The Southernmost Point of the US

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Key West – The Southernmost Point of the U.S.

Today I visited Key West, the cutest little city.

Remember me saying last night how I needed sleep as I had to be up early? Well, my alarm went off and not thinking, I turned it off.  I had only intended to lay in bed for a few minutes longer, but ended up falling back to sleep and woke up an hour later to the shrill sound of the phone ringing from the lobby.

I’d overslept and my tour guide was waiting downstairs. I had 3-4 minutes to get down there before they left me behind.

Good thing I’d already prepared my clothes and bag the night before so I quickly threw on my dress, grabbed my bag and made a run for it. I didn’t feel the greatest going out like that, but it was better than missing my tour.

Three hours (mostly spent sleeping on the coach) later and we’d made it to the Southernmost point of the states – Key West.

Key West is still in Florida, but where it’s situated actually puts it closer to Cuba than mainland U.S.A. Until 1912 he island wasn’t actually connected to the mainland, then a train route was built. That was destroyed by natural disasters a little while later, and now there is a highway that connects all the islands to the mainland. Although I slept through most of the drive, I was later told we drove over 42 bridges to get from Miami to Key West – and they refer to this as ‘island hopping’ as you’re literally driving from island to island – crazy!

I’ve said I felt like I was going back in time in other places I’ve visited, but this place took me even further back. From the architecture, historical tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, and even the people, you got a real sense of how important the history is, and it was such a beautiful place to visit.

My words won’t do it much justice so I’ll cut straight to the pictures.


It all starts in Mallory Square, a vibrant little piazza located in old town Key West adjacent to the cruise ship port. Pirates play a big part in the history of this town so you’ll notice a lot of references to them. Apparently Wednesday is the only day ships don’t come to this little island (according to a Floridian lady I met and ended up chatting with) so it worked out to be a perfect day for me to go.

Key West 1

Key West 2

Key West 3

Key West 4

Next, you can hop on board the world famous Conch (pronounced conk) train for an entertaining and historical ride through the Old Town.

Key West 5

Key West 6

Key West 7

Key West 8

Aboard the conch you will encounter lots of beautiful historic architecture, and it’s all so vibrant and colourful.

Key West 9

Key West 10

Key West 11

If you get tired of sitting, you can hop off at any one of the three stops and explore the place on foot. Make sure you visit the southernmost point and get a picture with the monument (my feature photo), you can also stop by the historic lighthouse and climb the 88 stairs for a great view from the top, or pay a visit to Ernest Hemingway’s home where he wrote a lot of his novels, and Harry S Truman’s Little White House.

Key West 12

Key West 13

Key West 14

Key West 15

And if you’re anything like me, and have been struggling with all the greasy American food and massive servings, then you might even find what you’re looking for food wise here. I found a cute little French cafe where I had a yummy sandwich, definitely the closest thing to healthy I’ve been able to find in America. I washed it down with a yummy key lime sorbet cone (after all I was in Key West and key lime seemed to be quite a thing for them so I had to have it)

Key West 16

Key West 17

Key West 18

No matter where you go, you will be greeted by cute and colourful statues, I didn’t quite figure out their significance but they looked cool.

Key West 19

Key West 20

Key West 21

And just about everything else is colourful too, from vibrant shopfronts to the bicycles and newspaper stands. There’s never a dull corner in Key West and I’m very happy I didn’t miss out on this experience.

Key West 22

Key West 23

Key West 24

Key West 25

If you’re ever in Miami and want to do something similar – I got a great deal on Expedia through Gray Line Miami.

If you want to see more of my adventure, check out my youtube video.

Much Love

Jade xo

P.S. If you like what you’ve read feel free to like, comment, or share. Your time reading my post is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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  1. Maggie says:

    Enjoying your blog, Jade, and photos. I have seen a little of Florida via the Miami Vice series. There is obviously a great deal more to see. Key West is very colourful and the weather looks fabulous. Quaint architecture. The statue of the man and woman dancing looks exactly like a Renoir painting, “Dance in The Country”.

    • Thank you Maggie – I got a bit slack during the past few weeks on tour – it’s a lot harder to blog on campsites haha. But I will be catching up on everything ASAP. I loved Key West – it was so cute.