How To Deal With Information Overload

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In a world with far too much information, here’s how to deal with information overload.

We live in the www world where information is so easily accessible but sometimes is it too much? Here’s my tips on how to deal with information overload, when it just seems like there’s far too much of it out there.


I’ve decided to start an online business so naturally all the tools I need to teach me are online. In recent weeks I’ve watched so many youtube videos, listened to podcasts, joined Facebook groups, subscribed to this blog and that newsletter, and read article after article of information.

Aside from all the online content I’ve bought motivational and self-help books and got myself a mentor.

You’d think I was a pro by now, instead I’m left feeling somewhat confused. There’s so much information out there and at times I became overwhelmed by it all.

So how do you deal with all of this information?

Simple, stay calm and get rid of it! I’ve come up with a few pointers on how to deal with information overload and I hope some of these will help you as well.

1.  Ignore 

The biggest way to be overwhelmed is to try and take in too much. It’s impossible to consume everything, so don’t even try. Choose to ignore some stuff.

2. Unsubscribe 

Is your inbox becoming full of newsletters and giveaways? Often I open my inbox and just delete everything that has come through. If you’re not reading those 1000 shopping, travel, cooking, lifestyle and how to emails, stop receiving them. It takes a bit of time to go into each individual email and unsubscribe but once you do you’ll thank yourself. You’ll stop having palpitations over the 1000 unread emails, of which only 10 are actually important or relevant, as those emails will just be gone. Ahhhhh sigh of relief.

3. Brain dump 

Are you one of those people that over-analayzes or can’t stop thinking about certain things you have to do, or have happened? Me too. It wastes so much time and makes you less productive. Instead of holding on to all of this unnecessary information, keep a notepad with you and write it down. This way you can concentrate on the task you’re doing without having to fight with the distractions in your head.

4. Limit 

Are you one of those people that subscribes to every blog and newsletter you come across, just in case it comes in handy one day? Similar to the unsubscribe tip, just don’t subscribe in the first place. Maybe give yourself a limit of only joining a certain number of pages a week etc. This way you’re consciously thinking about the reasons for subscribing to that particular page and how much benefit you are actually going to get from it. Instead of being overwhelmed by an overload of information, you’ll be limiting yourself to only receiving the most worthwhile information and then you’ll actually be able to spend more time concentrating on information that is most useful to you.

5. Hide 

Do you have those contacts on Facebook or Instagram that constantly get on your nerves with their posts? Hide them, this way you’re not being nasty and deleting a friend you can’t, but you’re also not wasting energy getting annoyed over information you don’t need or want to be seeing.

6. Don’t multitask 

Do you often get distracted by your phone ringing or a notification pop up on social media? Stop allowing yourself to get distracted. I know women like to pride themselves on being able to multi-task but I’ll put my hand up and say I can’t. To get the best outcome I need to give one task my undivided attention. This way I get it done properly and can move on to the next thing. When I try to do too many things at once I end up starting a whole lot of tasks but not completing any of them because I’m still thinking of what I need to do on the other ones I’ve started. It’s actually far less productive.

7. Focus 

Pick a topic and master that, once you’ve mastered that you can move on to something else. The mistake I initially made was trying to learn everything at once to get started as quickly as possible. I’ve tried to learn how to market on all social media platforms at once rather than picking one to master. Now that I’ve decided to pick one (Instagram), I’m able to spend a lot more time learning all I need to learn about the one platform and will be much more successful in the long term.

8. Find your best learning method 

Just because one person has been able to learn everything they know from youtube videos, doesn’t mean that will work for you. Personally I learn better from live interaction with people – phone calls with my mentor, Facebook groups where you can talk in real time to people, group chats etc. On top of this I’ve connected with a group of people that meet up regularly in person to give each other hints and talk about what’s working for them etc. And I’m lucky enough to be going to New Zealand this weekend to connect with some of the masterminds. Now that I’ve pinpointed my learning method I’m able to take information in a lot better and actually put these methods into practice. Thankfully I won’t be feeling like these guys.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.44.06 PM  Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.44.54 PM

So there you have it, a little bit more information to give you some insight on how to deal with information overload. I hope you’ve found it useful. If you agree or disagree with any of my methods I’d love to know your thoughts.

How do you deal with information and what’s your best learning method? Let me know in the comments below.

Much Love

Jade xo

P.S. If you like what you’ve read feel free to like, comment, or share. Your time reading my post is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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