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My Bucket List

A few posts ago I briefly mentioned my bucket list. To hold myself accountable I’ve decided to post my list here, and then I can post about each item as I tick them off my list.

You’ll see a common theme is travel but there’s a lot of personal items as well. I did struggle to get to 100 on my bucket list at first because I’ve actually already ticked a lot off before I even started the list. I’ve seen Stonehenge, hiked the Inca Trail, visited Ayers Rock, ridden a camel through the desert, been in a hot air balloon, seen Loch Ness, climbed the Eiffel Tower, visited Rome, visited the Cinque Terre, done a Euro trip, spent Christmas in New York, ridden a horse in Argentina, visited El Dorado, been to the Harry Potter world etc. etc. So I guess I’m really lucky that it was hard to come up with 100 points, but I’m also really looking forward to getting through this list and sharing the journey.


  1. Teach English in Vietnam or Thailand (or any less fortunate country – Asia was the first place I heard you can do this but since doing lots more research I’ve learnt you can do it in some parts of South America as well. Basically anywhere that I can make a difference to young kids lives would be incredible).
  2. Spend  a year abroad.
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Do an African Safari
  5. Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands
  6. Do a road trip all around Australia (this is something my friends and I talked about a long time ago…then we watched Wolf Creek. But after having a small taste of driving up WA’s north coast earlier this year I definitely know I want to do more and won’t let a little movie scare me anymore).
  7. Drive Route 66 in USA.  Completed May 2016.
  8. Trek through the Himalayas.
  9. Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia.
  10. Spend an ANZAC day at Gallipoli.
  11. Visit Antarctica and see the penguins.
  12. Go to Burning Man Festival.
  13. Go to Tomorrowland Festival.
  14. Go to Secret Solstice Festival. (I did mention there was a travel theme, music festivals is another passion. I’d love to do a world tour of all the different festivals…before I get too old.)
  15. Have a White Christmas (thought I would get this last year as I went to New York for Christmas but unfortunately there was no snow so it’s still on the list).
  16. Do Sail Croatia.
  17. Visit all the Greek Islands.
  18. Swim with dolphins.
  19. Learn to surf in Hawaii.
  20. Go to the Rio Carnival.
  21. Go to Carnevale in Venice.
  22. Snorkel in the Maldives.
  23. Dress like a mermaid at Boracay Island. Completed January 2016.
  24. Go to a full moon party in Phuket or Bali.
  25. Bungee jumping or some form of adventure sport in New Zealand. (I’m actually going to NZ in a few weeks for a marketing course so hopefully I’ll get to tick this off my list).
  26. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
  27. Visit Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.
  28. Visit Myanmar.
  29. Travel along the Trans-Siberian railway. (I’ve always wanted to go to Russia, but after reading Paulo Coelho’s book Aleph it’s even more of a must).
  30. Visit the Pyramids of Giza and travel across the Nile.
  31. Travel along the trans-Mongolian railway.
  32. Paddle in the springs at Pamukkale.
  33. Float in the Dead Sea.
  34. Visit Mount Everest.
  35. Go sky diving.
  36. Swim with sharks. (almost had this ticked off in Coral Bay but it was out of season so we got to settle for a manta ray, but that’s not quite as good so this is still one for me to complete).
  37. Take a cooking class.
  38. Take photography lessons.
  39. Fall in love. (happening now – will keep you posted as it’s very new for me). Yep 2015/16 it’s happened
  40. Buy my dream home. (probably not such an important thing for me at this stage – note this list was written over 3 months ago and before I had even contemplated any other type of future for myself).
  41. Start my own food and travel blog. (well here we are – not quite at the food and travel stage yet but that’s the direction this is heading).
  42. Become instagram famous. (also a working progress – follow me @aussieadventuress if you like anything I’ve had to say so far).
  43. Work as a flight attendant.
  44. Get a bengal kitty. (have you seen them – gosh they’re the cutest!!)
  45. Have my own children. (hopefully a boy and girl so I can stop at 2 – even better would be twins so I only have to go through the pain once!!)
  46. Find the courage to quit my current job. (working progress).
  47. Write freelance articles for a magazine. (suppose I could eventually put that journalism degree to some kind of use).
  48. Work at a fashion magazine. (think Devil Wears Prada – this has probably changed somewhat as well – I still love fashion but not so sure it’s the industry I’d want to work in anymore given my realisation about capitalism and how it’s not for me. if anything, I’d probably prefer some sort of online opinion magazine or something more alternative, or my passion, travel magazine for sure).
  49. Become an editor of a magazine.
  50. Work on television – ideally a travel show. (it just never gets old).
  51. Write a book about my life experiences.
  52. Volunteer in a less fortunate country.
  53. Go offline. (not so sure how this one would work for me anymore as I’m so in need of social media for my new venture but maybe I can incorporate a small amount of time per week where I go offline – it doesn’t need to be a permanent thing).
  54. Read all the classic novels. (I’ve started with Ernest Hemingway).
  55. Join a book club.
  56. Go to the opera.
  57. Attend a World Cup soccer (I know it’s football, but I’m an Aussie) match.
  58. Go to the Olympics. Preferably summer and preferably to watch Australia win gold medals and get to sing our national anthem with a crowd of Australians.
  59. Sleep under the stars.  Completed May 2016 @ Monument Valley.
  60. Create passive income.
  61. Travel solo. (I’ve flown places on my own but always to meet people so I don’t really count that. I ended my last trip with 2 days alone in Chile but since I’d spent 6 weeks with a friend I also don’t count that as solo).
  62. Go to the movies alone.
  63. Do a work volunteer day. (almost had this sorted but we’ve had to put it off until next year).
  64. Go to La Tomatina. (and the travel theme is back).
  65. Experience the speakeasy bars in New York.
  66. See a classic show on Broadway. (I watched Aladdin there last year but I want to see a real classic next time).
  67. Go see a classic ballet – the Nutcracker or Swan Lake.
  68. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show. I actually did tick this off earlier this year with my sister and LOVED every minute of it.
  69. Invest in the stock market. (Been meaning to do this for ages…don’t tell my dad I’ve lost the form he needs me to fill in yet again…this is our 3rd attempt).
  70. Pay off all my debt. (GETTING THERE).
  71. Go travelling with a lover.
  72. Learn to make cocktails. (I went to a cocktail making class earlier this year but they taught us Bellini’s and Caipirinhas’ so I don’t even count it – I’m talking fancy schmancy food like cocktails – those work of art ones that are so in right now haha).
  73. Visit ALL the wonders of the world.
  74. Go to Disneyworld Florida (I’ve done Euro Disney but I want the real deal).
  75. Get my Italian passport.
  76. Cruise the Caribbean.
  77. Move interstate. (probably Sydney or somewhere in QLD).
  78. Learn to love myself. (I’ve come a LONG way in the past few months).
  79. Take a photo every single day. (this is going to be a new year’s resolution thing as I’m OCD and can’t start it until the 1st Jan so it’s a full 365 days).
  80. Learn yoga and practice it regularly. (Well I did a yoga retreat in Bali earlier this year and not so much a yoga fan, but I’m willing to give it another go).
  81. Escape the Corporate 9-5 world. (as if I haven’t made that clear by now).
  82. Create a life I truly love.
  83. Spend New Years at Boracay with Freddie. Completed December 2015/January 2016.
  84. Have sex on the beach. (you know those real romantic movie scenes on a secluded island – yes that’s what I’m picturing – I know it will be nothing like that but I’ll keep dreaming about that one).
  85. Before leaving my job I want to win the award for being best in the industry. (nominated this year and entry has been submitted so will find out early next year). Didn’t happen, but also became less important to me by the time the award night actually came around so not too bothered about this one.
  86. Help people to grow and live their dream lifestyle, just like I have done.
  87. Overcome my fear of public speaking and become a motivational speaker at a big conference, inspiring more people to follow their dreams.
  88. Go deep sea diving.
  89. Dive in the Great Blue Hole.
  90. Learn about the universe – astronomy & astrology.
  91. Go star-gazing.
  92. Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora.
  93. Go skiing or snowboarding.
  94. Learn ballroom dancing. (this will take a LONG time as I’m totally unco but I’m willing to give it a go).
  95. Act in a film. (I’ve been an extra in a few local movies but it’s always been my dream to be on the big screen. My first few years at uni were even spent in a drama course, until I decided to be realistic and focus on something that would actually get me a job, there I was giving into society’s ideals again).
  96. See cherry blossoms in Japan.
  97. Go to the Day of the Dead carnival in Mexico.
  98. Learn how to sail.
  99. Go paint balling. (You know that really cute scene in 10 Things I Hate About you where they throw paint at each other and it looks really nice, that’s what I always thought paint balling was, then I heard how painful it really is, but I still want to try it).
  100. Visit a new place every year. So far so good. 🙂

So that’s what’s on my bucket list. I can’t wait to tell you how good it feels as I cross these off. I’d love to hear about your lists or what you think of mine so please do comment below.

Would love to know your thoughts. What’s on your bucket list and how well are you going with crossing the items off?

Much Love

Jade xo


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