It's time to stop playing small and get the support you need.

You are unique, magnetic, and magical.
And it's time you start to see that so you can show the world who you truly are.
Through my one to one mentorship program, done for you services, and in person experiences, I'm here to help you uncover all the magic you have within you.
Together let's uncover your true potential so you can call all your desires into reality.

How Can We Work Together?

You and me together for 90 minutes to talk about anything your heart desires and work through whatever you need support with at the moment... These sessions are designed to reignite the fire in you and propel you into the next phase of action within your business. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner to give you a little nudge in the right direction, let me be that person.

If there's one thing I've struggled with when it came to defining how I can support you, it's the idea of needing to label myself or fit myself into a pretty little box. That's just not me! I don't do cookie cutter approaches and I'm not a one size fits all mentor.

I've worked in various industries and have many skills that can support you in your online business endeavours.

These include but aren't limited to:

🌈Personal Branding
🌈Content Creation
🌈Digital Art (Canva etc.)
🌈Creative Expression
🌈Social Media
🌈Marketing (emails, sales funnels etc.)
🌈Course Creation
🌈Website Set Up

This is a small taster of what it's like to work with me in a one to one capacity. If you would like to book in one of these sessions click the button below to submit an enquiry and I'll be in touch with booking links and availability.

{Option One} Personal Mentoring Session

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Any successful brand needs to be loved and nurtured. And regular audits of your brand are necessary to ensure you're doing just that. By doing regular audits you get to:

💖Review the effectiveness of your brand.
🦄Determine strengths and weaknesses as well as areas for improvement.
🦋Step back and see if you're actually hitting the targets you set for yourself.
🌈Make sure you're still staying relevant and in tune with what your market needs.

It's recommended to do brand audits at minimum once per year. But what if you don't actually know how to do a brand audit? Well lovely, that's where I come in...

As part of my personal brand audit sessions you will get:

🌟A workbook with questions about the current position of your brand.
🌟Me doing a full review of your social media presence and online brand presence.
🌟After I have completed the review we will have a 60 minute strategy call together.
🌟And after the call you will receive a personalised report with action steps for you to implement to take your personal brand to the next level. This involves tips like colours, design, aesthetics etc.

This is a small taster of what it's like to work with me in a one to one capacity. If you would like to book in one of these sessions click the button below to submit an enquiry and I'll be in touch with booking links and availability.

{Option Two} Personal Brand Audit

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I get it, sometimes you just want someone to take the load off you so you can focus on all the creative visionary stuff that lights you up.

Lucky for you, I happen to love systems and processes and am quite content being behind the scenes of other people's businesses (if we're the right fit of course).

If this sounds more like what you're looking for, download my services guide at the button below and reach out to enquire further.

{Option Three} Done For You Project Services

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Secure your spot in my exclusive one to one Create Your Magical Brand Program. This coaching program is designed for you, the person who is done with hiding and ready to start shining. You understand the importance of building a personal brand but you're just not sure how to stand out in a sea of noise. You're tired of feeling lost and confused and you're ready to embrace your uniqueness and show up with confidence.

Picture this, you and me together for 90 days in an immersive program catered to your specific needs. We will connect via video chat once a week to review your goals and create your magical brand. Some of the topics we can cover include understanding who you really are and uncovering your unique superpowers, writing your magical brand story, choosing brand colours and other design elements, determining your personal style, taking your personal brand photos, curating a well branded social media presence, setting up email sequences, your website, and so much more. This program is going to help you show up with absolute confidence and position yourself as the fierce, magical authority you are destined to be. I will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to truly create a magical brand. Each week will be customised to your specific needs based on where you are at in your business and personal branding journey. 

It's time for you to truly realise your potential, and show up for your passions and dreams. You have the power inside of you, let's get you out of the shadows and well and truly shining like the star you were born to be!

Due to the high level of effort required from both parties this program has limited spots and I only work with people who I know will be the absolute right fit. Therefore every potential client must complete an application to book a free clarity call so we can determine if this program is right for you.

{Option Four} My 1:1 Coaching Program - Create Your Magical Brand

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What's included in this program?

Who is this program for?

How does it work?

If you are ready to create a truly magical brand. To invest in yourself and your dreams. To stand out as the fierce, magical authority that you are. If you are ready to attract a community of raving fans that are lining up to work with you. And to turn your personal brand into a business and life you're obsessed with. Then I would love to work with you! So please take a moment to complete the application below and I will be in touch.

*Here's What You're Gonna Get*
A 90 Day Intensive One To One Coaching Experience Which Includes:
✨ 12 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls
✨ Unlimited messaging access to me on Voxer for the duration of the 12 weeks
✨ Access to my signature course Hiding to Shining
✨ Detailed action plan to keep moving forward once the program is over

This program is for the adventurers, the risk takers, the dreamers, the doers, the action takers.

It's for the women who dare to be different and are ready to turn their passions into profit and break free from whatever is preventing them from bringing their dreams to life.

It's for the women who are tired of going at it alone, fumbling around trying to figure things out the hard way. It's for the women seeking clarity and direction and a high level of one to one support to help them uncover the magic they have inside of them.

Coaches, affiliate marketers, network marketers, influencers, creatives, bloggers. If you have an online business and you feel like you're not quite hitting the mark, allow me to help you to be seen. It's my mission to take you out of hiding and get you shining!

Are you tired of feeling unseen and unheard? Of feeling confused about who you are and how to show up online? Of feeling overwhelmed by the thought of creating regular content? Are you ready to move out of the shadows and start sharing your magical message with the world?

Are you ready to stop comparing, stop trying to be like everyone else, stop following the rules, and start showing up as your authentic self?

Are you ready to work with a coach that is here to cheer you on, help you get to know yourself, love yourself, and create a magical personal brand that truly stands out and positions you as your fierce, magical authority that you are.

Are you ready to attract a community of raving fans and turn your personal brand into a business and life that you're totally obsessed with?

Then lovely, you're in the right place! 

Due to the high level of effort and support you will receive from me, my 90 day program is a multiple 4 figure investment. This isn't about me doing the work for you so you still don't really know what's going on after we've finished up together. It's about me empowering you to show up for yourself, to believe in yourself, and to do the work for yourself. It's about equipping you with the tools and strategies you need to achieve ultimate success and live your dreams. What we create together is a total transformation of mindset so you are totally confident in yourself and your capabilities.

Together we will take your business to the next level. I will guide you, support you and teach you what I know about creating a truly magical brand. I will share with you the tools and strategies I have implemented to create my own stand out brand. But I cannot be there to do the work for you, I will hold you accountable so that you take action and implement what I teach. But it's up to you to do the work, with my guidance and support of course.

My aim in our time together is to help you show up with confidence and truly believe in yourself. To understand how to create content that aligns with who you are and doesn't feel forced. To create a visually pleasing aesthetic that truly aligns with who you are and attracts your ideal clients. To have a consistent look and feel to your brand everywhere you are. To understand the importance of your clothes, the colours you use, the stories you tell, and how all of this ties together. To create a truly recognisable and memorable brand. 

Have you ever walked into a networking event and been too embarrassed to even tell people where to find you online? I totally understand what that feels like, because that used to be me. But as soon as I put the time and effort into creating my magical brand, everything changed. And I so want that for you too. By the time we're done together, I will make sure you never feel embarrassed about your brand again. I will make sure that you are so proud of what you've created that you will no longer be afraid to share it with everyone you meet. You will be so aligned and excited that people are naturally drawn to you like a magnet.

This is my passion, and I am so excited to create magic with you.

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Join me for an experience like no other, an intimate in person branding day. You and me together, in person, for the Shining Star Experience. This experience is designed for the person who loves a bit of luxury and pampering, and prefers to learn in person.

Picture this, you and me together in a luxe resort creating lifestyle content that will help you to elevate your brand.
We will spend a full day together piecing together your visual brand. We can review your website, social media channels, colours, personal style, photos, story, and so much more.

This is a totally tailor made package that will be based on your specific personal branding needs. If required we can also bring in external parties (like photographers & videographers) for a truly elevated experience.

In order to secure your spot in one of these branding days we need to determine we are the right fit for one another. Please apply for a clarity call so we can have a chat and determine whether this experience is right for you.

{Option Five} In Person Branding Days - The Shining Star Experience

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The Shining Star Experience

What's involved? Prior to the day...

What's involved? On the day...

When I first started working online I went to live with some of my mentors in Bali. We spent the days exploring the beautiful island and creating content. Then we'd come back to our villa and work from our laptops. It was truly magical, and it was in this environment that I started to create the most magical personal brand.

Whilst I can't invite you to live with me, this is the closest we can get. One full day together where you will leave with absolute confidence in your brand and totally inspired to go out and share your magical message with the world.

If that sounds like the experience for you, then please go ahead and book a clarity call below so we can ensure this is definitely the right fit for you.

Build the brand and business of your dreams, while showing up as your magical, fierce and authentic self.

We will create a mood board for the visual style and aesthetic you are working towards

We will have a consult where we dig deep into your brand, business & personal goals

We will select outfits that represent you and your brand. This can be from your own wardrobe or I will recommend some styles to purchase if you wish.

I will send you a proposal with recommended resort options for us to meet at for the day. Once you select your preferred one I will secure the venue.

We will meet at the chosen location and get stuck straight in. As the day is totally catered to your own specific personal branding needs it will look different for everyone. It may involve us staying in the suite working together on getting things set up on your site and social media etc. Or it may involve me guiding you to create some on brand content then showing you how to batch and schedule it out so you will be equipped to do this in the future. This day is totally designed with you and your needs in mind. So you will walk away feeling totally empowered and ready to conquer anything.

Due to the in person commitment these experiences can only take place in the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. With the right amount of notice and planning I may consider travelling to other nearby locations such as the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, however travel costs will be added to the package price.


Are you ready to experience the total transformation?

Ready to truly accept and fall in love with yourself?

Ready to show up with confidence and stand out in a sea of sameness? Ready to stop hiding, and truly start shining?

Ready to unleash your magical personal brand on the world?

There's just one thing left to do, apply now to book a free clarity call and let's get you moving towards the life of your dreams. 

let's make magic!

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Please complete the below questions and I will be in touch with further details including my calendar if you qualify for a call. 

Please note, due to high demand and the amount of energy I put in to each client I work with, I can not always accept every call request. These questions are designed to determine whether or not we will be a good fit for each other. I have an expectation that my clients put in as much effort as I do in order to obtain the results they truly desire so I need to be sure all my clients are as committed as I am to their success.

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office hours : m-f 9:00am - 5:00pm AEST

Thank you for your time. Your application has been successfully submitted. 

If you qualify for a call I will be in touch within 24 hours with all the details you need to schedule a time.I look forward to connecting and getting to support you in creating your magical personal brand.