5 Lead Magnet ideas to start growing your email list today

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You may recall a few days ago I wrote a post about likes vs leads and how important it is to focus on building an email list. You see, most people think it’s too hard to generate leads so they just don’t do it. But that’s no way to run a business and without new leads coming in, your business will eventually dry up. Fear not, I’ve got you covered with my 5 lead magnet ideas. Once you use these you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start building a list sooner!

Now before I can share my lead magnet ideas with you, I suppose I better backtrack and tell you…

What’s a lead magnet anyway?

A lead magnet is basically a way to get somebody to give you their email in exchange for a valuable piece of free content. It’s a way you can build a really great relationship with a potential customer right from the start.

With so much information online these days people are suffering from information overload. Their inboxes are becoming more and more crowded. And as a result, people are becoming much more hesitant about giving out their emails.

But all is not lost. You just need to create a piece of content so compelling that they will give you their email in order to get it.

And I’m about to give you 5 ideas! So there’s really no excuses for you not to start building an email list after today.

Ok, so let’s talk lead magnet ideas

One: eBook

An ebook was one of the first lead magnets I ever used and to this day it’s still one of my favourite lead magnet ideas. Depending on your business the type of ebook you write will vary. But they should generally have the same main goal. Aim to provide free value to the reader and start to develop a stronger relationship with them.

Ideas for ebooks you could write:

  • (pick a number) Step guide to…
  • (pick a number) Must have tools for…
  • Ultimate guide to…
  • How to guide
  • Compilation of posts from your blog
  • Create a workbook
  • Share your story
  • Compilation of stories from people within your field

Some ebooks that have worked well for me are shown below.

  • The first is a book specifically about Instagram. Because my main source for leads is Instagram this resonates particularly well with my audience.
  • The second book is a 5 step guide to creating a location independent life. This is also very relevant to my audience because most of my content is based around living this kind of lifestyle. And breaking it down into 5 simple steps makes it easy for people to implement.
  • The third book is my original ebook and this is longer and more personal. It shares my story, the type of businesses I’m working on, and explains how someone could start their own business if they wanted to.

Lead Magnet Ideas

**Note, if you’d like to access any of these just click on the images and you’ll be taken to the relevant download page.

To create your ebook you can do this in Canva – watch my free tutorial here to learn how. (Note some things are slightly different in Canva 2.0 but the design aspects are the same)

Two: Webinar

Webinars are very popular these days with more and more people preferring video content. And according to Facebook ads experts these are the most clicked ads on Facebook.

The benefits of a webinar is that it’s a way to create more of a personal connection with your audience. Because of their ability to interact with you live. You could record it live and then keep sharing the replay as long as the content is still relevant.

Webinars are also especially great if you have a higher ticket offer you want to share. People aren’t just going to buy from clicking on a link. But if you host a webinar where you share tonnes of free value around the content inside your paid product then by the end of the webinar they’re more likely to want to commit to you.

And if they don’t, it’s cool because you still have their email to stay in touch.

Here’s one of my webinar examples (click the image to access it).

Lead Magnet Ideas

Three: Checklists/Cheat Sheets

Checklists are great because they’re simple and actionable. They’re usually only a couple of pages which is ideal for people who are time poor.

Generally you’ll find they’re scrolling social media during commutes, at night etc. So they want easy content.

If you’re a business selling a product or a service, you can create a simple checklist or a guide to help your target audience realise how your product can benefit them in their day-to-day life or show them how it solves a common issue.

For example, I recently created a branding course so I made a simple branding checklist. As people go over this they start to realise which aspects of branding they’ve got covered and which ones they don’t. And if they feel like they don’t have enough covered they’ll come to me for more guidance.

Lead Magnet Ideas

If your brand is in need of a review you can get my free checklist here: https://aussieadventuress.com/branding-checklist

Four: Challenges

Of all the lead magnet ideas challenges are one of my favourites. They’re so much fun and generate a lot of buzz and excitement. Plus it’s something people are more likely to share with their friends so they can do the challenge together. This means more exposure for you.

Pick a specific area within your business that you know people tend to get frustrated with. Or topics you generally get a lot of questions about.

Then create a 5-7 day challenge (you can do longer but I’ve found the longer they go, the more people tend to lose interest) around that topic. Not only is this great for email list building, but it’s also great for ensuring people actually open your emails. Because they’re going to be excited about receiving a new step in the challenge each day.

Here’s an example of my most recent challenge (click image for access).

Lead Magnet Ideas

*Hint – with Christmas around the corner that’s always a good time to do something around the 12 days of Christmas. Last Christmas I did a 12 days of Instagram challenge and people loved it. Plus since it’s the holidays people are less stressed and have more time to get involved.

Five: Resource Sheet

This is another really great tool. It’s similar to a cheat sheet but it’s more about actually sharing a link to all your recommended resources.

Your followers may see all the great things you do and get frustrated because they don’t know how you do it. Rather than having to answer a barrage of questions you could send them to one simple place.

How did you set up your website? What tools do you use to design your content? Where do you send your emails from? What are your go to places for tips and inspiration?

Share all that in one easy to follow spreadsheet and your audience will love you forever! Plus it’s a great way to start generating income from various affiliate programs simply by sharing tools you love with your audience.

I haven’t actually used this type of lead magnet yet but it’s something I create for members within my courses and they love having all the links in one easy place.

And there you have it, 5 lead magnet ideas you could implement into your business today.

Now the key here is not to get overwhelmed. Remember these are just some lead magnet ideas for you. You don’t need to implement ALL of them. Pick one to start and go from there.

The best thing about these lead magnets is once you’ve created that piece of content you can keep using it. The first ebook I wrote was my story one and that was about 2 years ago when I first got started online. And I still use it. I’ve edited a few bits here and there as my story and business have evolved but for the most part I haven’t had to change a lot as it has continued to be relevant. That’s the beauty of creating quality converting lead magnets.

Then you can focus your efforts on the most important aspect – bringing traffic to your lead magnet.

Cool, but how do I do it?

  1. First think about the platform/s you’ll be sharing it on. Can you display links, do you need a banner (if it’s going on your blog) etc.
  2. Create a compelling call to action that makes people want to click on your link.
  3. Have a quality landing page that introduces people to your lead magnet and invites them to enter their email in order to receive their copy.
  4. Have a welcome email (and continue to keep in touch via email as you see fit)

For example:

1 – My primary lead generation platform is Instagram so I make the most of being able to have a link in my bio and ensure it’s clear what people should expect if they click on it.

Lead Magnet Ideas

2 – Not only do I use my bio to tell people to click on the link, but I also use CTA’s in my posts. Master the art of storytelling and people will always click your links.

Lead Magnet Ideas

3 – Have a high quality landing page that makes people actually want to enter their email. This is a really important step, if you don’t have a high converting page you will be leaving leads on the table. Check your stats, do split tests, and make sure you know what’s working.

Lead Magnet Ideas

A great platform to create pages like this is Clickfunnels. This is what I use for all my lead magnets. If you’d like to test out making your own you can access a free trial right here.

4 – Have a welcome email. The whole point of building an email list is to connect with your audience and build a deeper relationship. This is your opportunity to really cement that know, like, trust factor. So make sure you welcome them! And continue to stay in touch so these people know you’re here to help them.

Lead Magnet Ideas

I use a system called GetResponse to set up my automated emails. You can access a free trial right here.

And there you have it, a straightforward way to take those lead magnet ideas and turn your business around.

If you would like to access any of the lead magnet examples I’ve shown in this post you can go to my freebies page: https://aussieadventuress.com/freebies

And if you’re really struggling and would like more personalised support and guidance with your biz building I’ve got you covered. Check out this awesome training which has totally been the game changer in my business

P.S. If you like what you’ve read feel free to like, comment, or share. Your time reading my posts is greatly appreciated. ?

Lead Magnet Ideas Lead Magnet Ideas Lead Magnet Ideas

**Please note, there are affiliate links in this post. The services I have recommended are the services I personally use and honestly recommend to anyone wishing to start a business of their own. No extra costs are incurred for you; the referral commission simply contributes to bringing you valuable content. 

Lead Magnet Ideas

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