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If you had fifteen minutes to deliver one final, and very important message, what would it be?

I have fifteen minutes to deliver a very important message. My chosen format is television – this message needs to be seen not just heard. People need to see how happy I am for my message to sink in deeper. I’m in front of a large studio audience and the message is being broadcast live across the world. I’m using my fifteen minutes to inspire people to  change their lives.

“Ladies and gentleman. If these were your last fifteen minutes on earth could you sit there and hand on heart say you are happy with your lives?

If your answer is no then what’s stopping you from making a change? I believe I have the answer you are looking for. The push you need to do something with your life that truly makes you happy.

In the next fifteen minutes, I ask for your full attention, this could change your life.

Let me start with my story.  It’s the story of most people but we all have our own twists.

When my life truly started I was just a normal girl living a normal life (well what society deems normal). I’d finished school, got myself a university degree and landed myself a very good full time job. The next steps for me in normal life would be find a man, build a house and settle down to build a family.

But normal life was getting me down, my soul was feeling drained and I was most definitely not happy. I was over working for a big corporate company, working extremely hard for people that don’t even know or care about me. They call it the 9-5 life, but I was sometimes working 12 to 13 hour days.

I was waking up early to fight traffic in the morning commute, constantly feeling frustrated and getting to work in a bad mood. Most days I was the last one to leave the office and it was usually after dark. By the time I was getting home I was so tired and drained I didn’t even want to speak to anyone, and on weekends I just wanted to stay home and relax.

I was lucky to be surrounded by a great, supportive team, but that wasn’t enough. I found myself living for the weekend, but then trying to use weekends to cram in all the errands I no longer had time for during the week. I’d take as many holidays I could and each time come back to work feeling regenerated for a little while until the cycle got hold of me again.

It started to feel like material goods owned me and, in a way, I was drowning.

Suffocated by a room full of ‘stuff’ I didn’t need. My dreams were dying and, slowly, so was I.

Then one day I saw a friend’s Facebook post about quitting her job to travel the world. I’d seen these types of posts before, but they were never people I knew. In the back of my mind I’d wonder why it couldn’t be me doing that but never thought to do anything else about it. I thought it was all a scam, it couldn’t be possible.

But seeing someone I knew being able to do it made me hungry for it.  If she could have my dream life, why couldn’t I achieve the same? So I started following her story and eventually she led me to a tribe of people living my dream lifestyle.

They ‘work’ from their laptops, anywhere and anytime they want. They give each other the help and support needed for success. No bosses, no deadlines, no corporate nightmare. No working for other people’s success. We work together and support each other, the highest earners mentor the newbies – there’s no corporate hierarchy, no needing to go level by level to get to the person you need. If you want to speak to a top income earner they’re right there for you.

So what does this mean for you? If my story sounds all too familiar then I want you to know these few things.

The only world mentality, of studying to get a well paying job to buy things we essentially have no need for, is outdated. Living to work, and working to live. The 9-5 corporate life is draining, and corporations have become so greedy that employees (that’s you and previously me) are working longer and longer hours for far less incentive.

I don’t want you to be another number making money for someone else anymore. Life is short, we can’t waste another day waiting for our happiness to find us.

This isn’t about working for someone else anymore. This is about working together.

In our tribe, everyone’s success is your success. You can join our movement and change your life.

Together we can change the world. It’s hard work and will push you beyond your comfort zone but you will learn an amazing set of skills and meet an amazing community of people that want you to be better and love to see you grow.

I feel excited waking up in the mornings again, my dream life is now very close to becoming a reality. This weekend I’m about to go on my first overseas holiday with my new company. I’m off to New Zealand for a weekend mastermind with some of the greatest in the tribe and I couldn’t be happier.

Are you ready to join me on this epic and life changing journey? Ready to free your soul from the drain of working for a corporate organisation?

What if this was your last fifteen minutes, would you be happy doing what you’re doing?

You have to say yes, empower yourself today. The alternative is far too upsetting. ”

If you are ready I urge you to get in touch here today.

Much Love

Jade xo

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**Please note, there are affiliate links in this post. The services I have recommended are the services I personally use and honestly recommend to anyone wishing to start a business of their own. No extra costs are incurred for you; the referral commission simply contributes to bringing you valuable content. The links have changed since the post was originally written as I have now found a service that suits me better, and I believe will be the same for you.

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