How To Be A Victor, Not a Victim!

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Let’s talk about how to be a victor, instead of a victim.

This morning I decided to learn how to be a victor again, and stop playing the victim. The holiday season is well and truly over and I’ve been a bit slow starting on the exercise front, so it was time I bit the bullet and signed up for the gym.

I went through the standard sign up consultation where we talked about my goals, wrote down my commitments, ran through some nutrition tips etc. But for a nice little added touch they gave me a visual poster (see photo below) to stick up somewhere so I can refer to it daily and remind myself of why I joined up.

how to be a victor

I thought it worth sharing as the message in this poster can pretty much apply to anything in your life, including a business.

For months I’ve been sitting under the line in the ‘victim’ space when it has come to my health and fitness. I’ve been using my online business as one of the main excuses as I’ve been wanting to spend as much time as possible on building this up as quickly as possible.

But I’ve learnt balance is important. Yes it’s important to show up every day in your business and follow the commitments. But you still need to be committed to yourself and all your other goals. Today I made a choice to stop making excuses and telling myself I’m happy with my weight, because I’m not.

Where am I going with this?

There’s known studies confirming people that engage in physical exercise are a lot more focused mentally, plus the endorphins you release during exercise also make you a lot happier. Being happy is a big key to being successful in other aspects of life, so me joining the gym is also very important for my business.

Why? Because when I’m happier and healthier I can also be a lot more focused and achieve a lot more on the business front.

I’d like you to think about which side of the line you sit on.

If you’re playing the victim all the time, what can you do to change and become the victor?

Some of my tips on how to be a victor would be:

– find an accountability partner – someone to keep you in check and make sure you’re sticking to your promises.

– use vision boards – the more you look at something the more embedded in your mind it will become, this links back to the law of attraction.

Comment below and let me know if you have any other useful tips.

Much Love

Jade xo

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