How to Create High Converting Landing Pages

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So yesterday I shared 5 Lead Magnet ideas to start growing your email list. But a lot of people were asking questions about how to share these wonderful lead magnets. So I decided to show you exactly how to create high converting landing pages for your lead magnets.

What is a landing page?

This is the place where you will actually collect people’s contact information so they will end up on your email list. Your page could be anything from a simple text opt-in to a more descriptive page, or even a page with video.

The aim is to inform the potential lead what they’re going to get if they enter their email. And do so in a compelling way that makes them want to enter their details.

How to Create High Converting Landing Pages

Ok so we know the why and the what. Now for the fun part… the how.

First you need to choose which platform you’re going to use to create your landing pages.

A few options are Leadpages, Getresponse Forms and Instabuilder (wordpress plugin). You’ll find there’s many many more but here’s some things to think about.

Most of the time cheaper is not better. I understand everyone has different budgets but for a tool as important as this you really can’t afford not to invest in a good one. It’s going to be the difference between whether or not you actually start generating leads or not.

Personally I use a platform called Clickfunnels and this is what I would always recommend hands down. But for someone on a tighter budget I would say Leadpages is also a great option.

Once you’ve chosen your platform the next step is to start building.

Since I use Clickfunnels this is the platform I’m going to be showing you how to use. You can test it out yourself on their free trial if you want to play around as you go through this post.

Once you’ve logged in, you can go through some of their tutorials. They also have a challenge you can join to receive daily prompts to your inbox each day which teach you different aspects of funnel building.

The easiest way to learn how to create high converting landing pages is to see it in action. Access my tutorial video below to start building your own high converting landing pages.

If you would like more personalised support and guidance with your funnel building I’ve got you covered. Check out this awesome training which has totally been the game changer in my business

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How to create high converting landing pages How to create high converting landing pages How to create high converting landing pages

How to create high converting landing pages

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