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Exploring Esperance

As you can see, I fell in love with Esperance.

Everywhere you turned the scenery was just incredible. From rugged bushland, to harsh red dirt, to the most beautiful blue-green beaches with pristine white sand.

I’ve read plenty of articles about WA having some of the best beaches in the world, and I’ve always agreed. We’ve got Cottesloe, one of the most photographed beaches around, then head down south to Dunsborough and Margaret River and you’re in for a delight as well, but I still wasn’t quite prepared for what I witnessed in Esperance.

We only had time to visit one of the five national parks, we chose Cape Le Grand (the biggest) and I’m so grateful for the beautiful opportunity. After our travel day we didn’t hold very high expectations for the following days, but we were blessed with perfect weather, mostly private experiences as the previous day’s weather would’ve scared a lot of people off, and all round great times. I even got to see a kangaroo on the beach! Something I never thought I’d live to see. Growing up and learning about Australian native animals, you only ever get told about kangaroos living in the bush. I always thought the images of kangaroos on white sand had been photo shopped, but I witnessed it first hand, they do venture to the beach!

This little gallery is just some of the beauty I managed to capture that day.  From Le Grand Beach, to Frenchmans Peak, Hellfire Bay, Lucky Bay & Thistle Cove. Each little fork in the road offering something new and equally as pleasing to the senses.

If you ever plan to go on a road trip of WA, be sure not to miss this amazing place. And if you’re feeling hungry at all, don’t worry about having to make the 40 minute trip back to Esperance town, just head down to Lucky Bay and grab a toastie from the Lucky Bean beach cafe van (add some pineapple to your ham, cheese & tomato for that extra taste sensation).  And add a kanga-cino while you’re at it. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

P.s. for those wondering whether we made it back with the car in tact – yes we did. The boys managed to sweet talk the local Esperance police into giving us another journey permit back to Kalgoorlie. It just goes to show, sometimes life might throw little obstacles in the way of your vision, but if that vision is clear enough you will still reach it. That hour delay caused by our run in with the first set of police could’ve been a blessing in disguise.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and as long as you look for the positive and feel gratitude no matter what gets thrown your way, you will always be rewarded.

Much Love.

Jade xo

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