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Come on a walk through Nashville

So after three flights (11 hours from Perth to Doha, 16 hours from Doha to Los Angeles & 4 hours from Los Angeles to Nashville),  about an extra 10 hours waiting in various airports, and crossing over I don’t know how many different time zones, I finally made it to my first stop, the home of country music!

I landed at midnight (local time) so pretty much went straight to my hotel (Days Inn Nashville – Airport). Since I knew I’d be coming in so late I figured the best place to stay would be somewhere close to the airport as I’m moving for the conference tomorrow anyway. If you’re looking for something in the heart of the action then this accommodation isn’t for you, but for my needs it has done the job. The rooms are spacious and equipped with decent amenities, cost is affordable, breakfast and wifi are included, and staff are friendly so my stay here has been pleasant. It’s about an 8 minute drive from the airport and 10 minutes from downtown Nashville, mainly Broadway Street. It is on a main street so can get pretty noisy at times, but from what I’ve seen, I don’t think there’d be many peaceful places if you want to be in the thick of the action.

I thought landing at midnight would be perfect. I was tired after restless sleep on the flights and thought I’d be able to fall straight to sleep once I was settled in a comfortable bed, unfortunately my body clock had other ideas. I ended up being up ALL night, the only positive to this was that it was day time back home so I had a good chance to speak with family and my boyfriend.. Turns out he’s gone and injured himself in a motocross accident and won’t be working for the next month so that makes me feel worse about being away from him now, but I’m trying not to let it get to me because this trip is so important for our future.

After not sleeping all night, I finally managed to doze off around 6am and ended up sleeping through until around 2pm.  Whilst it was good to finally get some proper sleep, it hasn’t really helped with adjusting to local time. I could’ve slept longer but decided to force myself to go out and explore. With limited time left to do much, I decided to catch a taxi to Broadway Street and explore the heart of downtown Music City – with live music, great food, shops, museums, and sport centres, the place was buzzing with excitement.

Aside from taking a liking to Johnny Cash’s music after watching the movie, Walk the Line, I haven’t ever really been into country music. But this place has a way of changing that, and I honestly don’t think you can come here and not fall slightly in love with the country music vibe. From the honky tonk bars & buskers spilling live country music onto the streets, the stores selling the most beautiful country style clothing and boots, the museums and auditoriums boasting years of country music history and memorabilia, and all around good vibe from the people that live and work here, it’s a very special place and within a few hours of being amongst it all I really came to love it.

If you’re looking for healthy food options I don’t think you’ll have much luck on this main strip – it was lined with honky tonk bars selling ribs, wings, burgers and standard greasy bar food, as well as some pizza places. After not really eating much since landing last night I was starving so settled for a burger at Rippy’s Bar & Grill, whilst not the healthiest of options, it tasted great, the service was fantastic, and I loved the vibe of the place. I had a great seat near a window overlooking the street and also facing front of the stage so I had a perfect view of the live band.

At first I felt a little awkward about going to sit in a bar by myself, I’ve been for meals by myself back home but mainly breakfast or lunches in cafes, never a pub or bar, so it took me a while to pick a place to go. Turns out once I was there, I was made to feel so comfortable I didn’t even care I was alone, plus the band sang so many great songs I was just having fun swaying along to the music while I ate. I could’ve sat there all night, but being the cautious traveller and knowing I have a big few days ahead of me, I decided to call it a day and catch a taxi back to my hotel room to work and hopefully get a decent night’s sleep before the big event.

Tomorrow I move to the mansion where I’ll be living and working for the next few days and I’m super excited, but before that I thought I’d share a little video I put together of my afternoon around Broadway.

Hope you enjoy.

Much Love Jade xo

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