Shine On And Don’t Let Anyone Stop You

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Sometimes it’s easy to let others get inside your head, but don’t ever let them dull your sparkle. You are meant to shine on.

When you’re working in the online world (or anywhere for that matter), it’s important to realise not everyone is going to love what you’re doing. Shine on anyway.

The important thing is to not let these people dim your light.

I’ve always been a people pleaser and that’s how I got to the point last year where I was so unhappy with my current position and realised I needed to change.

When I started my online business I thought everyone would like everything I was posting and didn’t stop to think about people out there that might not be ready or willing to open themselves to this type of living. Sometimes their fear can reflect negatively and people may not respond to all your posts in the way you would expect.

At first I used to get a bit upset when people unsubscribed from my email list or left my group or maybe didn’t respond to one of my messages in the way I thought they would. I soon realised, the people that are remaining subscribed, continue to follow me, and do message me are always so grateful for what I’m doing and happy to be included.

It’s a normal part of life to not be able to please everyone and the sooner you come to realise this the better you’re able to perform.

The important thing is not to focus on anything negative. I know sometimes this can be difficult but if this ever happens, stop and take a moment to think about all  the positive feedback you’ve been getting. This will always outweigh the few negative comments so this is where you should focus your energy.

There are so many people out there who will appreciate what you’re doing and will connect with you in such a positive way. And the few that may be negative at first, may still continue to watch you, and eventually they may also come around. It’s mainly about timing and when they’re ready to let your positive vibe impact their lives for the better, they will be the ones that are even more grateful.

So whatever you do, DO NOT let negativity get you down. Always stay focused on your vision, your dreams, your goals. Stay true to yourself and most people will appreciate you for being so genuine.

Never let anyone try to dim your sparkle. Shine on all the time.

Much Love.



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