Social Media Likes vs Leads – Are you focusing on the right areas in your business?

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Today I want to talk to you about Social Media Likes vs Leads.

Now this is a very important topic if you are serious about succeeding in your online business.

What I’ve found is, a lot of people are focusing on the wrong thing.

People are getting so hung up on how many people are liking their posts. Or how many people are following them on Instagram or Facebook pages..  All this stuff which doesn’t actually generate them an income.

But so many are forgetting a crucial aspect of business. I’ve said it once, and I’ll keep saying it over and over again. Your focus should always be on building an email list first. Basically leads are the lifeblood of your business. And if you’re not bringing in a consistent flow of new leads every single day, your business will slowly wither away.

Priorities people!

So today I want to bust some myths. By talking to you about some very important aspects of social media likes vs leads.

This post was actually inspired by a small case study one of my mentors conducted a few days ago. This was based over two things that he posted in our Facebook community for people within our training.

One day he posted something saying he got 50k followers on Instagram, and asked everybody how excited they would be if they achieved that as well.

That post got 54 likes and 13 comments…

Another day he posted about how he got 500 leads in his business, and what he had to do to get those leads which was Facebook ads.

That post got 12 likes and 2 comments.

Do you see what’s wrong there?

Now I know we’re basing this on likes (ironic, lol) but it’s proving a very clear point. People are focusing on the wrong things!

While an Instagram account with 50k followers looks really cool, it’s not doing anything for your business unless you know how to turn those followers into leads. And you do that by creating really great content, having great calls to action, links and all that kind of stuff which I’ll cover on another day as that’s a huge topic in itself.

What we’re focusing on today is social media likes vs leads.

So what I want to talk to you about is some myths around these topics…

Myth One: Getting to 50k followers on Instagram will solve all my problems.

In fact, it will do next to nothing for you, honestly! Unless you are super social, then you’re wasting your time worrying about the number of followers you have. Being social means basically spending your entire day on Instagram. e.g. posting minimum 3 times a day, going live all day everyday, offering amazing content, stories all day everyday, putting out IGTV content.

How’s a girl to manage all that when she’s trying to build an empire? You could outsource some of those tasks, and that would help with growth and engagement. BUT if you’re going to pay someone to build your account, perhaps you’re better off paying for ads that are going to generate you income? hmmmm

Just FYI – This post applies to people who are promoting affiliate products or running service based businesses. If you’re trying to be an influencer then followers and leads are kinda important. For more information on how to succeed as an influencer you can read this post here: How to be an Instagram Influencer

Myth Two: I only have 1k followers. I can’t do much on Instagram for my business.

The biggest myth of them all. Many successful people are running multi million dollar campaigns and they have small followings. All you need is a budget and a strategy, and you can start bringing in hundreds of leads for your business per week.

Myth Three: Getting leads is hard

It takes a little bit of strategy, it takes social watching (seeing what works for people in a similar niche and business to you), it takes a budget, and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone, it takes building an audience so that they know, like and trust you.. But it’s certainly not difficult to grow your email list. I’ve had over 30,000 people join my email list in 2 years. And hundreds of them have turned into loyal customers.

Now for the facts…

One: Followers DO NOT bring you success, your content and strategy does

Two: Leads (Emails) are the lifeblood of your business

Three: Traffic IS EVERYTHING. If you do not have a consistent stream of traffic and leads, you are not in business.

Four: Email building is like building your own piece of online real estate. When you build your followers on social media, you don’t own them. The owners of those platforms could take everything away whenever they want. And what about those constant algorithm changes? Email doesn’t have any of that! Your email list lasts forever and it’s YOURS to keep forever

So there you have it, a few myths busted!

Hopefully this has helped you gain a better understanding of social media likes vs leads.

What you do with this is up to you.. But one thing we do know, is that most will continue to care about hitting 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k on their Instagram accounts.. And not care about getting traffic to their product.. 

For more information on the topic of social media likes vs leads check out my video:

If you’re struggling to grow your leads and need to learn how to get more traffic to your business, I got you girl! Check out this awesome training which has totally been the game changer in my business

You can read my review about the training here: Complete & Honest Summit Affiliate Review and learn exactly how I’ve been able to make money through Affiliate Marketing here: Can you really make money with Affiliate Marketing?

As usual, I hope you’ve found this post useful and will seriously think about focusing on the right area of business growth from now on.

If you found value from my content please feel free to like, comment or share with your audience.

Social Media Likes vs LeadsSocial Media Likes vs Leads Social Media Likes vs Leads

Social Media Likes vs Leads

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