What To Bring To A Deserted Island

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It’s the age old question, what to bring to a deserted island?

Today I’ve been challenged to write a post about what to bring to a deserted island. I know I’m a few days behind on my daily blogging challenge, but one of my other recent challenges is to always finish what I’ve started. I’m learning to accept road bumps and not use that as an excuse to give up on my end goals.

Usually I’d start something then if I missed a day I’d use that as an excuse to stop because I’ve already failed the challenge. I’ve done this with 90 day work plans, eating plans, exercise plans etc. but I’m not doing this anymore. From now on my mind power is going to win as I’m learning to change to a positive mindset.

So what does one bring to a deserted island?

This age old question has come up again. When first asked people generally come up with the funny answers – a boat to escape the island, a lifelong supply of tim tams, a good looking person of the opposite sex to pass the time with….but lets get realistic.

What if you really were stuck on a deserted island? We’re not talking that beautiful tropical island with white sand, palm trees, hammocks and waiters to serve your every whim.

We’re talking Lord of the Flies and Lost style. Stranded on rough terrain in the middle of nowhere and you have very limited resources to help you survive. If you had someone above watching over you (think Hunger Games sponsors) what would be your five requests?

I’ve given this a lot of thought and come to the conclusion that the five items that would keep me safe, sane and alive are :


I’ve watched a lot of Naked and Afraid recently (for those that don’t know – they take two people – generally a male and female – and strip them of their clothes then leave them to fend for themselves in some really harsh and deserted places. They’re all allowed to take one survival item with them and in every episode I’ve watched someone has always had a knife. If you have a good knife you can use it for pretty much anything – chopping wood for fire, building shelter, catching and preparing food, etc.


I’d like to say I could start a fire by rubbing two sticks together but it’s safe  to say I’m not that handy. And if I was in a panicked situation such as being trapped on a deserted island I’d be even worse. So fire starter is definitely a requirement. Fire keeps you warm, can be used to purify water, cook food and of course will attract attention. If you want to be found you want to be burning fires so people can spot you from a great distance and come to your rescue.


Generally speaking, a human can survive three days without water and three weeks without food. So my number one priority if I was stranded on an island would be to get drinkable water. If you find water on any deserted island chances are it’s not safe to drink. That’s where fire and a pot comes in handy. You can use a pot to gather water then place it over the fire to purify it then hey presto, you’ve got drinking water and you’ll be ready for any challenge that gets thrown your way.


Not only and can it be used to keep you warm while you’re working on building your magnificent shelter, but also as a carry bag when you’re hunting and gathering.

NOTEBOOK (and pen)

Being a writer I would need somewhere to document my adventure so I can share every gory detail of my story with the world when I’m safely tucked  back up in the comfort of my home. Writing is a great way to clear the mind and keep your sanity so once all the hands on survival items (food, water and shelter) are sorted, you need something to stop you from going mad in those lonely hours and this would definitely keep me sane.

So there you have it, my five survival items. Were they what you expected? I’d love to know your thoughts. If you agree or disagree with any of my choices, or you think there’s something obvious I’ve missed I’d love to know.

After all, who knows when I may end up on a deserted island and I want to make sure I don’t end up old and grey like this guy!



Much Love

Jade xo

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