Leaving the Nest – Moving to the Sunshine Coast

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Did you know I turn 30 this year…. and I’m only just moving out of home?! That’s right, I’m moving to the Sunshine Coast. I think my parents still don’t really believe it. There’s been many times when I’ve been close to taking the plunge but never followed through.

There was the time I was going to apply for a fashion magazine editor position in London, but my fear of being rejected held me back.

There was the time I was going to move to Sydney to pursue my journalism career but none of the jobs appealed to me. And I was doing really well at the bank.

There was the time I was working at the bank and about to sign up for an off the plan apartment purchase. But the idea of buying into a house that wasn’t going to be ready for me to move into for another 2 years put me off. How did I know I’d still want that in 2 years? I definitely dodged a bullet on that one.

There was the time I quit my bank job and moved to Bali a few days later…

That was the best decision I ever made. That set the wheels in motion for everything amazing that has happened in my life since. But I couldn’t stay long term as I had my boyfriend back home who I missed incredibly.

The truth is, I’m quite a spontaneous person, and planning things in advance has never really been my thing. I’m not one to agonise over every detail (I’ll leave that to my sister). I’m more an “I want it, and I want it now” kinda person.

There’s no denying I’ve been bored of Perth for quite some time. Although I was finally starting to love my city and its surroundings, my hunger for seeing new places just keeps getting stronger. But due to visa constraints for my boyfriend we can’t really leave Australia.

So when he asked if I’d be open to moving to the Sunshine Coast, I jumped at the opportunity.

A new place to explore. New adventures to share with my audience. Yes of course! We fully decided on this in April, and by May here I am, ready to move to the other side of the country.

He’s already been over there for about a month, but I had to stay home to organise my life before the move haha. Basically, get rid of a LOT of clothes and books, and catch up with as many friends as possible.

And now here I am, one month later, with my life packed up into two suitcases and ready to embark on this new and exciting chapter of life.

Why the Sunshine Coast and not some exotic location halfway across the world? Well, throughout my travels, I’ve come to realise that Australia will always be home. There’s just no place in the world that actually compares to what we’ve got here. And while I will always want to travel and see every piece of the globe, I’m content living in Australia. And the name says it all, who wouldn’t want to live in a place where it’s always sunny?!

Yes it was sad saying goodbye to friends and family. But it’s been great creating wonderful memories with them before the move. And they’re only a short plane ride away, or a 5 day drive…

Yes I’m scared to go to a place where I know no-one except my boyfriend and a couple of his friends. But that just means I’ll get to meet more amazing people. And thanks to my online business I know how to network with people much better so the thought of going over alone doesn’t really phase me.

So, the biggest takeaway I want you to get from this, is to follow your heart and say YES to opportunities.

I said no to a lot of things in the past, but thankfully they led me to where I am today, willing to say yes and ready to experience amazing things.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast is a new beginning. A time to really take my business and life to the next level and I am incredibly excited about it. And if you’re reading this I’m so excited you’ve chosen to come on this journey with me and I hope it will inspire you to say yes as well.

Tell me your hopes, tell me your dreams. Let me be the person to help you achieve them, just as I’m achieving mine.

Much Love,

~ Jade

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