to be all about coming back to a place of love.

Getting fit again, eating better, meditating, practicing self love and all that jazz.

3. Get Freddie’s visa approved so we can go travelling together

So this isn’t a totally personal goal, but it’s something that has impacted our relationship for a while now. We both love to travel but until the visa is approved Freddie can’t really leave the country. And that has left me feeling guilty when I do go away, and I also don’t enjoy myself because I would’ve loved to experience things with him instead of by myself. So this year I decided no more travelling until we can go together. We’re so close to finishing off the visa application and it’s going to be a huge relief once it’s all sorted.

Naturally, my next goals are all travel related lol! But I mean, it is 30 goals for my 30’s so that’s 10 years to play with. There’s gotta be a lot of travel!

4. Visit Scandinavia

So Freddie and I are huge Vikings fans so there’s one reason to want to visit Scandinavia. But this magical wonderland has been top of my list for quite some time. I almost did go to Iceland for a blogging conference a few years ago but I pulled out at the last minute due to just returning from America. And this is definitely a place I want to do with Freddie. I mean, there’s so many amazing things to do here. Sleep in an igloo in Iceland, swim in the Blue Lagoon, check out all the waterfalls, visit the fjords of Norway, watch the Northern Lights, visit Denmark’s castles.

Yep you can tell I’ve been dreaming of this one for a while now!

5. Go on an African safari

This one’s really about pleasing my inner photographer. I just love taking travel pictures. As I’m sure you can tell, I built a whole brand around it on Instagram lol. And being able to get up close and personal to some of the world’s most majestic creatures, in their natural habitat, looks and sounds amazing!

6. Go to Central America

I’ve done parts of South America, but for some silly reason I never thought to add Mexico or Cuba to that trip. And over the last few years I’ve seen more and more people heading to that part of America. And my hunger to go there has been getting stronger and stronger.

Bright colours, delicious foods, eclectic culture. Why wouldn’t you want to go?!

7. Go to Burning Man festival

“A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers.” Just the description gets me excited. From reading about it’s something you can’t really understand until you’ve been. Something so different that you just have to experience once in your lifetime. So I intend to make it happen.

8. Experience a White Christmas

I thought I was going to achieve this back in 2014 when I went to New York for Christmas but sadly this wasn’t the case. It was freezing, yes. But there was no snow to be seen, apparently you have to go to other parts of America if you want a guaranteed White Christmas.

Or, now that I’ve seen enough of the states to keep me satisfied for a long time. I’d prefer to have my White Christmas experience in Europe. Maybe that’s why NYC didn’t turn it on for me, it knew my heart really wanted my first snow experience to be in dreamy Europe.

9. Go to Carnevale in Venice

Ever since the first time I wandered those glorious Venetian streets. And saw the windows filled with magnificent masks and costumes. I vowed I’d go back for Carnevale just once. Always being a lover of fantasy, whimsy, and over the top costumes, it just seems like the perfect place for me. Plus I love the whole masquerade theme and the idea of getting to be someone else for a night.

I did dress up in one of the costumes when I was in Venice in 2006 and it felt amazing.

10. Go to the World Cup

This is one thing I’ve constantly regretted. I was in Europe in 2006 when Italy won the World Cup. I asked my friends if they’d want to go to Germany to watch a match but they were totally against the idea. Saying it was too dangerous. We watched Australia v Italy at a pub in London. But it’s just not the same as being in the real deal.

We didn’t even watch the grand final as we were on an overnight train. So this is another of those goals that I’ve vowed to bring to life after missing out once before. I have no interest in going to Qatar. I feel uncomfortable just travelling through their airport so watching the World Cup there has no appeal.

So if I’m to achieve this goal in my 30’s which I’m pretty determined to do. It’ll have to be 2026 in Mexico or Canada which would help tick off some of my other travel goals as well.

11. Volunteer in a less fortunate country

I’ve looked into many volunteering programs – from writing in Africa, to working with nature in South America, or teaching English in Asia. The hardest part is deciding which program to go with as there’s so many I want to do. But I’ve always felt like giving back to the countries I love to visit so much would be such an honour, so it’s definitely high on my list of things to do.

12. Swim with whales

So last year I attended this women’s networking event and one of the speakers was a local business owner. She created a swimsuit brand which is made from plastic collected from the ocean. And she also runs retreats where you can swim with whales in their natural habitat in Tonga.

The second she started explaining what it’s like and why this is the best place to swim with them, I knew it’s something I’m going to have to do. So that’s very high on my radar.

13. Complete my PADI course

A few years ago mum and dad took myself and two of my friends to Cairns (my brother and sister didn’t want to come so I got to bring my friends instead). While we were there we did a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef and did a standard snorkelling trip. Unfortunately we had the worst weather and barely got to see anything.

But the captain took a liking to us and ended up inviting us back another day for free. Only myself and one friend went back and he ended up taking us on a quick scuba lesson as well, which was incredible. Ever since then I’ve been dying to get my PADI certificate so I can explore more of the magical depths of the ocean. I almost did it in the Philippines a few years ago but it would’ve taken up too much of our holiday so I left it.

Then last year I did the first part of the course, and if I go back within the year that counts towards me completing it. So that’s a pretty big motivator to get it done! Watch this space.

14. Learn to cook

Ok, this one has kind of been accomplished now. But if I had published the list when I was meant to after my birthday it wouldn’t have been yet so I’m still including it. Yes it’s pretty embarrassing to say in 30 years I never really learned to cook. I never had to in Perth since I lived at home the whole time and mum always cooked so well. While her and dad tried to tell me I should learn, I never really showed any interest.

Then when we moved to the Sunny Coast me and Freddie basically lived off Uber eats and a few meals he cooked each week. Not ideal! So when mum came to visit in January she made me learn. And now that I’m home alone a lot while Freddie is working away, cooking and experimenting with new dishes has given me something fun to do. So at 30 I can finally say I’ve learnt to cook! Woohoo

15. Hire a life/business coach

So my 20’s were basically a blur of partying, climbing the corporate ladder and then quitting it all to start an online business. And while I’m grateful for everything I’ve learnt over the last few years in business, I know I could’ve done things a lot better.

So now that I really want to scale things and actually achieve some pretty big things over the next few years. I know having a few key people to steer me in the right direction is going to be crucial to this. Now a few of the people I really want to work with are slightly out of my price range right now and that’s why this is on my goals list. Because I want to get to a point where I can invest in learning from the best in the industry.

And one lady I really want to learn from above everyone else is Marina de Giovanni who is my favourite lifestyle & fashion influencer. I’m writing her name down so I can bring it to life!

16. Get a qualification in professional styling

This one only hit me super recently but it just makes perfect sense. And I don’t know why I didn’t pursue this path when I first started my business a few years ago because fashion has always been my favourite thing (even above travel). I studied journalism because I wanted to work for Vogue.

I did work experience for an online fashion magazine. And then I kind of got sidetracked by climbing the corporate banking ladder. I did invest in an online professional styling course at one stage but I never got through it because I was too busy working on my career. And I had lots of money to buy all the clothes I wanted so I didn’t really give working in the industry a second thought.

Until I realised how much I missed fashion. Over the last few years I tried to convince myself that clothes and fashion weren’t important. That it’s materialistic and investing in my business was more important. But the more I invested in my business, and the less I got to buy clothes. The sadder I became. Fashion has always been such a huge part of me and to give that up was like losing a huge part of myself.

Two moments where it really hit me was when I was cleaning out my closet before moving to the Sunny Coast and admiring all the beautiful clothes I had that no longer fit me. And then when I was trying to find something for my sister’s wedding and couldn’t resist splurging on a stunning Alice McCall dress. But it felt sooo good!

So if I get a qualification in styling, I basically get to shop for a living, as well as help women feel good about themselves. Which is so empowering! And I’ve already looked into a course and there’s one in QLD in June so I’m going to do it!

17. Work in the fashion industry – events, tv, magazine

Once I get my styling qualification I think the opportunities will be endless. It’s been a very roundabout way to end up where I had wanted to end up many years ago. But at least I’ve learnt a lot, and have ended up realising it in the end.

And although I had my hang ups about leaving it too late. The stylist I spoke to assured me, there’s women much older than me that get started so I definitely haven’t. And I have a whole lot of other lessons and experience under my belt that will help me bring these other goals to life as well.

18. Become a highly sought after influencer

Another thing that will lead off from me being a qualified stylist will be my ability to break into the fashion niche as an influencer as well. I’d only ever thought of being in the travel niche and while free travel is good, travelling full time is not something I want to do. But fashion is something I can live and breathe every day of my life and would love to be an influencer in that niche, so that is a big goal I’m working towards now as well.

19. Be invited to speak on stages at marketing/influencer events

It’s crazy to think I’d even write this one down. When I was working at the bank I was so bad at public speaking I had to go to a Toastmasters course. And I was so scared even just doing the homework for those classes. But give me the right topic to talk about and I shine.

And this goal is kind of already coming to life. I did get invited to speak at a luxury event in Bali next month but I ended up turning it down because it’s a week after Freddie’s 30th. And like I said, I just don’t want to keep going away for events without him anymore. Yes it was a tough call, but when the right speaking opportunities come up I know everything will fall into place.

20. Create a business where I get paid what I’m worth

So over the last few years I’ve been learning all about building an online business around my passions. I’ve learnt the ins and outs of social media marketing and affiliate marketing. And I got to the point where I was running a very successful business and earning more money than I ever thought possible. But I also learnt the hard way that running an affiliate business still doesn’t put you in control. And after having the first affiliate company shut down on me. And going from $20k income months to being uncertain about my income in my second affiliate business. I realised I’m meant for so much more than that.

Which is why I’m about to go down the path of building my dream personal styling business. Because I’ve learnt a successful business is more about just being a means to make money. And needs to actually be something you’re so passionate about. So while this may take a few years to bring to life, I’m so ready and willing to put in the work to make that happen.

21. Host my own luxury business and lifestyle retreats

And once I have my successful business I intend to go next level and start hosting business, branding, lifestyle and styling retreats all rolled into one.

Building a network of strong, powerful business women is the first step. Then creating a place for them to come together and connect and grow is next. I’ve been to retreats before but they’re either all work or all wellness. So my goal is to bring both together in luxurious locations.

22. Buy a Chanel handbag

The closest I came to this was in 2012 in Paris. I couldn’t go to Paris without buying SOMETHING from Chanel. But with her bags being a little out of my budget I ended up settling for a necklace and a pair of sunglasses. And that was still enough for my bank to call me thinking it was fraud.

But, I’ve never given up on this dream. Yeah I could buy another less expensive designer bag, but to me nothing holds the prestige, elegance and timeliness that Chanel does. So why settle for anything less?!

23. Get my finances in order

Lol, I had to put this after buying the Chanel bag, because obviously that’s way more important. But my 20’s were definitely a huge learning curve with finances.

I went from being top of my game in a stable 6 figure corporate job, having more money than I knew what to do with. Dad would tell me to save but I was young and naive and just wanted to party and shop.

Then, against everyone’s advice, I left it all behind to try build an online business. And eventually I went on to earn even crazier amounts online. Like quadruple my monthly bank income. But like anything that seems too good to be true, it was.

And after a few months of living the high life it was all unexpectedly ripped away from me in the space of a night. Picking up the pieces has been tough, but I’m a fighter and I refuse to give up. Now I’ve read the books about how to get your finances in order, and I’ve been to the seminars about managing money.

So now, I just need to build myself back up to a point where I’m making that money and this time I intend to be a lot smarter about my finances.

24. Learn to surf

Ok back to fun stuff. I have so many friends that surf and all they can talk about is how amazing and calming it is. And after watching Blue Crush many years ago I dreamed of learning to surf.

But still I’ve been too scared. Now I live right on top of the beach and I’ve seen signs for surf schools many times. So there’s really no more excuses. So in the next few years I will have lessons!

25. Learn more about crystals

This fascination only started recently. When mum was here in January we wandered into a lovely little shop in Montville and mum ended up buying me my first crystal. I’ve always been drawn to them. Even as kids I remember mum taking us into the fairy shops and buying us little gems and birthday stones and stuff. But as I grew up I kind of lost interest and thought it was kind of childish.

Until recently, I’ve started to learn more about what crystals can actually do for you. And I’ve had a few pretty uncanny experiences since getting more in tune with them. So I really want to keep learning more about them.

26. Go to an art workshop

I feel like my 20’s were all about wanting to become an adult and follow society’s plan for me. And now, while I do want to be more adult and achieve lots of big kid goals. I also just want to indulge in my childlike senses again. Kids are creative and adventurous and playful and I feel like all of that gets drummed out of you as you grow up.

And the older I get, the more I’m pulled to get back in tune with my creative side. So I want to go to as many different art workshops as possible. Not to learn anything serious, just to let go and allow my inner child to come back out. Thankfully I’ve already done a bit of research and there’s lots of possibilities on the Sunshine Coast so expect to hear more about this.

27. Go back to acting classes

See a theme here? Again, I feel like my 20’s was all about suppressing who I really am. Trying to please everyone around me and losing a sense of who I was. As shy as I am, I always enjoyed acting classes. Our school plays are still some of my fondest memories and I would love to be able to perform in a musical again one day.

In my first year of uni one of my minors was performing arts but for some reason I convinced myself this was a pointless degree because I’d never get a job as an actor. So I gave it up and switched to something more practical, another writing class.

But over the years since high school and uni I’ve found myself googling acting classes so it’s something that has always stayed on my mind. And eventually I know I will end up in a class somewhere.

28. Go to the Opera

This one is inspired by Pretty Woman. I just love that scene where he takes her to the opera and you see her completely change and taken over by emotion. I feel like the Opera is such a cultured experience and it’s something I’m dying to do. And now that I live on the east coast and I’m closer to a lot of buzzing cultural centres I’ll have more chance to bring this to life.

29. Read more books

This one is a big one for me. When I was a kid all I did was read, especially before bed. Then we got tv’s and laptops and I kind of replaced reading with watching stuff. Which I know is a bad habit so I’ve been trying to get back into reading.

Up until a few years ago I still read quite a bit, just more in the mornings rather than at night. But recently I’ve struggled because I got it in my head that I had to read personal development books. And I read a few but then I got to the point where they all started to sound the same and I just couldn’t get into books anymore. Which was a shame because I love reading.

So I’ve set myself a goal to find my love for reading again, by reading what I actually feel like reading. So far I’m doing pretty well.

30. Live in our dream home

So I have so many ideas for my dream home… which of course Freddie needs to have a say in as well. But some of my non-negotiables are that it has to be bright and airy with big glass windows and lots of natural light coming through. I’d love a little library room with a reading nook and also a room for me to practice art. There also has to be a huge walk in closet, like a room in itself with shelves and hangers everywhere. And a big bathroom with a Victorian style bath tub. And a nice pool in the backyard surrounded by forest trees, but we’re still close to the beach and have views of that as well.

Clearly I have lofty dreams, but I know it’s absolutely possible if you set your mind to anything and want it badly enough. And while the way I thought we were going to get all this may not have worked out, I still believe it will happen for us.

31. Write a book about my life

OK bonus one. I’ve never been good at sticking to word or number limits. But this one is a huge one and something I’ve always toyed with the idea of but never really thought more of it than that. Until recently. I finished reading a book that mum left here for me and at the back of it she wrote a little note that said I should write a book.

And in that moment, I decided I’m going to. I don’t know when or how I’m going to bring it to life. But I think it could definitely be possible within the next 10 years. So let’s see what happens…

So that’s it, 30 goals for my 30’s (plus one)

Thanks for reading my greatest desires and helping me to stay accountable. I can’t wait to come back to this post in 10 years time to see how much of this stuff I managed to bring to life. I’d love to know, what are some goals you have for the coming years?

And as usual, if you like what you’ve read please feel free to like, comment or share. Your support means the world to me.

Most people make lists of things they want to achieve before their 30's... I never really had that kind of list. So I wanted to share 30 goals for my 30's. Most people make lists of things they want to achieve before their 30's... I never really had that kind of list. So I wanted to share 30 goals for my 30's. Most people make lists of things they want to achieve before their 30's... I never really had that kind of list. So I wanted to share 30 goals for my 30's.


Most people make lists of things they want to achieve before their 30's... I never really had that kind of list. So I wanted to share 30 goals for my 30's to make this the best decade yet.

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