23 Creative ways to fund an online business

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One of the biggest contributors that tends to hold people back from starting and building a successful online business is their lack of funding (or more so their belief that they lack the funding). So today I want to talk about some creative ways to fund an online business.

Many people get all excited about the prospect of making money online. But when they’re faced with the very real truth that they need to invest money in order to make money, plenty are stunned. Here’s the thing, starting an online business is no different to starting a brick and mortar business when it comes to taking risks.

You have to be open to taking that risk in order to have a chance of bringing your dreams to life.

After all, the definition of entrepreneurship is “the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” So if you’re not willing to take a risk, then being in business probably isn’t for you.

Now you’ve always got the option of starting an online business for a very small initial investment, then “work your way up” by continuing to invest profits. However, the problem with this method is that you don’t initially have everything you need to begin getting the results you want quickly. This also creates a motivation problem since most people will simply not work as hard without first making a more substantial monetary investment in their business… there is power in having taken that risk. The more you’ve got to lose, the harder you’ll work to make sure you don’t lose it, right?

When I really started taking my business seriously I had just quit my job and definitely didn’t have the extra $40k sitting around that I needed to get positioned where I wanted to be.

I could’ve used that as an excuse.

I could’ve played it safe and stayed at my job a little longer while I waited to see if this worked.

Now I don’t recommend everyone go out and quit their jobs without replacing their income. But for me I needed to burn all safety nets if I was truly going to give it my all. And I also understood that if I was going to succeed, I needed to do whatever it takes to get positioned properly and get everything I needed to be successful as quickly as possible. After all… everyone wants to achieve success as fast as possible, right? 

I was not just “trying it out”, or “seeing if it works”… The only true path to success is to fully commit, stop making excuses, and take massive action.

And I knew with enough determination I would easily find ways to fund an online business. 

So I put together this post to go through some great ways to fund an online business… and if you’re motivated to get a business up and running, you’ll definitely find a few methods here that you can use.

“Lack of money has never stopped anyone fully committed to a cause from achieving it.”

Here’s 23 ways to fund an online business

(I bet you’ve never even thought about half of these)

1. Your Funds And Available Credit

Obvious right? The first place to start is by taking a look at your available resources. Compile your available bank balances, ready cash, and what you have available on credit cards. See what you can utilise without putting yourself in financial hardship with your current monthly living costs. Can you juggle cards around or do a no interest balance transfer?

2. Friends And Family

When it comes to starting a business, many are hesitant to approach friends or family for a short-term loan. I think part of the problem is that many will approach them in the wrong manner. If you’re one of those people that just ‘tries stuff out to see if it works’… you’ll always have trouble getting support from anyone. However, if you approach it from a business standpoint, share with them your marketing plan and exactly what you’re ‘going to do’… they will be much more open, and quite possibly interested in joining you in your endeavour. It’s all about your business mindset.

When I first decided to invest in my business this is exactly what I did. I didn’t want to put all my funds in because I needed something to live off, so I asked my parents if they would loan me money. My dad’s a banker and works with numbers and business plans all day long. So I appealed to his nature but putting together a compelling business plan that showed him exactly what was possible. And sure enough, he supported me.

3. Get A Home Equity Line Of Credit

This one will certainly not be possible for everyone, but if it’s a possibility for you, it’s a great way to exchange equity in your home for business startup capital. Although home equity lines (HELOC) are not as prevalent as they once were, many banks and financial institutions still do them, and some at terrific terms. If you have equity in your home, it may be worth contacting your bank to see if it’s an option.

4. Small Business Or Personal Bank Loans

Many local banks and credit unions will offer small business or personal loans. As long as you have the credit scores for it, this may be just your ticket. **hint, if you’re going to apply for one it’s best to do it before you quit your job! I definitely learnt this the hard way lol

If you’re scared to approach your bank, there’s many other companies that specialise in small business loans that you could approach. A simple Google search can give you a range of options you never even knew existed.

For those in Australia here’s a few you could look into: Awesome Loans, MaxFundingProspaMomentum Education Finance

And in America: Kabbage.comFundingVault.comFunderaAvantLendingClubCreditCards.com

5. Sell Your Stuff On eBay

This is one that should be obvious, but many don’t think about it. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. But nothing allows you to capitalise quickly on all that stuff in your garage, closet, under your bed… or stashed in storage… like eBay.

Back in the day I was obsessed with designer clothes (who am I kidding, I still am lol) but over time I’ve outgrown a lot of the items. As much as I would love to hold onto every piece of beautiful clothing ‘just in case’ it fits me again, I realised that wasn’t serving me. And I’m not one to wear outdated fashion anyway. So rather than hold onto things I started selling my clothes on eBay and some items I ended up even making more than I spent on them in the first place. It’s crazy what people will do for a Wheels & Dollbaby dress.

6. Sell Other People’s Stuff On eBay

Don’t have anything of your own to sell?… reach out to others you know and offer to list and handle the sale of their stuff for a percentage of the sale. This seems to work especially well to help out your parents and grandparents clear all that old stuff out of their garage.

7. Junk Flipping

This is a concept that even spurred on it’s own reality show. You buy cheap stuff of value at garage sales, estate sales and even on Craigslist or eBay… then turn around and re-list it and sell it for more. If you have the ability to fix stuff up and make it even more valuable than when you bought it, you’ll do even better.

If you follow Gary Vee at all, you’ll notice even he has been doing this recently. Not cos he needs the money obviously, but more for fun and to show people just how simple it is to raise funds if you really want to.

8. Swap Meets/ Car Boot Sales

This is for the stuff that you cannot sell online, like clothing and other household stuff. Many rotary clubs host weekly swap meets at local shopping centres in Australia. For a small fee you can go there and set up all your stuff in a car bay for people to check out.  It’s a great way to take advantage of lots of seekers of “stuff”. You can easily compile some stuff and clear $40 to $200, or even more in a weekend. I’ve made up to $900 in one weekend at a car boot sale so it’s definitely worth a shot.

9. Sell The Extra Car

Have a car that’s not necessary?.. sell it and gain cash, as well as eliminating an extra monthly expense. If you’re one of those people that have a car sitting around that doesn’t even run, there’s a market for that. List it on eBay, GumTree or CarSales and have cash in 48 hours!

10. Sell The Boat, Motorcycles, Jet Skis

Many people have ski boats, motorcycles… and other recreational equipment that gets used a few times per year. As much as you love those toys, think about this…

If you utilise the value in those toys to get your business going, you can create a business that provides an income that will allow you to buy those toys again… even better ones. It’s a matter of practicing “delay of gratification”.

11. Sell Your Jewellery

I’ve known many people that have been able to raise business capital very quickly by selling a few pieces of jewellery. I know you can become quite attached to jewellery, but it may be a matter of deciding how bad you want to start your business right.

I had a lot of good quality gold sitting around that I never wore so I decided to sell it and ended up clearing about $2k.

12. Kid-sit, Pet-sit, House-sit

There are likely people in your circles that would be happy to pay you to watch their house, pets… or even their kids. You just don’t know until you do a bit of networking to feel it out. Getting paid to house-sit or pet-sit is best because you can use that “paid time” to put energy into other money-generating activities on your laptop.

13. Check your expenses

How about cancelling all those unessential services that do nothing more than waste time and fill your head with negativity?… Yes, I’m talking about the cable or satellite bill!

The average household pays $65 – $120 per month in cable TV or premium services, and wastes an average of 6 hours per day staring at the box. That’s not only substantial funds that can be redirected to your business, but also more than enough time to create some killer results with any business venture.

Most highly successful people I know hardly watch any TV (and certainly not the news).. and many, like myself have no cable service at all… Think about that.

What about that monthly gym membership you’re paying for but never use, yeah you can cancel that too!

Are there bills you could reduce? Maybe changing to a different service provider, doing some shuffling, that kinda thing.

14. Re-prioritise

While we’re on the topic of expenses, why not take a look at where all your money is going. How many coffees are you buying per week? Do you eat lunch and dinner out multiple times a week? How many cocktails do you buy on the weekend? How much are you spending on clothes? Music festivals? etc.

Let’s say you buy a minimum of 1 coffee per day, that’s 5 x $5 = $25 per week – that’s an extra $100 per month to go towards your business. Eating lunch and dinner out every day, that’s another $50 – $100 per day which is about $1-$2k a month to go towards your business. Going out for drinks every weekend costs you about $100-$300 (or more depending on where you go etc.)

In one month, just by watching what you spend and changing your priorities a little… You could raise enough cash to invest in a business that will end up rewarding you with even higher income in the not so distant future. So you can go back to living that lavish lifestyle soon enough.

15. Become a driver for a ride share company like Uber, Lyft or OLA.

These services are hitting all major destinations worldwide and boast pretty great earnings per hour for their drivers.

There are of course some requirements; your car must meet their guidelines and you must have a clean record and all the appropriate insurance, but it’s a great way to pick up the extra cash you need to get your business off the ground.

16. Get A Part-Time Job

I would only recommend this if you’re not able to drive for Lyft or Uber since good part time jobs are few and far between, but when it comes to funding your dream, you do what you gotta do! And it’s always good to remind yourself it’s only temporary.

17. Return Past Purchases

Take a look in your closet and around the house to find those items you bought, but either did not use, wear.. or need. Then return them. Many places will accept returns without receipts, or can find it on your credit card. Even if the best you can get is an in-store credit, use it to buy something else, then return that.

This method may seem a bit desperate, but hey… how bad do you want it?

18. Sell Your Body Parts – What!?

HAHA!… NO, seriously… this is a thing. You can make some good money by selling plasma, blood, sperm, eggs, and hair.

If you have long and straight hair, it’s in demand. Going rate for egg donors can be as high as $5,000 – $8,000. Sperm can go for up to $1,000 per month depending on your health and age. Blood and plasma donations can net $25 – $50, up to $200 per month.

It may not be the your best option, but it’s an option.

19. Find An Online Gig

If you have skills with graphics, website development, coding, marketing, video editing, writing or any other marketable skill… you may want to make yourself available for gigs through Fiverr.com, or other services for hire sites like Upwork or Freelancer

It’s not a lot of money which is why I would never recommend this as a long term income solution. But it’s a great way to earn some quick cash from home at your convenience.

20. Rent Out A Room In Your Home

Have an extra room in your home, liveable basement, room above the garage, a cupboard under the stairs lol… rent it out to a tenant and create an extra monthly income. You can easily list your place on sites like Flatmates or Flatmate Finders.

21. Rent out Your Parking Space

If you live in an area where parking is at a premium, you can make some serious cash by selling parking space. I know people that live in the city that rent out car spaces to people who work there. That works out great for them since they’re not using it during business hours, and it works out great for the workers because they know they’ve got a guaranteed spot every day.

IF you’re reading way down here and have not found at least a few solutions that will work for you… you really need to start getting creative.

22. Pawn Some Stuff

For those items of value that you’re not willing to part with, you can get quick cash by simply pawning them at your local pawn shop. In case you don’t know how that works… you simply take in your items and leave them with the pawn shop in exchange for cash and an agreement that you can buy them back within a set period of time for that same amount. If you don’t return, the pawn shop will own your items.

23. Take It To The Crowd – Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is still a relatively new method, and it can work for those that get a bit creative. You can visit sites like gofundme.com, setup an account, explain your cause, and lay out why people should fund your venture.

Another great site for crowd funding or obtaining loans for business purpose is prosper.com. Prosper allows people to invest in each other in a way that is financially and socially rewarding. On Prosper, borrowers list loan requests between $2,000 and $35,000 and individual lenders invest as little as $25 in each loan listing they select. Prosper handles the servicing of the loan on behalf of the matched borrowers and investors.

I will tell you that you’ll likely get nothing if all you do is state your business and ask for money. You need to be a bit more creative and get into the details of what you’re doing and why. Share your vision and remember that those considering funding you will be asking themselves “why should I?”… give them an answer to that… make yourself stand out amongst all the others that are simply holding out their hands.

So there you have it, 23 creative ways to fund an online business.

But what does it cost to start an online business?

The cost to start a business varies widely depending on the kind of business you’re starting and your desired business goals. Today you can actually start an online business for less than you’ll spend at lunch, but that’s just to get started. If you’re serious about building a real solid sustainable business, you’ve got to be willing to invest in yourself, your training, tools, advertising, etc.

As an example… my online business allows you to get your foot in the door for a simple $7 (probably much less than you’d spend on lunch each day). However, once you get inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how your business works and what you’ll need to do next to really get it going… and that will require further investment… how much depends on your business goals and level of commitment.

I can share with you that those that get started here and simply follow our exact instructions to get set up, invest in their business, and take massive action… are the ones that achieve success.

A couple years ago if someone would have told me that I could create a business that produced over $100,000 in it’s first 12 months for less than $10,000…. I would have never believed it.

Whatever business you’re starting, online or offline… take it seriously, treat it like a business… a profession… and you’ll likely get professional results.

If you’re still searching for just the right business opportunity and would like to take a look at what I’m doing and work directly with me as your mentor, click here and watch this video. …but keep in mind that even through you can get started for relatively no money, you will need to step up your game if you want the kind of results you see below.

ways to fund an online business

**Please note these are results from two different companies. The first I am no longer affiliated with as it shut down but I just wanted to show what’s possible when you make an investment in yourself. For income disclosure refer here.

Want my honest review of this company? Read it here.

Enjoy this post?… Get some good ideas to help you find funding?… Be sure to share this post with all your social networks. Leave me a comment below and share your favourite funding method from above, or share any good funding ideas I may have left out. ?

23 Ways to Fund an Online Business | One of the biggest contributors that tends to hold people back from starting and building a successful online business is their lack of funding (or more so their belief that they lack the funding). So today I want to talk about some creative ways to fund an online business. 23 Ways to Fund an Online Business | One of the biggest contributors that tends to hold people back from starting and building a successful online business is their lack of funding (or more so their belief that they lack the funding). So today I want to talk about some creative ways to fund an online business. 23 Ways to Fund an Online Business | One of the biggest contributors that tends to hold people back from starting and building a successful online business is their lack of funding (or more so their belief that they lack the funding). So today I want to talk about some creative ways to fund an online business.

**Please note, while I did work in a bank, I am not a qualified financial advisor, and this is in no way to be considered as financial advice. This is simply a list of ideas to get you thinking of ways to fund an online business. If you are unsure about something it is always best to seek advice from a professional.

23 Ways to Fund an Online Business | One of the biggest contributors that tends to hold people back from starting and building a successful online business is their lack of funding (or more so their belief that they lack the funding). So today I want to talk about some creative ways to fund an online business.

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