What Is A Freedom-preneur?

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Learn about our Freedom-preneur movement.

A freedom-preneur is a number of things, it has a different meaning to every different person, and that’s it’s true beauty.

Recently I’ve been pondering on just how lucky I am to have stumbled across such a wonderful opportunity.

I’ve been banging on about this freedom lifestyle for a  while now so today I thought I’d explain what it actually means.

I’ve told you I’m part of an Unstoppable Tribe and we call ourselves Freedom-preneurs.

But what does any of that really mean??

Basically a freedom-preneur is someone who has decided to break free from the constraints of the traditional belief systems, to live a life of their own design. A life they are in control of, a life of happiness, fun, adventure, whatever freedom means to them.

The freedom-preneur label is hard to define because it could mean a range of different things to different people and that’s the whole beauty of it.

Watch this video to find out more.

So, what could being a Freedom-preneur mean to you?

If you feel ready to join our movement you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

You may find that just a few hours a week of focused time using our system can be the difference between staying in your job, looking out the window in hopes of a few days off….and finally living your dreams.

Time off with family.
Eliminating the worry of not having “enough”.

Maybe you already have your own online or brick and mortar business and are just looking for a way to take it to the next level with step by step marketing strategies?

Then our Freedom-preneur Academy could be just the thing for you.


I would like to welcome you to our family and I’ll see you inside!


Much Love.

Jade xo

**Please note, there are affiliate links in this post. The services I have recommended throughout are the services I personally use and honestly recommend to anyone wishing to start a business of their own. No extra costs are incurred for you; the referral commission simply contributes to bringing you valuable content.

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