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Here’s to another cross off the bucket list – Boracay Island (Number 23 & 83)

A few months back I posted my bucket list so I could hold myself accountable and let you all know as I tick things off. Recently I crossed off another few items with a beautiful trip to Boracay Island.

This morning I got to tick two items off the list and I’m feeling super happy about it. Well I actually completed them earlier this year but this past month has flown by and I’m only getting to write about the experience now.

#23 – Dress like a mermaid at Boracay Island & #83 – Spend New Years at Boracay with Freddie (boyfriend)

I guess this could also cover off #71 – Go Travelling with a lover but I’m reluctant to tick that one off just yet, as we didn’t actually travel over together and some of his friends were there too. When I tick this one off it’s going to be after a holiday with just the two of us. But I’m digressing, let’s talk mermaids and islands.

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to know what it was like to be a mermaid. I was fascinated by the mermaids in Peter Pan & The Little Mermaid. I loved the stories of the lost city of Atlantis and whenever I was in the water I would kick my legs together and pretend to be a mermaid.

When I saw a photo of my friend dressed in a mermaid outfit a little while back I just had to know where she was. Turns out she did it on the White Beach of Boracay Island. At that time I didn’t know I would be going, but when Freddie invited me along with him, I knew I would have to make the mermaid thing happen.

It was such a magical morning. As soon as I put that costume on and laid on the sand I was transformed. The costume made me feel so fantastical and the best bit was all the little girls walking by that actually thought I was a mermaid. The swimming part wasn’t so graceful. It actually takes a LOT of core body strength to move in one of those costumes and they’re very heavy. Laying around is easy and you can look pretty and elegant doing that, getting in the water and flipping those fins is a much different story. All in all it was a very beautiful moment though and I was very happy I got tick this off my list.

As for Boracay Island as a whole – I put this on my bucket list at a time when Freddie and I weren’t actually talking  (it was early on). I knew he was going away for New Years and I really, really wanted to be there so I put it out to the universe. A few weeks later when we were all good again, he invited me, and it was such a wonderful experience that I’m so happy I got to be part of. For those of you who haven’t heard of Boracay Island, I suggest you get researching now and start planning a trip to the Philippines as soon as you can. The place is incredible. Words definitely don’t do it justice. It’s one of those places that has only really become touristy in the past few years so when you get there you still feel a sense of the local vibe and it’s still a paradise because tourism hasn’t destroyed and dirtied it.

The people are so friendly but don’t expect good service. It’s just not in their nature, nothing is done in a hurry, everyone is so cruisey and happy, which is wonderful if you let yourself get into the laid-back vibe. That’s what holidays are for – who needs to keep time, who needs to be in a rush. Just enjoy the simple moments.

As for ringing in the new year here, I would say it was one of my best new years’ yet. Again the beach was where it was at. Every hotel had a feast on, all involving live music and entertainment, the clubs had big house music parties and there’s a big competition for which place can put on the best fireworks so the sky show for the countdown was next level. Once all the fuss of the count down was over there was a ‘secret’ party in the jungle (at Area 54). Once we got there we realised it wasn’t so secret, half the island was trying to get into the party and the line was massive. But we got in, and it was the perfect place to party until the early morning.

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